Who Does Mr Cameron Think He's Kidding?

So, we are now told that the Prime Minister thinks that "The EU is good for Britain."

Who does Mr Cameron think he is kidding?

The E.U. is the biggest obstacle to getting our country out of both the recession and the mess left behind by the last Labour Government.

Time again we read in the Daily Express all of the bureaucracy this monsterous crypto-communist organisation throws at us highlighted just recently by new rules as regards vacuum cleaners yet still our Prime Minister doesn't get it.

No wonder his own party members are jumping ship to UKIP in their thousands.

The fact of the matter is that these are principles that he campaigned against in opposition yet is now effectively supporting in Government.

Only last Saturday the Daily Express itself highlighted how Britain can prosper outside of the EU thanks to a surge in global exports and how only outside the EU can we negotiate deals to suit our national interest.

So my message to Mr Cameron is listen to the people who elected you by giving us an in or out referendum next May so as Britain and British business can get its freedom back in the national interest.