EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Boss in no 'Free Chicken' CF Swipe as he Holds Talks With Fresh Tory Defectors.

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI, the youth wing of UKIP) Leader Rob Comley has revealed to tbg he is offering an open invitation to meet potential defectors and is inviting anyone wishing to defect to the UKIP Youth Conference and Summer Ball.

"I am officially offering an open invitation to meet up or chat to any possible defectors, from whatever party they may be in currently. We are holding events across the country, arranging a huge YI conference and summer ball, which any defectors will of course be welcome to attend."

Comley sensationally claims to be in talks with Tories and Labour Party members on a daily basis and slams polls designed to keep "Ego's" in tact.

"In the last month or so I have had a huge amount of emails on a daily basis from members of both the Labour Party and the Conservatives, showing that no matter what 'polls' the parties use to keep their ego intact, that YI is in fact on the rise."

UKIP Youth Leader Rob Comley went on to take a spectacular swipe at the current Tory Youth Chairman renowned for his KFC nights commenting - "I can't promise you all free chicken, if I offered every current defector free chicken I would need more than a part time job."

Comley exclusively told tbg - "We (YI) have had an incredible expansion in the last few months. Although we will not have any official membership numbers until a few weeks time, I believe that it could well be as high as 1500; a great increase of at least 200% since myself and the rest of the current superb council took over."

"If anyone is interested in meeting up for a chat then feel free to email me on yi.chairman@ukip.org".

"A sleeping giant has awoken."
- he added.