EXCLUSIVE: Crozier Blasts 'Malicious Attacks' & Hails Sewell as Anchor of the Tory Youth National Executive.

NORTH EAST Tory Youth Chairman Callum Crozier has come out in support of National Conservative Future (CF) Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell's comments yesterday, which were reported here on theblueguerilla with a robust debate that soon followed, tbg can reveal.

Without doubt Sarah-Jane Sewell has received much criticism for comments that exposed her experiences with regards to sexism and the more influential role young women are beginning to take in the Tory Party with the help of the Conservative Future Women's Organisation (CFW).

tbg can reveal a rally of support around Sarah today from key Tory activists including big hitter North East Tory Youth Chairman Callum Crozier, who has sensationally hailed Sarah as - "The anchor of the National Executive" adding he feels "Through her transparency and communication she makes it easier for myself as a Regional Chairman, and other members participate."

North East Chairman Crozier
Crozier also slammed "malicious attacks" against the Conservative Future (CF) National Deputy Chairman and released an exclusive statement to tbg urging CF members to root out all signs discrimination:

"I think it's important that as the most successful political youth-wing in the UK, we Conservative Future members must give each other the respect we deserve; and continue to put aside our differences, and work as a team to take the organisation to the next level.

"It is with this in mind that we must also target and eliminate any signs of discrimination; whether it be racial, religious or sexist. Sarah-Jane has done this and has spoke up against particular forms of discrimination yesterday, I simply fail to understand why people attack her in doing so."

Another CF'er declared - "Sarah Jane's a force to be reckoned with regardless of the issue. Beware of those who attempt to stand in the way of S-J the steam roller."