Deafening Silence From Rahman on UKIP Defection.

TBG can sensationally reveal radar silence from the Rahman camp as to whether it is indeed the former Tory Youth Deputy Chairman candidate who is about to skip to UKIP.

Once described as the "Tory Darling" and "Not that political", it'd be the perfect storm for Rahman to raise her profile once more among Right-wing political circles.

Jasmine Rahman is thought to be close to Conservative Future (CF) Chairman Oliver Cooper, who was speculated at the time by tbg sources to be behind Rahman's candidacy in recent national elections to counter the Robinson slate.

Cooper incidentally faced a controversial and unsubstantiated campaign against his election to office earlier in the year citing his close ties with UKIP, and his defection was speculated by influential UKIP members during the CF campaign.

Another close member of this CF faction and possibility is Wales Chairman Christopher Harries who's already faced calls to resign and views on gay marriage & the Tory Front Bench are said to be deemed controversial amongst Tories.

All this speculation is yet to be proven accurate, but CF may be fearing for its future if eventually deemed to be correct. And indeed, someone could just be having UKIP Youth Chairman Rob Comley on a runaround.

It's also unknown if any of the mentioned would be happy to serve under a Comley Chairmanship whilst Cooper is actually at the helm of Conservative Future.

An unlikely defector, young Tory Ned Donovan, has today been forced to reject claims he is joining UKIP over on Milton's Spies.