Fury as Hunter-Clarke Insists he Knew Nothing of UKIP Demotion.

UPROAR at UKIP in Lincolnshire today after it emerged that Skegness South County Councillor Robin Hunter Clarke was demoted without so much as being informed.

In an interview with his local paper, the Skegness Standard Robin says that he - "Can’t comment at the minute as an investigation is on-going" but said he "can say" that he "has not been removed as Deputy Leader and neither has Victoria Ayling."

So, what is going on?

Hunter-Clarke has also insisted that he has not re-joined the Conservative Party calling the rumours sweeping the Internet ‘complete and utter rubbish’.

tbg can also confirm that Chris Pain has since confirmed that Cllr Colin Mair is now the only Deputy Leader.

In a statement issued this afternoon Cllr Pain said:

"I have confirmed Colin Mair as Deputy Leader, he will be a good deputy leader and will push the group forward but I make no further comments about Robin or Victoria - there’s no issue with either of those councillors."

Both tbg and the Standard Group are awaiting a response from Victoria who was Conservative Candidate for Great Grimsby in the 2010 General Election.

Hancock Shuts up Shop for the Summer.

As Guido Fawkes pointed out earlier this week, whenever the press kick up a stink about an an MP going on their long summer hols the usual defence is that they will always be on 'constituency business'.

Not so for Lib Dem Mike Hancock.

When a close source to tbg went to his office last week he was nowhere to be seen and the source even got verbally abused by his latest secretary as revealed on tbg.

Today, tbg can confirm that according to Mike Hancock's web site - "There will not be advice centres during the school summer holidays from 22nd July 2013 until Monday 2nd September 2013"

So, where is our Mike?

He's even still promoting himself as a Lib Dem on his web site with the party emblem all too apparent.

Hancock Early Day Motion Fails to get a Single Backer.

A new report out today claims that Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock failed to get a single supporter for an early day motion (EDM).

The report in today's Telegraph claims that the motion even cost the taxpayer around £500.

Some Conservative MPs are now calling for action and one has even told tbg that this obscure parliamentary procedure amounts to little more than “parliamentary graffiti” and says that it should be abolished.

Hancock is a regular supporters of EDM's and his latest venture was pushing for Portsmouth and Southampton to mount a joint bid to become the UK’s 2017 City of Culture.

Not only did Portsmouth fail to get listed but also not one of the two cities’ six other MPs were prepared to sign Mr Hancock’s motion.

The judging panel for the award have since short-listed Dundee, Hull, Leicester and Swansea Bay. with Portsmouth thus missing out.

Harriet Baldwin, the Conservative MP for West Worcestershire, told tbg:

"I don’t see the point in EDMs and I think it would be sensible to end them."

Mrs Baldwin is one of a number of MPs who refuse to sign these motions.

"They are expensive and frankly little more than parliamentary graffiti."

"There are far better ways for MPs to raise issues and campaign, such as writing to ministers, tabling parliamentary questions and holding Westminster Hall debates."

"EDMs are often seen by lobbyists and MPs as giving the impression that something is being done when it isn’t."

tbg is attempting to get a response from Portsmouth Lib Dems.


Leader of Portsmouth Council and the Liberal Democrat Group, Gerald Vernon Jackson, has told tbg - "I'm pleased that Mike is standing up for Portsmouth."

EXCLUSIVE: Robin Hunter-Clarke and Victoria Ayling set to Return to Tory Fold?

There's a serious rumour doing the rounds today that UKIP County Councillors Victoria Ayling and Robin Hunter Clarke are sensationally on the brink of returning to the Conservatives.

It follows news that the pair were stripped of their Deputy Leader roles within the UKIP Group on Lincolnshire County Council.

Councillor's Ayling and Hunter-Clarke represent Spilsby Fen and Skegness South wards respectively.

A letter leaked to the Lincolnshire Echo detailing the demotions has today been confirmed by Lincolnshire Party Leader Chris Pain.

No More Over-Zealous Enforcement.

What an excellent idea that "Drivers will be able to park on double yellow lines for 15 minutes under proposals to boost trade on Britain's struggling high streets".

Nothing is worse than having to both waste time trying to find a parking space for a short period of time and also pay for the privileged when you are paying a short visit to a local retailer.

Businesses up and down the land will be delighted with this idea which I believe will help the high street especially in the battle with the out-of-town superstores.

Where as under Labour we all witnessed an over-zealous enforcement culture it is clear that under the Conservatives a new re-generation of Britain's high streets can finally begin.

Eric Pickles deserves a huge pat on the back!

Tories Together in the Lashional Interest.

TORIES are sensationally set to take to the pubs in London this coming Saturday (3rd Aug) in what's been labelled - "The Tory pub crawl of the summer", tbg can reveal.

It is the first anniversary of #TogetherInTheLashionalInterest and Tories from up and down the country will begin their crawl of London watering holes at 5pm at The Red Lion in Westminster, London.

Much ale, lager, spirits and champagne will be consumed, together in the lashional interest. Can you keep up with the pace?

More information here.

'No Confidence' Chairmen Quit Tories and Join UKIP.

CRAWLEY TORY ASSOCIATION Leaders Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson, whom recently received a landslide vote of 'No Confidence' by local members and councillors, have today sensationally quit the Conservatives and joined UKIP, tbg can reveal.

After weeks of complaints and disruption local Tories in Crawley are said to be "delighted" at the news that Gilroy and Williamson have "finally gone".

Gilroy and Williamson have been hanging on by a thread since their Association passed a motion of 'No Confidence' on their leadership. Deputy Karl Williamson is quoted as saying he would only resign from the association if party members "hired a hitman" - and Gilroy strongly refuting allegations of persistent bullying saying he'd never bow to pressure and resign.

[WATCH] MP's Office Agrees Alleged Abuse Victim Should 'Get Over It'.

Mike Hancock MP Office, Portsmouth South

Video transcript supplied by creator Les Cummings:

Cummings: "Did you get one of those did you? (I am showing leaflets being delivered throughout Portsmouth by the Tories) They’re putting them out all over Southsea. Why have got on the web site the Lib Dem emblem it shouldn’t be on there? It should be taken off he’s not a Lib Dem anymore. There’s a Lib Dem emblem on there, why isn’t it taken off?"

(The man seen in the picture is Michael Andrewes who works for Mike Hancock MP and is also a PCC councillor. He ignores my questions)

Collis: (who works as Hancock’s secretary) "Oh get a life!"

