Yes, Miliband’s Failure to Back EU Referendum is Shocking.

I fully agree with the assertion that "Ed Miliband's failure to back a referendum" on the EU is "shocking".

As a tax paying and law abiding citizen in his forties their are people like me up and down the land who have never had a say on this particular issue in their lives.

Indeed, the only good thing any Prime Minister in my lifetime has done on the issue was when Lady Thatcher won us the rebate.

Since then, John Major rejected us and both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown sold us down the river.

So yes I agree that it is a step in the right direction that moves are in place to make this referendum happen but I still have my doubts.

For if, by abstaining on the Private Members Bill in the House of Commons, Red Ed is saying I have no objection if you want to get on with it then why won't David Cameron request a change in the wording of the motion once more so as we can have the referendum on the same day as the European Parliamen Elections in May 2014?

It couldn't have something to do with the same Nick Clegg, who promised a Referendum himself in 2008, this time threatening to throw his toys out of the pram and walk out of the coalition in protest if such a move were to transpire?

If it is, then I and most of the country would urge David Cameron to call his bluff and bring it on!