EXCLUSIVE: London Tory Youth in Three Line Whip 'Forced Labour' Scandal.

LONDON CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) has come under more scrutiny today, tbg can reveal activists are supposedly being told they have to take part in one campaign day a month and don't have a choice when it comes to choosing which one of the days to take part.

Campaign days are on the agenda for London CF and they seem to be taking place in areas where influential (executive) members are standing for local council in what has been described by one London activist as leaflet fodder for their potential London weighted council allowances or - "Cheap 'forced' labour".

One source sensationally revealed - "It's a new set up, referring to it as the 'three line whip'. Everyone's been told they have to do at least one campaign day a month but we don't get a choice in which ones we take part in. It also turns out the areas we are being made to campaign in are the areas that the Chairman and his friends are running for council"

"Nothing like cheap 'forced' labour, the Beverly bi-election didn't seem high on the list of places to be" - another London CF activist told tbg.

"The worst idea" apparently was when the London Tory Youth press officer suggested activists - "walk around with a bin-liner picking up litter in Hammersmith, I think it was, so that it gets an extra oomph for the local paper."