Cummings: "What?"

Collis: "Get a life."

Cummings: "Portsmouth City Council took my life away by permitting me to be raped as a child and when Mike Hancock was offered the opportunity to help me - he told me to get over it."

Collis: "That’s what you should do."

Cummings: "You’ve obviously never been a victim. For your information I’ve recorded that and I’m going to let the people of Portsmouth know exactly what you feel about victims of child abuse. That’s your opinion in this Hancock office. Get over it, get over it."

Collis: "That’s not his view."

Cummings: "That’s what you said - get over it, get over it."

Universal Credit Expands.

The expansion of the Government's Universal Credit expands further today with another Council Borough set to join in the trial of the new benefit.

Oldham, which neighbours Tameside, introduces the new system today which is supposed to replace Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance, Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and Housing Benefit.

The scheme was launched in Tameside ten weeks ago and despite teething problems is set to be rolled out nationwide in the next few months.

In an exclusive interview with tbg today, the Minister for Welfare Reform, Lord Freud, says that the new system is being rolled out in a slow, safe and controlled manner to avoid further problems.

"New Job Seekers in Ashton have successfully claimed Universal Credit online and the I.T. and support is now working as it should."

"We are fixing the welfare system so it rewards people who want to work hard and so it is fair to taxpayers who fund it."

"This system supports people who want to find work and will make sure that it is always better to be in work in contrast to the past where some people were better off on benefits."

Despite the system being rolled out for new claimants in Tameside and Oldham, existing claimants wanting to benefit from the changes will have to wait until it is rolled out nationwide later in the year.

Strengthening Case for Full Scale Privatisation of the BBC.

The news that the BBC wasted £350 million recently on pay-offs for departing managers, a failed digital media initiative, the Pollard Review into Jimmy Saville, relocation and travel to Salford, not forgetting the huge amount spent on London hotels during the 2012 Olympics, in my opinion strengthens the case even more for a full scale privatisation of the BBC.

No private sector company would ever be allowed to get away with such madness and licence fee payers have a right to be outraged because it is their money that is being wasted.

The BBC has gone from a once highly respected Corporation to little more than a joke and the licence fee has become nothing more than a stealth tax.

In my opinion in a democracy and a digital era people deserve choice so if they don't want to watch the BBC then they shouldn't have to pay for it and that is exactly why when the BBC Charter is next reviewed in 2016, the case should be made for selling off the corporation.

The likes of Sky and ITV have to compete internationally and so should the BBC.

EXCLUSIVE: London Tory Youth in Three Line Whip 'Forced Labour' Scandal.

LONDON CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) has come under more scrutiny today, tbg can reveal activists are supposedly being told they have to take part in one campaign day a month and don't have a choice when it comes to choosing which one of the days to take part.

Campaign days are on the agenda for London CF and they seem to be taking place in areas where influential (executive) members are standing for local council in what has been described by one London activist as leaflet fodder for their potential London weighted council allowances or - "Cheap 'forced' labour".

One source sensationally revealed - "It's a new set up, referring to it as the 'three line whip'. Everyone's been told they have to do at least one campaign day a month but we don't get a choice in which ones we take part in. It also turns out the areas we are being made to campaign in are the areas that the Chairman and his friends are running for council"

"Nothing like cheap 'forced' labour, the Beverly bi-election didn't seem high on the list of places to be" - another London CF activist told tbg.

"The worst idea" apparently was when the London Tory Youth press officer suggested activists - "walk around with a bin-liner picking up litter in Hammersmith, I think it was, so that it gets an extra oomph for the local paper."

Labour MP Defends & Sides With Unite.


With times getting all the more tense between Len McCluskey's Unite and Red Ed Miliband tbg can today confirm that one of Ed Miliband's leading supporters has today sided with the Unite Leader.

In an article for M.E.N. Media, Labour MP Jim Dobbin says:

"I have been a member of the Unite trade union and its various forms for over 52 years and will remain a member for the rest of my life."

"Politicians should be supporting the trade union movement."

"Don't be taken in by some of the papers carrying articles about the trade unions."

"These articles are generally written by journalists and right wing people who have no knowledge of a trade union."

Yeah right!

'British Firms Have a Duty to Hire Local People'.

The Conservative MP Matthew Hancock has to be commended for his comments saying that British firms have a duty to hire local people rather than opting for the "easy option" of overseas workers. ("Take on British staff, firms told", Daily Express July 26th, p 4)

The fact that the number of foreigners now taking up new British job vacancies has fell from 74 per cent to 55 per cent since 2010 and that at the same time economic growth has risen in the last six months by 0.6 per cent shows that both Mr Hancock and George Osborne have made huge headway in getting the British economy back on track.

Where as under Labour we saw endless British talents wasted thanks to the welfare dependency and poverty trap that they created it is clear to me that under the Conservatives the values of working hard and aspiring to get on in life are finally back at the heart of economic policy.

EXCLUSIVE: Fireworks fly at Full Council Meeting Over Missing 'No Confidence' Deputy Chairman.

No Show: Deputy Tory Leader didn't turn up to fight his corner

TBG can exclusively report back from last nights Full Council meeting at crisis hit Crawley Borough Council.

A sweltering evening saw a packed public gallery with much anticipation among the spectators who were eagerly awaiting the evening's entertainment.

The first shock of the evening saw gasps from the public gallery as it was announced that under-fire 'No Confidence' Deputy Chairman Political, Cllr Karl Williamson, would not be attending the meeting, tbg can reveal.

The atmosphere was electric at public question time, which soon turned to outrage as a question about the chaos in the town's Conservatives was ruled out of order by the Mayor. A shouting match ensued which resulted in a burly council security guard removing the microphone from the member of the public who tried to ask the question.

More sparks flew as Labour councillors lined up to use an agenda item on substitute members on committees, as a vehicle to lay into the absence of Conservative councillors at meetings. Councillor Ian Irvine (Labour) finished a fiery attack by blasting that "Councillors should be attending meetings rather than dining at the Giggling Squid!"

It is, however, not known if Cllr Williamson's absence this time was due to having another dinner at Crawley's upmarket Thai restaurant, whose menu includes succulent Roast Duck slices on deluxe Baby Leaf Canapes, with a menu description that you can "drizzle the spicy dressing all you want over it."

EXCLUSIVE: Liberal Youth Chair' Branded 'Ego-centric'.

