EXCLUSIVE: Labour in Smear Campaign With Young Tory Cannabis Tweets.

Sarcastic tweets are being used in an attempt to smear a former Labour activist

LABOUR PARTY activists have sensationally launched an attempt to smear a young Conservative Future (CF) member over a couple of outspoken tweets "in jest", tbg can reveal.

The regional CF North-East Chairman and a number of media outlets have supposedly been approached by a Labour smear architect with a pre-written article about tweets by the CF member & former Labour Party activist. The email received apparently threatened the Regional Chairman that it would be sent on to a national newspaper.

The young Tory member later tweeted:

TBG can exclusively reveal part of the email received by North East Tory HQ:

With the Labour Party receiving lot of bad press as of late, some activists seem to be clamoring for any kind of dirt they can find on Tory activists.

The young Tory member is said to be "stressed" by the tactics being used by his former Labour colleagues.