'British Firms Have a Duty to Hire Local People'.

The Conservative MP Matthew Hancock has to be commended for his comments saying that British firms have a duty to hire local people rather than opting for the "easy option" of overseas workers. ("Take on British staff, firms told", Daily Express July 26th, p 4)

The fact that the number of foreigners now taking up new British job vacancies has fell from 74 per cent to 55 per cent since 2010 and that at the same time economic growth has risen in the last six months by 0.6 per cent shows that both Mr Hancock and George Osborne have made huge headway in getting the British economy back on track.

Where as under Labour we saw endless British talents wasted thanks to the welfare dependency and poverty trap that they created it is clear to me that under the Conservatives the values of working hard and aspiring to get on in life are finally back at the heart of economic policy.