EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Donor in EDL Support & 'Paki' Tweet.

UKIP member and self-confessed donor is also an outspoken supporter of the fascist organisation the English Defence League (EDL), tbg can sensationally reveal.

In a series of tweets the bookies manager discloses that he "happily" breaches UKIP's rule that any (ex)members of a fascist organisation is banned from joining its ranks. Twitter alias Nationalist UK seems unashamedly linked with the failed British Freedom Party, BNP and the EDL.

This will come as an embarrassment for UKIP bosses who continually refute allegations of racism almost on a daily basis.

The Nationalist UK account also seems to have complete disregard for Britain's police force and is fearless in spreading racist untruths about unresolved incidents which police investigations have later concluded to be self-inflicted accidents.

It would appear UKIP bosses need to take action against such damaging claims and publications by its 'members', either that or 'He Be Trolling, And Hating'...