Nadine Dorries Gives up Personal Expenses and Claims to now Work for Free.

CONTROVERSIAL Tory MP Nadine Dorries has claimed she will effectively be working for free as she has decided to give up her personal expenses and that will gobble up all of her salary, tbg can reveal.

The MP for Mid-Bedfordshire will give up the right to claim back the cost of council tax and utilities on running a second home in Westminster. She has also claimed to no longer reclaim the cost of travelling between her constituency and London to attend Parliament.

"In effect this will take most of my salary, which means I will be representing Mid Bedfordshire for free" - a dubious claim to say the least.

She could always bunk with Peter Bone or actually commute between Mid Bedfordshire and London like everyone else, not that far a journey. From Biggleswade it takes just 43 minutes by train to London Kings Cross.

A 12 month season ticket from Biggleswade, just 4.4 miles (under 10 minute drive in that part of the world) from Tory HQ in Shefford Mid Bedforshire, to London will cost Dorries £4,016 out of her £66,396 annual salary. If she'd like to use her ticket on the underground too for Zones 1-6 for 12 months then her annual ticket cost would increase to £5,208.

So, this is what everyday commuters actually do. tbg will save his pat on the back for when Dorries actually does something extraordinary.

Dorries expenses are currently under investigation.