Tory Youth Executive Rocked by Foreign Meeting Scandal.

TORY YOUTH National Chairman Oliver Cooper applauded his work today on Twitter as to how he was "Proud" to be putting Conservative Future (CF) at the heart of the "Global Centre-Right Network", after meeting foreign dignitaries in London this past week.

However, tbg can sensationally reveal that CF National Deputy Chair' Sarah-Jane Sewell was not invited along, in fact, she was totally unaware of the visit.

Sewell said it was a "Shame" Cooper didn't let the "rest of us" know they were in town, or a meeting had been arranged to meet Tory Youth Wing leaders.

Earlier today Sewell told tbg she thought she had a "wonderful working (and non-working) relationship with the National Executive".

Such tweets are very revealing as to the actual extent of the working relationship the CF National Executive has in that it seems business is being conducted individually and not as a unit.