EXCLUSIVE: Robinson is Back in Sparkling Tory Youth Role.

IN A SENSATIONAL TWIST of events, former contender for Tory Youth National Chairman & big hitter, Matt Robinson, has returned to frontline politics as the newly created Conservative Future (CF) International Officer.

Having stepped aside during what must have been the most hotly contested race in recent years, Robinson is back, back for good.

Readers will recall that Matt Robinson, Rob Manning, Sarah-Jane Sewell and Ben Corbridge ran a four-person slate. The latter three won their heats, but this now completes the set, albeit under different circumstances.

Other known Robinson supporters, who have been elected to the junior CF Strategy Team, include right-hand man Luke Springthorpe (Conferences Officer) and Jamie Williams (Social Action Officer).

Richard Holloway, who originally came out for Robinson but switched his support to Holmes, is now training and skills officer.

Jack Matthews remains as NUS officer while there’s promotions for Andrew Scott-Taggart (policy forum), Joe Markham (postgraduates – replacing the controversial Dan Valentine) and Miranda Jupp (universities).

Michael Bull will do a sterling job with his young professionals brief.

However, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for Cooper, as ally Jonny Cope takes up the all-important communications role.

It’s difficult to assess how ‘delighted’ Mr Cooper really is with the news as we haven’t heard from him directly since the election. However tbg has been contacted by deeply concerned CF'ers with news that a representative of CF Women has yet to be decided on.

Cooper had come under intense pressure not to scrap the role but today’s statement will not appease the strong female base.

In a statement Cooper said - "I’m convinced [this group is] capable of putting into effect the programmes that Conservative Future needs to make our organisation bigger and better than ever."

Earlier this week Cooper was apparently widely criticised at a Conservative Policy Forum meeting, held at CCHQ, for his absenteeism.

tbg has heard ponders from CF'ers as to how Holmes’ first one hundred days would have compared with Cooper’s relatively slow start. One young Tory member pointed out today - "He doesn’t even have a profile on the main website! What is he hiding?"

A source familiar with the situation claims Holmes, who polled a very healthy second place, was not approached about a position as this would have undermined Cooper even further.