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT YOUTH (LY) Chair' has today been dramatically labelled as "Dictatorial" and "Ego-Centric" by some of her members, after allegedly putting through decisions without discussion or the approval of the Liberal Youth Committee.

Sarah Harding has been the Liberal Youth (LY) Chair' for just under a month and tbg understands "a few people are thinking of resigning", after the new Chair' sensationally made lone decisions on spending and freshers.

One LY source revealed to tbg - "She is being dictatorial. Putting through decisions without approval, no one's really working together."

Sarah Harding has hit the ground running in the past few weeks but this seems to have ruffled some feathers in the LY ranks.

Another LY member took a dislike to Harding's first event entitled "Liberal Youth Welcome Reception", saying - "She's planned this event which is very ego-centric."

LEAKED: London Tory MEP's Regional Ranking Campaign Document.

TBG can reveal the Conservative Party's Regional Ranking Document for London. The internal Party vote closes Friday and will rank MEP candidates for the upcoming 2014 European Parliament elections.

One Tory told tbg - "Mr Abercorn has an interesting priority list for London, beating UKIP appears to be more important than protecting the city!"

Hancock MP Affair Investigation may be Reopened.

With Hancock already taking legal steps to try and avoid perjuring himself as revealed on tbg last week, an old rumour is again sweeping the streets of Portsmouth today, that would in effect take the story of Hancock's private life on to a whole new dimension.

In 2011, Hancock was forced to admit that he had had a sexual relationship with a Portsmouth lady who later became his parliamentary assistant over many years.

Hancock says that he didn't meet her until she was 17.

However, no less than six witnesses have now told tbg alleged information which disputes Hancock's version of events.

Hancock's lawyers blocked the investigation into this story but a source has told tbg this morning that should one of his constituent's be successful in her case in the High Court shortly then this story could face another investigation too.

No wonder he's so tight lipped!

40% of Unite Members Back David Cameron.

So now we know, despite the fact that 80 per cent of Labour's own funding comes from union barons "less than half (46%) of Unite members would vote for Labour in an election" as opposed to 40% who back David Cameron according to a recent poll ('Members of Unite reject Ed Miliband', Express 23rd July 2013, p27).

What this shows is firstly a complete lack of confidence in Unite and their Leader, Len McCluskey; secondly a complete lack of trust in the "block vote" system Unite is using up and down the land to get their own candidates selected to fight Labour seats; and thirdly how completely out-of-touch these left wing union barons are with their own members, let alone the rest of the country.

Surely, if Ed Miliband is still serious about one day becoming Prime Minister not only would he be distancing himself from the unions but he would also be paying the money they have given his party since he became Leader back as soon as possible.

Far from being an asset to the Labour movement and his vision of a 'One Nation' society at ease with itself, all the unions continue to do on a daily basis is undermine his Leadership and score own goal after own goal.

EXCLUSIVE: 'No Confidence' Tory Deputy Chair' Makes Bullying Complaint Against 12 Councillors Over Vote.

Following Friday evening's Landslide No Confidence vote against Crawley Conservative Association Chairman Lee Gilroy and Deputy Chairman Political Karl Williamson, a further development has rocked Crawley's troubled Conservatives.

All 12 Crawley Conservative Councillors who had signed the No Confidence motion, are said to have received an official letter in the post on Saturday morning from Crawley Borough Council. The letter supposedly states that Cllr Karl Williamson has made a Standards complaint, sensationally claiming that the signing of the No Confidence motion constitutes an act of bullying and therefore breaks the Councillor Code of Conduct.

Cllr Williamson who had lost the Landslide No Confidence vote as Deputy Chairman Political just hours earlier amid allegations of bullying, has already made a sexual harassment complaint against Council leader Bob Lanzer to CCHQ and some weeks later, subsequently made the same complaint to Sussex Police.

It is also alleged that Williamson has threatened to bring his own No Confidence vote to this Wednesday's Full Council meeting in Crawley, against Council leader Bob Lanzer and four members of his Cabinet who had signed the Association No Confidence petition against him. However, so far this has apparently not yet materialised. tbg plans to dispatch a reporter to attend this meeting where sparks are bound to fly.

A tbg local source said - "It looks like an emerging pattern, in that whenever Cllr Williamson appears not to get his way, a tantrum is thrown and complaints or threats happen. In any field, there must come a time when multiple complaints become regarded as vexatious complaints, often by someone with personal issues."

As tbg writes, Karl Williamson and Lee Gilroy have not yet resigned their positions. It was reported that neither had attended the Special General Meeting.

While dozens of Crawley Conservative members were debating the No Confidence motion against Williamson, he was spotted dining at Crawley's swanky Giggling Squid Thai restaurant - whose menu includes a posh Moo Ping grilled marinated pork on skewers, and a world famous Giggling Squid dish which includes choice baby squids filled with minced chicken, steamed and fried in a superior batter.

[READ] - EXCLUSIVE: Fireworks fly at Full Council Meeting Over Missing 'No Confidence' Deputy Chairman.

UKIP set to Face Harassment & Defamation Legal Action.


UKIP COUNCILLORS in Rutland are sensationally set to face legal action over harassment and defamation of the Council's Chief Executive, tbg can reveal.

Accusations by 3 UKIP councillors apparently supported by the national political party will now lead to legal action according to a report dated 29th July 2013 - which is online and tbg has uploaded it to Scribd.

The allegations made by the three councillors on their website, "are seriously defamatory of officers responsible for the leadership of Rutland County Council", according to the report.

A UKIP statement on their website references to, "suspect planning approvals and the squandering of millions of pounds of grant funding". It also states a "growing suspicion and concern of serious fraud and corruption", and "the current misuse and misappropriation of public money is an utter disgrace".

Rutland Council say - "The statement suggests that the Chief Executive and other senior officers are guilty of serious fraud and corruption of a criminal nature, and that those officers are engaged in an unlawful cover up. They gain credence by being included in a press release issued by a national political party."

The three councillors now say they are the ones that are being harassed but Rutland Council have sent a further letter stating that this is not accepted and are requiring UKIP to:

  • Remove the article dated 20th June 2013 containing defamatory statements from their website.
  • Refrain from making further defamatory statements or allegations.
  • Provide a full and unequivocal retraction and apology to the Chief Executive and Senior Officers.

A response had apparently been requested by Wednesday 24th July 2013.

EXCLUSIVE: Meltdown as Tory Chairman Receives Landslide Vote of No Confidence.

Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Crawley Association lose No Confidence vote by massive margin.

TBG can exclusively reveal that the Crawley Conservative Association vote of No Confidence in Chairman Lee Gilroy, and Deputy Chairman Political Karl Williamson, has been overwhelmingly carried this evening.

The motion of No Confidence was carried by approximately 95% of attending Crawley members in separate ballots against both Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson.

Neither Gilroy or Williamson were said to be in attendance at what was described locally as "an exceptionally well-attended meeting." A tbg source said, "The massive scale of this No Confidence vote must prove how unpopular both the Chairman and his Deputy had become and how their suitability in carrying out their roles was viewed by their party grassroots. This crushing defeat has to remove any lingering authority and make their positions untenable. The only option has to be to resign with immediate effect so that the local party can move on."

It has previously been alleged that Lee Gilroy had stated that both he and Karl Williamson would refuse to resign if they lost the vote. It is rumoured that following the vote, CCHQ is poised to be inundated by Crawley members demanding action if the resignations do not occur immediately.

[READ] - EXCLUSIVE: 'No Confidence' Tory Deputy Chair' Makes Bullying Complaint Against 12 Councillors Over Vote.

UKIP Press Officer Wants to Purge Party of Libertarians.

Press Officer for Friends of Israel (FOI) in UKIP has sensationally expressed his desire to "Purge" UKIP of it's libertarians and send them over to the Tories.

The comments came as Tory Youth Chairman Oliver Cooper poked fun at the UKIP Youth Wing's mass exodus of liberals, which influential UKIP'er and FOI in UKIP Press Officer, Mr Campbell, said - "The de-RonPaulification of Young Independence is far from over, I'm afraid. But we're working on it [sic]."

Mr Campbell went on - "I propose a trade. Our libertarians for your social conservatives. Everybody wins."

Tory Youth Chairman Cooper responded - "I propose a counter-offer: your libertarians for our thanks."

Campbell said the deal was - "Tempting".

Quote of the day.

Tory MP Chris Heaton-Harris - ‏@chhcalling

"I simply can't believe I've been nominated for this year's Scepticism Award."

Neville Slams Abandoning Principles as UKIP Activist Admits to Playing Politics for Popularity.

SACKED UKIP YOUTH CHAIRMAN Olly Neville has slammed UKIP and praised the Conservatives for allowing a much broader base of thought and difference of opinions regards party policy, tbg can reveal.

In a social network exchange Conservative Youth Chairman Oliver Cooper called it "#TeamFreedom", former Liberal Youth (LY) Chair' Kavya Kaushik said she was willing to organise a leadership coup in LY if Olly Neville joined the Lib Dems. However, UKIP/YI members still seem not so keen to allow freedom of thought if it's different to UKIP's ever increasing authoritarian right-wing agenda.

The former UKIP Youth Chairman said that UKIP have gone from being radical to "hedging their bets" - to which one influential UKIP activist sensationally replied - "Or in short words, being more focused on popular opinion. It's Party politics, it's completely inevitable. Democracy for you!"

With the government coalition seemingly extending to it's youth wings, YI, the UKIP Youth Wing, whom has just released it's new logo, seem increasingly lost and sidelined from the rigors of youthful, free thinking political debate, through fear of dismissal.

Neville added - "With central control and policy changes I'm not sure who YI appeals. CF had a very successful election and LY is probably the most credible part of the Lib Dems, both youth wings doing well".

Hancock Wants Council Investigation put on Hold.

It's been revealed that the dodgy Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock wants his Portsmouth City Council investigation put on hold until after his pending High Court case.

Hancock is being sued in a High Court civil action by a female constituent who contacted him for help over a neighbour dispute.

In a statement issued to tbg this morning Portsmouth City Council's Solicitor, Michael Lawther, said:

"Councillor Hancock has indicated that he does not wish to participate in the council investigation until High Court proceedings taken against him by the complainant have been concluded.

"I am reporting back to the council sub-committee that authorised the investigation and asking them for further instructions.

"We will arrange a sub-committee meeting at the earliest possible opportunity, hopefully in a matter of weeks, so the matter can be discussed."

Is MP Mike Hancock trying to avoid perjuring himself?

It's not the first time Hancock has tried the dodgy escape route.

UPDATE: A former lib Dem Councillor has just told tbg:

"The council are legally obliged to suspend him until the outcome is known."

"The council employs him not the other way round."

"When the High Court set the date he cannot say I want it changed which is what he doing with PCC."

"If Gerald Vernon Jackson wants to earn a few 'brownie' points for his ailing party he should suspend him now."

Another former Lib Dem who has since defected to Ukip said:

"I'm at a total loss to understand what's going on."

"Hancock stands accused of behaving inappropriately with a vulnerable adult."

"The sub-committee comprising of two of his colleagues and an opposition councillor were asked to consider after a deputation by both parties if they believed there was a case to carry forward?"

"They decided that there was."

"Nigel Pascoe Q.C. was appointed to carry out an independent investigation some months ago?"

"Hancock after all this time has decided he is unwilling to cooperate."

"In civil actions if you fail to defend yourself against accusation the judge will rule against you and ostensibly you are found guilty?"

"Surely now in view of his non-co-operation Councillor Hancock should be suspended from office immediately?"

"Can PCC risk really having an alleged abuser in a position of power?"

Gerald appears to be caught between a rock and a hard place."

"He does not want to openly criticise Mike, because he is a fellow LibDem, but does not want to be closely associated with him, as it may be held against him when he stands as the LibDem candidate for Portsmouth South at the next General Election because Mike has retired 'on the grounds of ill health."

"Mike's behaviour displays, yet again, his - a supreme arrogance and indifference for local democracy.'

New Tory Youth Poll Launched.

MO METCALF-FISHER has released his latest survey for Conservative Future members to take part. The poll is set to gauge opinion on the new CF National Chairman, recent elections and how likely activists are to defect to UKIP.

Mo told tbg - "The poll shall assess attitudes towards UKIP, opinions on the new CF leadership, attitudes towards the main party and how people perceive sites such as tbg and how well they contribute to CF."

The poll is now LIVE for activists to complete.


Sexism in CF: 'Victim of the Biggest Crime in History'.

By Matt Wilson - @wilson_matty

"Everywhere I go, whether it's Facebook, Twitter or reading TheBlueGuerilla, I see female CF members who are an asset to CF and in my opinion some of them could make an excellent National Chairman. They are intelligent, strong and capable to be the future of the party and whatever criticism comes their way, they just quash it.

