EXCLUSIVE: Sewell Slams 'Cowardly' Attacks and Pushes for a Better CF 'Free From Intimidation'.

Sarah-Jane Sewell with Chairman Oliver Cooper (Center) and Deputy Political Rob Manning (right)

NATIONAL Deputy Chairman for Membership at Conservative Future (CF) Sarah-Jane Sewell has exclusively sat down for a Q&A with tbg just hours after the announcement of the new Strategy Team by National CF Chairman Oliver Cooper.


The National Executive has had some unfavourable headlines as of late but Sewell has come out fighting and reveals the top team in CF have a "healthy" relationship "debating different things" and sensationally share pizza post meetings.


Sewell also responds to recent "cowardly" attacks & "whining" criticisms and wants to drive grassroots members toward 2015 and a General Election victory.


What dish did you start your day off with today?

"A nice bowl of American style cinnamon chips (Aldi’s knock off of Curiously cinnamon), I do love cinnamon, it’s a very comforting spice."

What do you make of recent ‘criticisms’ toward yourself as CF National Deputy Chairman?

"No-one has approached me personally with a criticism or concern, so if someone really has a criticism or suggestions, they can email me sarah-jane.sewell@conservativefuture.com - Otherwise it’s just whining from an anonymous blogger who has far too much time on their hands. 

"I’ve only received very positive responses towards myself as CF National Deputy Chairman, including a lovely message from a former National CF Chairman from a number of years ago."

Do you have a good working relationship with the National Executive?

"I have a wonderful working (and non-working) relationship with the National Executive, infact I enjoyed a lovely three course meal at Pizza express with Oliver and Robert following our last national exec meeting. 

"We have a healthy, mature, working relationship, debating different things, as nothing would develop and go forward without proper discussion. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the positions on the national exec and strategy team being announced because we’ve got a fantastic team lined up to take the organisation forward over the next year."

What kind of organisation do you want CF to be?

"I want Conservative Future to maintain its status as the UK’s largest and most successful youth wing of a political party. I want it to be a place where members are free from bullying and intimidation by cowardly online anonymity.

"I want Conservative Future to be a place for open and frank debate about current issues of a wide range, beyond simply just Europe, but also looking at social issues and economic issues.

"I want CF to ignore the mid-term slump, it’s a chink in the chain but we never give up, we will not bow down to the supposed pressures of UKIP and other parties, I do take great heed on what William Hague said; 'Politics can be an endless roller-coaster of ups and downs but it is vital to remember this: the ultimate goal is not to score in the headlines or grasp for another point or two in the polls, but to serve your country the best you can and act in Britain’s long-term interest. This has always been the Conservative Party way - and we are sticking to it'.

"Conservative Future is the Conservative Party, and it will stay that way."

Any social action coming up?

"Yes there will be, just watch this space, it will be a working progress with the new Social Action officer on the Strategy Team."

"We have a new Facebook page"

What’s the next big thing CF will achieve?

"I don’t think anything is bigger than maintaining the union of the United Kingdom, returning more Conservative MEP’s and winning the 2015 general election."