Top Young Tory set to Defect to UKIP.

RUMOURS are rife today as to the identity of a "well-known" young Tory that the UKIP Youth Chairman has revealed will be joining his ranks & skipping to UKIP very soon, in what would be a disaster for the new Tory Youth Wing Chairman Oliver Cooper.

Chairman Rob Comley has been on the offensive recently with an exclusive on theblueguerilla on Monday and talking up YI, the youth wing of UKIP, in Tuesday's Sun newspaper.

Comley has since announced he has a huge Conservative Future (CF) scalp to unveil as a result of his "open invitation" to members of other parties.

Since then the rumour mill has been in overdrive with names like Michael Rock, Paul Seery and even Paul Bristow floating about - Even though all are no longer a part of the CF clan for one reason or another, such is the desperation for contenders to commit such an audacious move.

At the moment, the big money seems to be on the defector being a female who was in a failed bid to become National CF Deputy Chairman just a few months ago, tbg can reveal.

"Maybe UKIP can look forward to posh vodka luges in future" - said one young Tory.

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