Coalition Tension Over E.U. Referendum Bill.

With a matter of days to go before James Wharton's Bill reaches another stage in the House of Commons tension is growing in the Coalition.

Lib Dem Cabinet Minister Danny Alexander kicked it all off at the weekend by appearing to suggest that the Bill is a 'Parliamentary stunt'.

And today the Prime Minister has hit back by launching a rare public attack on his Deputy.

Speaking in Asia David Cameron said:

"The Liberal Democrats, like everyone else, have to make up their mind."

"Do they want to give the British people a say or do they not?"

"If you go back to their manifesto, it's quite like what their policy used to be and who knows, maybe it can be once again."

The news comes on the same day that Business Secretary Vince Cable told the cross-party group, British Influence, that leaving the E.U. was "neither a good nor a realistic economic option" and that there were mixed rumours sweeping Parliament as regards Labour's strategy.

One source at the Daily Express has told tbg that they believe that Ed Miliband may perform a u-turn by backing a Referendum in future whilst another source at the Daily Mail has told tbg that Miliband "is now expected to derail the bill in its committee stage and in the House of Lords."