EXCLUSIVE: DASHTory Turncoat Hyatt Says he Wants to Enlighten Lib Dems.

DASHTORY turned DASHPolitiek Dean Hyatt quit the "Evil" Conservative Party in a blaze of publicity recently and joined the Liberal Democrats and their youth brigade.

On departure Hyatt said - "As a classical liberal, such (Govt) interventions are an inherently evil. I look forward to see David Cameron’s Resignation [sic]."

Today Hyatt exclusively told tbg "It’s been very different" in the Lib Dems and - "Although where I would possible agree with a Tory on the economy, I seem to now have to have longer debates on the economy with my new found colleagues."

"LY (Liberal Youth) members are probable the kindest I have met but possible at a cost, so far I have encountered few I would call an old liberal" - he added.

Hyatt told theblueguerilla he is feeling at home with the Lib Dems but is yet to "fully understand this federacy."

The former Tory boy is going to Conference next week where he wants to get stuck into the general debates on offer and begin the "process of possible change" in the Party.

Hyatt sensationally told tbg - "The party prides itself on democracy and I hope it may give me the chance to enlighten them."

DASHPolitiek Hyatt revealed that some former Tory colleagues are now ignoring him but - "I still talk with many within the Party and would engage anyone who would like debate. I'm counting on a debate to push on in the Party."

You can visit Hyatt's revamped website here - DASHPolitiek.