Tory Youth Wing on Alert Over National Executive Splits and Snubs.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) has found itself embroiled in sensational rumours of splits, snubs and targeting of its National Executive members by influential CF members, tbg can reveal.

In a platter of revealing stories on the Backbencher & it's new sparkling column Milton Spies, National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell and National Chairman Oliver Cooper have been in the center of a storm regarding poor relationships within the National Exec' and wider CF members.

Milton's recent speculation points to a broken relationship between Sewell and Cooper, even alleging National Chairman Oliver Cooper's Skype call during the National Exec's first meeting was snubbed or "purposefully ignored" by the National Deputy Chairman Sewell & Co, after Cooper was unable to attend in person.

"Ms Sewell then took to Facebook, launching a tirade against new Chairman Oli Cooper, criticizing him for his non attendance [sic]" - said Milton's article. It continued - "Ms Sewell instantly hit back that Mr Cooper had not responded to anyone’s ‘emails, texts, phone calls, or Skypes an ironic dig if there ever was one."

Today Milton says inside sources reveal that Cooper has been snubbing CF Members and has refused contact with theblueguerilla for positive CF coverage, after tbg approached Cooper for information on his chairmanship and CF goings-on.

tbg can confirm that Oliver Cooper has not communicated with this website over suggested positive CF coverage since his election to the Tory Youth Wing's top job, this after several successful interactions between theblueguerilla and Oliver Cooper to defend his campaign against malicious election tactics during this years brutal CF National election.

National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell is a strong independent young woman, and with recent form it may not surprise some that targeted baseless attacks have now begun against the successful National Executive member.

Sewell has recently been elected onto her student union executive as Environment & Ethics Officer.