"Then you get the other female CF members who make issues out of nothing, think they are all high and mighty then they actually are and quite frankly if they are not on the newsfeeds of other CF members, they make sure that they are. Don’t get me wrong, male CF members are the exact same so I am not solely blaming this one on gender.

"The thing that does get me is the way they take criticism. They don't hit back with intelligent arguments, no, they take the easy route out and call the critic a “sexist” and that they are just criticising her because she is a female.

"Now, I admit that some things that have been said are sexist and shouldn't have been said but the way some girls have dealt with it has been stupid. Instead of talking to the person and saying, 'look I find what you said offensive' and allowing the person to apologise, they just take to Twitter, Facebook or their blog and pretend that they have been the victim of the biggest crime in history.

"They could be unaware that the reason they are being criticised is not because one is a woman and it's part of some misogynistic plan to get rid of all woman in CF. It could be the fact that she could be useless at her role and not fulfilling the duties she should be doing. If you are clever enough you could guess the person I am referring to.

"When Danielle Fleet got told to “stop moaning and behave like a typical young conservative female”, I still don’t have any idea of what a typical conservative female looks like, or if one even exists. All because she had problems with a removal van, which I hope she has resolved now, but she didn't lash out on Twitter or a blog; she resolved it there, without her going on the internet.

"But this other woman I refer to doesn't like resolving things in private because she finds that the attention isn't on her. She makes a blog post about situations that happened years ago and talked about how the elections were all about looks and not politics, consider that she is the only female candidate to come out publicly saying that. Then she goes on to say that more women need to verbally “slap males in the face” which I see it as verbally abusing men, I don't think that will resolve anything.

"I am sorry for any female members who are strong and more capable than this woman I speak about but yet isn't getting the push and the encouragement, because some members are dominating and quite frankly they're embarrassing."

'New Wave of Immigration Would be Total Madness'.

I fully agree with the view that a "New wave of immigration would be total madness". (Express Comment on Thursday July 18th 2013 page 14).

The fact that the 'Official Financial Forecaster' at the Office for Budget Responsibility is making the outrageous claim that Ageing Britain 'needs an extra 7 million immigrants' simply underlines what a mess the last Labour Government left behind thanks to a combination of an open door migration policy that saw unskilled people arrive to live off the state and our own young and potentially talented individuals on low incomes trapped in an era welfare dependency.

If this forecaster says that the alternative is am extra £19 Billion in spending cuts then I say get on with it and do it by introducing a rigerous system of means testing and by privatising profitable government owned businesses such as the Royal Mail and the BBC.

More migrants would simply create more burden which would ultimately mean poorer services for everyone in terms of available affordable housing, high quality education, the NHS and community relations.

Under current policy we are already seeing net migration down to the tens of thousands – rather than the hundreds of thousands we saw under Labour, a reformed student visa system, and a change in family visa rules which has in itself helped bring about an overall fall in unemployment and helped the private sector boost the jobs market.

So I have to ask, if a policy is working, why change it?

Guest Post: New Research Suggests 3 in 5 Know how it Feels to be Truly Skint.

"Being skint can be an awful feeling - and it can leave you in a very difficult situation if you find yourself with bills or other important expenses you need to cover, but can't.

"So it's worrying that new research from Debt Advisory Centre found that around three in five of us have been truly penniless at some point in the past. That's the equivalent of 30 million people in the UK. 10 million still find themselves skint 'from time to time' or 'regularly'.

"And when we say skint, we mean they have no money in their purse, wallet or bank account - and no way of accessing other money.

"There are so many different reasons why someone might find themselves without any money. In our research, 31% said they'd been skint because their income is only just enough to live on - perhaps due to the rising costs of living and frozen wages. In any case, it's worrying to see that a large proportion of people are only just getting by with what they have. 11% had run out of cash because they'd lost their job altogether.

"Sometimes, however, being 'skint' can just be a bit of an unexpected blip. Other reasons given for running out of money included receiving unexpected bills and other expenses (16%) and overspending (15%). These can be much more temporary setbacks that can be overcome with a bit of forward planning.

"11% said they were penniless because of trying to keep up with their debt payments - something that the right kind of debt help can often help people overcome."

James Gould Re-Elected Tory Northern Partnership Chairman.

JAMES GOULD was sensationally returned to power on Saturday as the Conservative Future Northern Partnership Chairman, tbg can reveal.

James received 67% of the votes cast whilst newcomer Matthew Wilson, whom faced stiff opposition, got 33% of the ballot.

Following James’ re-election young Tories hit York for a hearty meal, drinks & a boogie in the local watering holes.

Deluxe BBQ for Tory Activists in Royal Borough.

FORMER Tory Youth Leader Ben Howlett & Surbiton Conservatives are set to hold a campaign day followed by an exclusive BBQ for activists with special guests, set to be held within the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

MP Bob Neill is set to attend along with the Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party for Local Government. Prime British beef burgers will be on offer as well as succulent sausages and posh creamy coleslaw, tbg can reveal.

The gig kicks off at 10am when Tories are expected to gather at Surbiton Train Station, a short ride from Waterloo.

For more information visit the event page on Facebook.

EXCLUSIVE: CF/YI Defections - Don't Believe the Hype.

By Leon French

"At least once every week I come onto twitter and see there has either been a defection from Conservative Future to UKIP/YI or that someone is suggesting that a defection is about to happen. Quite frankly, I don't care, and I don't think many other principled people do either!

"Before I go on, I will mention that I did leave the Conservatives to go to UKIP, then leave UKIP to go back to Conservative Future a year later. The defecting part isn't my point though, which I will make clearer as I go on.

"We know that as there is more exposure to UKIP, YI and their stances on issues, Conservatives will inquire more and more into the Party. From there they will go one of a few ways. Either they will like what they see and eventually leave the Conservatives for UKIP, they will not like what they see and stay with the Conservatives or they may like what they see but think they're better off within the Conservatives. Whichever way they go about it, we hope that the decision they take is an informed one that it is one made on principle (possibly not the 3rd option mind).

"But when I see that there is a huge fuss around the statement "there's going to be a defection soon" then I assume that this person is not doing it out of principle. Why do I think this? Because if you were doing it out of principle, you wouldn't tell a few people a week earlier, tell a gossip website a week before you defect but also make sure they don't mention who it is. We end up with speculation over who it could be just so that this particular person will get the 15 minutes of fame they so desperately want. It's pathetic really.

