EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth National Executive Split as Dark Forces Come Into Play.

TBG can reveal that dark forces are allegedly at play & plotting within Conservative Future (CF), intent on isolating the National Chairman Oliver Cooper and its National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell.

Sources reveal some members are unhappy with the National Executive and the lack of harmony within CF since Ben Howlett stood aside before the last youth-wing election.

It has been reported that members are threatening to quit the organisation entirely, but this is probably hot air as tbg can sensationally reveal some members are already positioning themselves and/or their allies to take the chairmanship crown from National Chairman Oliver Cooper, but are also threatened by the presence of Deputy Sarah-Jane Sewell.

A series of sensational cloak and dagger attacks on the second-term CF National Deputy Chairman from within CF and its National Executive have taken place to damage any electoral chances she may have in any future ballot for National Chairman, labelling Sewell Left-Wing - a cardinal sin in CF.

Sewell responded to these claims on Facebook saying - "If there is anyone who believes that women do not deserve equality to men, I would be more than happy to speak to them. And left wing liberal views? HA PLEASE."

tbg understands National Executive & some Regional College members believe National Chairman Cooper to be isolated at the top but are struggling to organise an effective & coherent opposition.