EXCLUSIVE: Mass Defection Claims as War Breaks Out Between UKIP and Tories.

UKIP Youth Leader Rob Comley (right)

TROUBLE is said to be brewing at King's College London (KCL) Conservative Society with mass defections on the cards according to UKIP, tbg can exclusively disclose.

Talk of "dissatisfaction" with Conservative Future (CF) "trouble makers" which may lead to defections to UKIP is rife at the influential London wing of the Conservative Party, tbg can sensationally reveal.

UKIP member & soon to be KCL student Reece Warren told tbg that YI (the youth wing of UKIP) will now be "intensely analysing plausibility for beginning a branch" at KCL for such Tory members who feel their Party is heading in the wrong direction - "There seems to be a suggestion that if a YI society was created at KCL many CFers would then defect" - he commented.

According to UKIP sources some KCL Tories see YI and UKIP as a "growing facility of libertarian ideals".

Reece Warren exclusively revealed to tbg - "I've been told its because of the growing issues with the 'trouble makers' in CF with regards to the Olly-camp. It seems to me that if a UKIP society was created it'd lead to several defections."

"There also seems to be something regarding the treasurer, he is apparently a 'much bigger lover of the EU than even Blair' - which is putting CF'rs off because they see the Party going in a way opposite to their core ideology - British before European. I'll be attending KCL from September and YI will be
intensely analysing plausibility for beginning a branch" .

"I was also sent this by a KCL member, it said: 'The president didn't even go to Eastleigh is anti-campaigning & anti working for the Tories'.

"So it seems that dissatisfaction is taking over rather extra-ordinarily."

tbg approached UKIP Youth Leader Rob Comley for comment these remarkable claims, he said -

"It just shows that when the dam breaks, the floods start. This week what we have seen has been outrageous; talk of two possible defectors and CF falls apart. We've seen the bullying that Sarah Jane Sewell mentioned and a witch hunt to find these 'devils', as I have seen them described.

"No wonder more defectors are looking to UKIP and YI and this time not just on their own, but in the form of societies and groups!"

These sensational claims from UKIP have been batted back by influential KCL Tory & former KCL Tory President candidate, Cameron Brown, who says YI are just "winding us (CF) up" and refutes any suggestion of mass defections as a falsity.

Cameron Brown told tbg - "YI are winding us up and we're letting them get to us. The hysteria surrounding defections is completely absurd. YI are nowhere to be seen on campus and I'm pleased that's the case. It's just good old-fashioned trolling."

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