Lefties Take on Miliband Over Welfare.

Remember Ed Miliband's promise of a tough approach to welfare spending last week?

Well, tbg can confirm that as well as it going down like a lead balloon with voters (as proved by today's opinion polls) its also not gone down too well with his Party either.

Despite leaving a mess including millions owed in social fund loans, benefit fraud, and thousands passed off as sick under Labour but later found fit for work under the Conservatives Miliband last week said that the 2015-16 budget would just be the starting point for a three year cap on social security spending.

However, a Pamphlet by the Centre for Labour and Social Studies which boasts no less than two shadow cabinet members and three other shadow ministers attacks Miliband's change of tactics by claiming that welfare spending "was not out of control."

The pamphlet says "before the recession spending on benefits was in the longest period of stability."

Henry Smith seized on the comments by telling tbg - "It is remarkable that Ed Miliband's closest allies do not believe that welfare spending needs to be controlled."

Its not just Henry Smith and the think tank attacking Ed either.

tbg's very own Geoff Brooking has accused the Labour Leader of being "Milibonkers" on the Letters Page of today's Sunday Express.