Red Ed's Immature and Pathetic EU Policy.

How immature and pathetic of the Leader of the Labour Party, Red Ed Miliband, to "stick two fingers up to the public" over the E.U. (Sunday Express, 30th June 2013).

Here we have a man asking the people to put their trust in him when he clearly has no trust in them.

This was so typical of Labour when they were last in office with their media-spun we know best approach.

Unless I am mistaken, Mr Miliband, like me and million of others, is a man who has never himself ever had a personal say in the matter of this ever domineering project and even those who did were merely asked about what was then supposed to be an "Economic Common Market."

Since then we have seen area after area of government handed over needlessly to Brussels bureaucrats who have little or no idea of the British way of life and this in itself has led to examples of failure such as the near destruction of our once huge fishing industry and the bureaucracy that continues to blight our own economic recovery on a daily basis.

So my message loud and clear to readers today is if Red Ed Miliband has so little trust in you, the electorate, how on earth can you put your trust back in the Labour Party that failed this country so miserably for thirteen long years?