EXCLUSIVE: Tory Council Could go NOC in Association No Confidence Vote Over Alleged 'Persistent Bullying'.

On Yer Bike? No Confidence motion tabled against Chairman (above) amid claims of bullying.

TBG sources have exclusively revealed that the Crawley Conservative Association are to convene a Special General Meeting in July, in order to hear a motion that the Crawley Association has no confidence in its Chairman Lee Gilroy and the Deputy Chairman political, Councillor Karl Williamson.

One source sensationally revealed to tbg - "Claims from party members have been made about Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson, saying they have engaged in widespread and persistent bullying behaviour, and as yet, nothing appears to have been investigated by the Party."

It is rumoured that some councillors could form an independent group on Crawley council, if Gilroy and Williamson refuse to resign should they lose the No Confidence vote. The Conservatives have 21 Councillors to Labour's 16, meaning that that just 3 Tory councillors going Independent would change the Council to no overall control.

Councillor Williamson, who is an Airline Steward, made the front pages in Crawley last week, by lodging his own complaint to CCHQ of sexual harassment against Council leader Bob Lanzer. This complaint is being investigated, although Councillor Lanzer refutes the claims and is said to strongly have the overwhelming support of the Council's Conservative group.

tbg today approached Council Leader Bob Lanzer for comment on an impending vote of No Confidence to which he replied - "No comment".

The Conservatives took control of the Council in 2006 as a result of a straw poll due to an election tie and built up a majority up-until 2010 that has since frittered away.