EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Abuse Victim Launches Hancock 'Sick' Resignation Petition.

Hancock faces more calls to go

TBG can exclusively reveal that an alleged abuse victim, as a result of Portsmouth City Council (PCC) care, has today launched a petition demanding that Mike Hancock MP & Lib Dem Councillor resign.

The petition has been launched by Les Cummings, a survivor of child abuse whilst in the care of the PCC authority and author of "Forgotton" - a book documenting the abuse he says he suffered, published in 2008.

Les sensationally revealed to tbg - "When I returned to the UK from my vacation in 2006 I decided to commence my quest for justice. I did speak to Hancock over the phone and he told me:

‘I am going on holiday tomorrow and I don’t have time to deal with this.’

‘You say this happened 50 years ago - I suggest it’s time you got over it.’

Cummings continued - "I believe PCC should have held an inquiry into the child abuse that we were exposed to in their care as children.

"There is no legal reason why PCC should not issue an apology but Gerald Vernon-Jackson and Hancock have blocked the apology."

Hancock resigned the Lib Dem whip due to facing allegations of sexual harassment toward a vulnerable constituent.

Hancock claims he can't work due to illness and the petition claims he is indeed "sick":

"SICK to pester a vulnerable single mother with unwanted texts. SICK to lie by denying he send many, many sexual text messages and then only admitted it after he was shown the evidence [sic]."