"The problem is, the strategy of UKIP and YI now seems to revolve around speculating over who could defect next. We know that Nigel Farage has been using this strategy for a while now with regards to Conservative MPs, saying that UKIP is in discussion with Conservative MPs who want to defect. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I don't believe a word of it. It's a lie designed to pressure those who may have considered it to just go for it. I'm just more disappointed that YI has taken this desperate and rather pathetic route.

"I have a lot of respect for Rob Comley, the Chair of YI, I really do. I think he's a good guy. But I don't think adopting Nigel Farage's strategy is a good one. It looks cheap, mostly because it is cheap. As the leader of one of these organisations, you want to engage young people and persuade them to join on the merits of your organisation, not attract those who aren't getting the attention they want and so defect over an overly long period that's just long enough to keep people hooked and waiting to see who will be next to defect. I don't like that strategy and I probably never will.

"When I left the Conservatives I never made such a huge fuss over it. I never did it because I wanted to be known by others, I never did it because I wanted a huge fuss made over me for it, I did it because I thought it was the best course of action for me. The same applied the other way round. Of course, as someone eloquently pointed out to me on Twitter, no one would have cared anyway. That's true, but it's besides the point. I never wanted anyone to care, which is the fundamental difference between me and some of these other wet dishcloths who have gone off on a vanity parade.

"I hope we in Conservative Future will not lower ourselves to that level. We don't need to humour UKIP and YI in their baiting, just let them get on with it. If we lose some of the more unprincipled members, so what. If we lose some of the members who are only involved in the organisation to make their name known, I'll be glad. We want members who want to get involved to make a real difference. Let's attract those people and keep those people and let's not be lured into this pathetic game UKIP is playing."

EXCLUSIVE: More Tory Chaos in Crawley.

TBG can today confirm that the chaos in the Crawley Conservative Party has, if anything, got worse in recent days.

With Conservative Campaign Headquarters saying that help is being offered at area level it seems as though that offer has fallen on deaf ears.

Even though there are some in the Crawley Conservatives who want a clean fresh start for the local party others are not so like minded.

Another source has come forward to tbg and told us that "There are members within the Conservative Group in Crawley who are hell bent to hanging on to power using any form of corruption or skulduggery."

"There was only a few but the numbers are growing they just want to hang on for power."

"I want the party to clean of these kinds of people so that we are not tarnished by political sleaze."

The source told tbg this morning that they don't want "to bring down the party but to get rid of the scumbags who make decisions on our lives."

"There is a list of stuff and just few are the vote rigging that has taken place in county elections.

"The leader of the council knowingly had two members in his group, who were not members of the party so therefore they were on committees and voting when they should not have been."

"When the Chairman of the party (Lee Gilroy) discovered this, he was told to cover it up by the leader Bob Lanzer and he refused."

"This has caused resentment towards the chairman as he will not accept corruption and sleaze."

"The Leader of the council then paid the membership to another association in Horsham so that they could be members in Crawley through a loophole."

"I have also heard that a police investigation has started on the complaint towards Cllr Bob Lanzer for sexual harassment towards a man half his age."

"If this was a member of staff they would be suspended immediately, but Cllr Bob Lanzer seems to not care about the image of the party and is only interested in hanging on in there for his allowance."

The source ends by telling tbg that "Lanzer and Crow should just go and give the party in Crawley a chance to rebuild."

At the time of writing, both Bob Lanzer and Duncan Crow were unavailable for comment.

Another source has told tbg that Council Leader Bob Lanzer has the support of 17 out of the 21 Tory Councillors in Crawley.

Tory Association Chairman Lee Gilroy faces a Vote of No Confidence this coming Friday, as exclusively revealed on tbg, and the source also commented, "Cllr's Gilroy and Williamson are out to smear all those who have signed the no confidence petition" against their rule of the local Conservative Association.

Twelve councillors out of 21 have signed the No Confidence motion. It has also been alleged that Gilroy and Williamson have said they'll not stand down if they ever lost such a vote.

It truly seems as if the Crawley Tories are at war.

IDS Defends Maximum Benefit Changes.

On the same day that a poll by Ipsos Mori showed that 74% of people agree with the new benefits cap, 59% think the government should do more to cut the benefits bill and 50% still think the benefits system is too generous Ian Duncan Smith has told tbg that the changes are here to stay.

In an exclusive interview with tbg Mr Duncan Smith said:

"Returning fairness to the welfare state in this country is long overdue."

"We will always be there to support those who need help but the days of blank cheque benefits are over and the benefits cap is a key part of this."

"We need to return to fairness to the system so that it no longer traps people in a cycle of dependency, but fairness too for hard-working taxpayers who fund it."

"The findings show the British public are fully behind us on this so we are ensuring that it's there as a safety net for those who need it but that no-one can milk it."

Andy Burnham has got Blood on his Hands.

The fact that it has now been revealed that on top of the Stafford Hospital scandal and the cover up scandal in Lincolnshire, Andy Burnham was also the man in charge when so many excessive deaths occured at Basildon and Thurrock Hospitals clearly proves that not only has Burnham got blood on his hands but also that it is time for him to resign as Shadow Health Secretary and publicly apologise.

Under Labour it is now clear that government spin came before patients healthcare and for this reason Labour should never be trusted in government again.

They used the NHS as a political football in power and are doing exactly the same in opposition.

What people need to realise is that it is Labour’s disastrous changes to the GP contract which have led to a significant rise in the number of patients visiting A&E, it is Labour's disastrous failure of Labour’s IT contract that has led to the administrative chaos still gripping the health service today amd it was the last Labour Government that failed to address the disconnect between social care and the health service.

Olly Neville Gets Unreserved Apology From UKIP Chairman Over UAF Blunder.

SACKED UKIP YOUTH CHAIRMAN Olly Neville has received an unreserved apology from the UKIP Chairman of Harrow, Jeremy Zeid, after labeling Neville as an "Undercover UAF member", intent on the disruption of UKIP, tbg can reveal.

The bizarre allegation came to light at an event with UKIP Leader Nigel Farage courting the Jewish Community in London last week, as brought to light on tbg.

The apology was published on Twitter after, what can only be considered, awkward discussions with UKIP London communications guru Gawain Towler.

A transcript of the fiery Twitter encounter is below for your pleasure.

