EXCLUSIVE: Tory UNISON Delegate Gagged by Union Bosses at Conference.

TRADE UNION leaders have held an emergency meeting to SILENCE a Full Union Delegate from speaking at its conference about questionable motions that have little to do with trade union issues such as NATO membership and Palestine, tbg can reveal.

The Cheshire and Wirral Community Health Branch held the emergency meeting last Friday (14 June) in order to sensationally impose limits on the delegates' speaking and voting at this weeks National Delegate Conference, which began today.

Following a series of Tweets from the Branch Chair', Tara Hewitt, in which it was shared that she was intending to speak against some of the motions put forward by the UNISON leadership, just two days later the emergency meeting request was received by the Branch Secretary via email. The email failed to include Branch Chair' Hewitt on the recipient list.

Sources have revealed to tbg that a long-term sick Labour Councillor Candidate was encouraged to attend so the quoracy was met, a rule that ensures the minimal number of officers and members of a committee are present to validate any outcome of an 'official' meeting. On this occasion, the usual quoracy number of 7 was reduced to 5, this was the exact number of attendees out of a membership of around 1500 - this is within the union's rules.

One source told tbg that - "UNISON Trade Union Leaders went to so much effort to organise something that doesn't take place at most branches across the UK."

Cheshire and Wirral Community Health Branch Chair' Tara Hewitt is an outspoken Conservative Party Member & Activist, whom recently spoke at UNISON National Health Conference in April announcing her membership to delegates during a speech on conference floor. This shockingly lead to trade union leaders behind her on camera pulling horrendous faces, shocked & embarrassed at her revelation.

The stitch up to gag the Tory UNISON Branch Chair' by union leaders also comes at a time when discourse about potential corrupt lobbying is popular and the role trade unions play in this. A branch member told tbg - "It seems clear that UNISON Leaders are willing to stop at nothing to silence members they disagree with."

Latest figures suggest 20-30% of UNISON members are Conservative Party supporters and a Populus poll had similar numbers for UNITE's membership in 2009 with 33% Conservative supporters within its membership.

A UNISON member spoke out today telling tbg that - "It appears the Unions are out to stifle debate when it does not fit their own agenda."