EXCLUSIVE: Universal Credit Shambles Ahead for DWP.

DWP Minister Admits he Doesn't Understand Benefits System and hasn't responded to tbg investigation

TBG has carried out an investigation into the Universal Credit after being tipped off about an impending shambles.

Return visit today - Ashton Job Centre
Last week tbg went along to the very Job Centre where it is being trialled in Ashton, Greater Manchester and enquired into how Universal Credit works.

The trial was supposed to have been run by two other Manchester Councils (Oldham and Wigan) but due to teething problems with I.T. it was decided that Tameside (Ashton) would go it alone.

A civil servant sensationally revealed to tbg:

  • They have no idea what the weekly or monthly rate of Universal Credit is.
  • Nobody doing any part time work is allowed to apply for it until at least October (the very people it is aimed at helping).
  • Anyone doing any form of part-time work should continue to claim JSA and remain subject to the current £1 for £1 rule - whereby the Govt take your earnings after just the first £5 is kept by the claimant.
  • Anyone (even the most illiterate people) wanting to try and claim Universal Credit needs to apply online.

Ministers and Civil Servants both insist that the pilot project will be rolled out nationwide from October. Universal Credit will be an all rolled into one benefit, replacing disability benefits, out of work benefits and housing benefit.

The Universal Credit is supposed to be the initiative that will help make work pay but it is already doing the complete opposite. It was Iain Duncan Smith's big idea and the very reason why he begged Cameron not to be moved in the re-shuffle

Given that Iain Duncan Smith continues to claim that the new system will make people who want to work and get on in life, tbg asked DWP Minister Mark Hoban to explain the inconsistencies and respond to tbg's early findings.

This was over a week ago and tbg has not heard any word back from him or his office. He is also not answering any calls.

Unsurprising though, as apparently Department for Work and Pensions Minister Mark Hoban doesn't even know how the benefits system works, he has been quoted as admitting:

"I can’t navigate my way round the benefits system. We have a complex benefits systems [sic]."

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