EXCLUSIVE: Liberal Youth Chair' Branded 'Ego-centric'.

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT YOUTH (LY) Chair' has today been dramatically labelled as "Dictatorial" and "Ego-Centric" by some of her members, after allegedly putting through decisions without discussion or the approval of the Liberal Youth Committee.

Sarah Harding has been the Liberal Youth (LY) Chair' for just under a month and tbg understands "a few people are thinking of resigning", after the new Chair' sensationally made lone decisions on spending and freshers.

One LY source revealed to tbg - "She is being dictatorial. Putting through decisions without approval, no one's really working together."

Sarah Harding has hit the ground running in the past few weeks but this seems to have ruffled some feathers in the LY ranks.

Another LY member took a dislike to Harding's first event entitled "Liberal Youth Welcome Reception", saying - "She's planned this event which is very ego-centric."