Crosby, Tobacco and Clegg.

Just what business is it of the Liberal Democrats to target Lynton Crosby all because of his links to the tobacco industry?

Lynton works for the Conservative Party not the Government and is paid out of party funds not the taxpayer.

If the Lib Dems are so keen to root out supporters of the tobacco industry in the Government why are they so silent as regards Ken Clarke?

UKIP Youth Claims Tory Defector En Route.

UKIP YOUTH have today claimed a Tory defector has ripped up his Conservative membership in a public stunt containing a raised middle finger gesture.

Rob Comley, UKIP Youth Chairman tweeted - "Defector rips up Conservatives card after short meeting."

It's unclear as to whom the defector may be, or if the much anticipated defection is a PR move by Comley & Co in an attempt to rock the Tory boat.

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Liberal Youth Chair' Snapped at Posh Tory Boat Party.

TBG can sensationally reveal that former Co-Chair of Liberal Youth Kavya Kaushik, who is widely known for attacking the blue half of the Coalition Government regularly on twitter, has been dramatically snapped by paparazzi at a posh boat party packed with Tories.

Kavya allegedly wasn't the only Lib Dem present. One Lib Dem source said - "Tories are shit dancers, they wouldn't let loose."

Another eye witness told tbg - "Some of the Tories were dancing but most were hiding away drinking expensive champagne."

EXCLUSIVE: Sacked UKIP Youth Chairman Olly Neville 'was Undercover UAF'.

NIGEL FARAGE was in north west London last night as he jumped into bed with the Jewish community. Farage stumbled along with baffling inaccuracies and errors trying to talk down immigration to an immigrant community whilst contradicting himself several times, but tbg will save that article for another day very soon.

The wackiest humdinger of the night allegedly came from Harrow UKIP Chairman and former councillor candidate for the area when he sensationally accused sacked UKIP Youth Chairman Olly Neville of being an undercover Unite Against Fascism (UAF) member, who was intent on the disruption of UKIP.

Neville was sacked by UKIP bosses earlier this year for publicly supporting same-sex marriage but it seems rumour has it within UKIP ranks now that something much more sinister was at play.

TBG caught up with Olly for a response to the latest bonkers excuse as to why he was dumped by UKIP.

Olly told tbg - "It is refreshing to hear that I was working for the UAF as most of the time I get told I was working for the EU and once for the Vatican (though I hope that was a joke). Sadly none of these organisations have yet paid me for my devastating work in bringing UKIP to its knees, supporting the right of two people of the same gender to get married.

UKIP’s ability to attract conspiracy theorists is always a joy. I would urge Mr Zeid to read the official email that I was sent by the party chairman telling me I was being fired for supporting equal marriage. Alternatively he should provide his evidence that I work for the UAF and bring my false veneer as a right wing libertarian crashing down.

In a party facing its own sexual assault crisis and drifting ever leftwards on tax, NHS and education it is rather amusing for me to be labelled a UAF-er. Seriously what planet do these people live on?"

Neville has actually never been in any political organisation other than UKIP which he joined when he turned 18. Olly Neville always seemed a loyal and committed member turning up to almost every by election since 2010 and contributing time and money to the UKIP steam engine up until the day they fired him.

In other news a defection has taken place - from UKIP to the Conservatives. UKIP Youth member George Burrell has just jumped ship, he says because of none other than the #Ollyshambles saga.

[READ] - Olly Neville Gets Unreserved Apology From UKIP Chairman Over UAF Blunder

'Radical and Fresh Ideas' - Wilson Stands for Tory Youth Northern Partnership Chairman.

Matt Wilson has sensationally thrown his hat onto the ring and announced his candidacy for the Tory Youth Northern Partnership Chairman role, tbg can reveal.

The selection for the chairmanship will take place this Saturday in York at 3pm. Anyone who is a Tory member 30 years old and under and lives in the North East, the North West or Yorkshire and Humber can attend the AGM and cast a ballot.

Matt Wilson is known for his outspoken views and has recently been the victim of a vicious smear campaign by former Labour colleagues over cannabis tweeting.

Wilson exclusively told tbg - "I want to shape a northern partnership that is not afraid to implement radical campaign strategies and to debate radical policies."

Visit Matt's campaign Facebook page

Shock as Nottingham Trent Tory Youth Chairman Quits.

SHOCKWAVES have been felt across the UK today as popular Nottingham Trent University Conservative Future (CF) Chairman, Amy Atkinson, sensationally quit her role as head chief of the branch.

Atkinson says she has been thinking about dumping the role for "a couple of months", unbeknownst to her loyal following.

The now former Tory Youth branch chair' has taken an important and mature decision to concentrate on her final year of studies and not be bogged down with "stresses" of running a CF branch.

In a written statement Amy said - "My time at NTU CF has been a great one and despite all of the stresses that come with it, it has been one of the best things I have done in my life."

"I am not usually a leader type of person and I was really throwing myself into the deep end"
- she added.

Tory MP Declares War on the BBC's 'Corporate Fraud and Cronyism'.

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson was in top form yesterday.

Speaking at the Public Accounts Committee in the Houses of Parliament yesterday our Stewart laid into former Cabinet Minister Lord Patten over pay-offs made by the BBC.

Mr. Jackson accused Lord Patten of "a casual disregard for public money" as regards excessive management pay-offs.

Accusing the trust of presiding over a culture of "corporate fraud and cronyism". The Peterborough MP said the Beeb had "paid George Entwistle for 25 days to sit on his backside and do nothing!"

Lord Patten defended the pay-off by saying that the sum of £470,000 could have been even bigger if they had got bogged down in legal argument.

Royal Mail Need to get in the Real World.

As a former Royal Mail employee I have to say that privatisation is by far the best option.

When I worked for the company it was like an old out-dated socialist organisation that didn't care about costs and had a devil care approach just because the company was afraid of change and the unions.

Royal Mail need to get in the real world of global competitiveness that other privatised companies like B.T and British Airways have had to already adapt to.

Tory HQ Breaks Silence on Crawley Conservatives' 'Ongoing Problems'.

TBG can reveal that Conservative Campaign HQ (CCHQ) have broken their silence today on the ongoing troubles in Crawley.

In a statement to tbg a CCHQ spokesperson said:

"We are aware of the ongoing problems in Crawley and the Local Area Committee is offering help and advice as regards the situation."

