40% of Unite Members Back David Cameron.

So now we know, despite the fact that 80 per cent of Labour's own funding comes from union barons "less than half (46%) of Unite members would vote for Labour in an election" as opposed to 40% who back David Cameron according to a recent poll ('Members of Unite reject Ed Miliband', Express 23rd July 2013, p27).

What this shows is firstly a complete lack of confidence in Unite and their Leader, Len McCluskey; secondly a complete lack of trust in the "block vote" system Unite is using up and down the land to get their own candidates selected to fight Labour seats; and thirdly how completely out-of-touch these left wing union barons are with their own members, let alone the rest of the country.

Surely, if Ed Miliband is still serious about one day becoming Prime Minister not only would he be distancing himself from the unions but he would also be paying the money they have given his party since he became Leader back as soon as possible.

Far from being an asset to the Labour movement and his vision of a 'One Nation' society at ease with itself, all the unions continue to do on a daily basis is undermine his Leadership and score own goal after own goal.