UKIP Confirm They're in Talks With Two Tory Defectors as London CF Chairman Denies Rumours.

CONFIRMATION that UKIP Youth Chairman Rob Comley is indeed in official talks with two members of the Tory Youth Wing over defecting to UKIP came this evening after much speculation on probable contenders for the skip to UKIP, tbg can reveal.

Comley seemed to backtrack slightly telling tbg - "I've never confirmed its happening, only suggested I was meeting with two possibilities" but then added some weight by confirming he in talks with at least two Tories.

"Just would like to make it clear that I've not confirmed a defection, but in the process of talking to two CF (Conservative Future) members".

The Tory Youth Wing has been buzzing almost with delicious excitement today discussing the identity of the now confirmed two probable defectors. Earlier in the day it was suggested there might be three Tory activists on their way to UKIP and almost every name in any kind of position in CF has been floated.

Someone must have guessed right along the way.

tbg asked the much speculated London Tory Youth Chairman Nabil Najjar if he was off to UKIP to which he responded - "Afraid not, keep guessing" - tbg is sure CF members will do just that.