Spending Review: 'Its Time to put Britain First'.

Whilst I welcome much of the measures that George Osborne has introduced as Chancellor since 2010 the fact of the matter is that the British people can only take so much.

The Defence Budget has been a somewhat convenient budget for governments to cut under both Labour and the Conservatives since Lady Thatcher won us back the Falklands in 1982.

Indeed, I still believe that the armed forces are one of if not the most important area of government that I can be so truly be proud of yet the proposed further curtailing of the defence budget not only puts more jobs at risk but also shows a lack of commitment from to what I believe should be a proper defence of the realm.

If Britain wants to claw some more money back from the mess the last Labour Government left behind then I suggest they start with Foreign Aid and the E.U.

The Foreign Aid Budget has soared out of control under the coalition and if they concentrated more on helping countries in need rather than those that are wealthy then that would be good.

More can also be done such as deporting all foreign criminals and not letting them back in, preventing money being wasted on picking up the tab for training foreign nationals on how to access our welfare system, and, above all, by taking important steps to getting Britain out of the E.U.

Commissioners in Brussels dictate 75% of our laws, none of which can be repealed by our own Parliament, and the E.U. controls Immigration, Business and Employment, Financial Services, Fishing, Farming, Law and Order, Energy and Trade.

This in itself costs our country and British businesses over £1 Billion every day.

So my message to George Osborne is simply this:

Let Britain control its own Foreign and Tax affairs and stand up to the Eurofiles and their crypto communist regime who continue to depend upon us for their own vested interests.

By leaving the EU we would save over £45 Million a day plus £60 Billion a year lost due to the left wing bureaucracy caused by EU trade barriers, business regulation, waste, fraud, administration costs and the destruction of our fishing industry.

In other words, its time to put Britain First.