EXCLUSIVE: Brookers Dumps UKIP & Returns to Tories.

TBG can exclusively reveal this morning that just nine weeks after defecting to UKIP, the writer, blogger and veteran activist Geoffrey Brooking is back with the Conservatives.

In a statement issued this morning Mr Brooking said:

"Negotiations as regarding my return began following the Financial Statement last Wednesday and David Cameron's tough line in Brussels on Thursday and Friday."

"I had talks with Tory Euro-Sceptic Karl McCartney and Conservative Board Member Jim Fleming."

"The reason for me returning to the Conservative fold is clearly down to an issue of trust."

"David Cameron and George Osborne's actions in the last week as regards their more euro-sceptic tones were music to my ears and the new tough line on health tourism gives me exactly the assurances I always wanted and have now got."

"Ukip have got some very good euro-sceptic policies and an awful amount of right wing talent but their economic policies need much closer scrutiny."

"The first thing both Jim and Karl said on my return last week was 'welcome home' which I wholeheartedly respect."

"However, there is an awful lot of good talent going to waste at Ukip in the form of the likes of Robin Hunter Clarke, Rob Conley, Victoria Ayling and Edward Davies and I strongly urge them to come home too!"