This statement comes as tbg has learned from sources that Crawley Borough Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development, Tory Cllr Claire Denman, has apparently sold her house in Crawley and is moving to Poole Borough Pulborough. Denman can still continue to be a Councillor though because she allegedly owns a second home in Crawley which is rented.

One Crawley resident told tbg - "How can she look after and ensure Crawley's redevelopment is as good as it can be when she will be living some 120 miles away from Crawley?"

EXCLUSIVE: BBQ Bust-up as London Exec' Member Told to 'Behave Like a Tory Female'.

TBG can reveal an hellacious bust-up occurred at last night's London Conservative Future (CF) BBQ at the classy boutique Hotel Montague on the Gardens in Bloomsbury.

Sources reveal Social Action Officer Danielle Fleet was innocently having a life discussion about renovating her flat and pointing out the fact her removal man didn't turn up.

Such comments didn't go down too well as tbg can reveal that the young female Tory was told she was - "Moaning about insignificant things" and that was "not good" for her image, adding - "If you're on the Conservative Future Executive you should have the image to reflect that, you need to behave like a young Conservative female".

According to sources the spat took place when female activist was sensationally told she was apparently put on the London CF Executive in the "uncontested" social action role "because she was attractive" and "that it would encourage members to come to London CF events, as a Tory tourist attraction for all the male members".

A huge public argument ensued which included Social Action Officer Miss Fleet, the London CF Chairman and several other high ranking activists.

Sources have also disclosed to tbg that plots are underway within the London CF Executive to try and "boot" the CF London Chairman from his post.

North West Tories Announce Conference With Special Guests & Free Nosh.

The North West Conservative Future (NWCF) executive has announced that a regional conference will be held later this year.

It will be held in the prestigious Chadwick Lecture Theatre at the University of Liverpool on Saturday 16 November at 10am.

The conference is set include speeches on key issues and a debate on Britain’s future in the EU plus a series of practical workshops. Esther McVey, MP for Wirral West and Minister for Disabled People, and Saj Karim MEP are among those to have confirmed their attendance so far.

Jonathan Levy, NWCF Chairman, said:

"I’m thrilled that we’ll be holding our conference in the great, vibrant city of Liverpool. It will be a truly regional event with representatives and speakers from Cheshire & Wirral, Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

"We’re continuing to make great progress on all levels as a region and I’m sure our conference will reflect this, particularly as we move ever closer towards the 2015 general election."

Tickets are on sale now at £12.50, price includes a sublime lunch and delightful refreshments.

For more information you can contact Jonathan Levy, Chairman of North West Conservative Future - jonathan.levy@conservativefuture.com

EXCLUSIVE: 'We Need a Referendum to Abolish the National Exec' & Decentralise Conservative Future'.

My Ideal Conservative Future Chairman Candidate - By Matthew Wilson

Ever since coming into the Blue side of politics from Labour, I have just been astonished by how much better and active Conservative Future (CF) are, but then again after experiencing Young Labour I think the protesters in Egypt do a better job at organisation then they do. Conservative Future is a good hub for young members to be actively campaigning and to debate, that is all.

See, youth politics should be all about campaigning to get that majority in 2015 and also question how they, the next generation of politicians, can make even better politicians than today’s through debating issues and policies and even sometimes becoming more radical and a blue sky thinker. So why do we need a National Executive for that?

Don’t get me wrong, Oliver Cooper & Co are good people and I don’t knock them being the possible future of the Conservative Party but I fail to see the actual use of National Exec’ when all we do is campaign and debate.

So back to the title, my ideal Conservative Future Chairman candidate would be one that offered a referendum to abolish the National Exec’ and transfer all their power (if they have any) to the Regional Chairman’s and their exec’. A couple of months ago in the CF campaign trail; we heard promises about decentralising Conservative. What bigger way to decentralise CF then to offer that very referendum to abolish the positions that are just mealy there to inflate egos.

Let the CF Regional Chairman be the coordinator for that region. Let them make sure that their campaigns are stronger and more efficient, tailored to their region. Let us get back to what youth politics was originally about and that is campaigning and debate.

So please can we have a candidate that steps forward and says if you vote for me, you are not voting for a National Chairman. You are voting for a pledge to hold this referendum and finally decentralise CF.

EXCLUSIVE: DWP Respond to TBG Universal Credit Investigation.

TBG has today heard from the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) after our investigation at the Ashton Job Centre, which is the only Centre in the UK where the Universal Credit is currently being trialed. The responder was apparently asked especially to reply to tbg.

It is quite a comprehensive explanation as to how Universal Credit is intended to work.

Snippets from the response state:

  • Universal Credit provides support to claimants who are ‘in work’ as well as to those who are ‘out of work’.
  • Universal Credit allows people who work to keep some of the money that they earn before it has any impact on the amount of Universal Credit they receive. This amount is called a Work Allowance. In Universal Credit different work allowances apply to different types of household in order to reflect their different needs.
  • Once a person is earning more than their work allowance, we begin reducing the amount of their Universal Credit. Universal Credit has a single taper rate of 65 per cent. We want people to see their income increase when they start working.
  • Universal Credit will significantly improve the take-up of unclaimed entitlements, because all elements of support are applied for through a single process. It will be easier for people to understand the level of benefit to which they are entitled.
  • Research suggests that 92 per cent of advertised vacancies require applicants to have basic IT skills, and therefore those without such skills are considerably limited in their employment prospects. We want to give claimants greater control over managing their account. To achieve this, the main route to access Universal Credit is through digital channels.
  • Universal Credit will significantly improve the take-up of unclaimed entitlements, because all elements of support are applied for through a single process. It will be easier for people to understand the level of benefit to which they are entitled.
  • Government are not removing other channels for claiming benefits.

Full response to the investigation is below.

Tory Slaps FOI Request on Councillors' Email Accounts.

Crawley saga rumbles on

IT EMERGED today that a Tory in a high position of authority at the Crawley Conservative Association and Conservative Future activist has handed in a Freedom of Information (FOI) request for Councillors' email accounts to be searched at Crawley Council, after an email was leaked to theblueguerilla.

It's unknown how local Councillors found out about the request but apparently the requester has now ironically launched a complaint about the invasion of their privacy against the Council.

It's also unknown why this information might be deemed appropriate considering the supposed poor state of the Crawley Council and it's local Conservative Association.

A tbg source said today - "Such actions will only serve to deepen divisions within the Crawley Council and the local Conservative Association."