Andy Burnham has got Blood on his Hands.

The fact that it has now been revealed that on top of the Stafford Hospital scandal and the cover up scandal in Lincolnshire, Andy Burnham was also the man in charge when so many excessive deaths occured at Basildon and Thurrock Hospitals clearly proves that not only has Burnham got blood on his hands but also that it is time for him to resign as Shadow Health Secretary and publicly apologise.

Under Labour it is now clear that government spin came before patients healthcare and for this reason Labour should never be trusted in government again.

They used the NHS as a political football in power and are doing exactly the same in opposition.

What people need to realise is that it is Labour’s disastrous changes to the GP contract which have led to a significant rise in the number of patients visiting A&E, it is Labour's disastrous failure of Labour’s IT contract that has led to the administrative chaos still gripping the health service today amd it was the last Labour Government that failed to address the disconnect between social care and the health service.