EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dem Youth Leaders Impose Shagging Ban.

Lib Dem Youth Leaders Kavya Kaushik and Sam Fisk set to implement safeguard

OUTGOING Co-Chair's of Liberal Youth (LY) Kavya Kaushik and Sam Fisk have sensationally slapped a ban on shagging at next weekends Liberal Youth Conference after years of rampant copulation, tbg can reveal.

Sources have disclosed that Chair' Kav Kaushik will speak at the conference intro' saying there will be no bonking allowed in the members' shared rooms.

One source sensationally revealed - "No one wants to wake up in their dorm to hear two people shagging, as has supposedly happened. Someone apparently once even found a used condom thrown next to their suitcase."

Another source revealed to tbg that in the past - "The atmosphere peer pressured people into pulling and (we) lost our credibility as a campaigning force."

"Some randy Liberal Youth lads use the LY event as the one and only pulling event in their annual calender and that puts people off from going" - they added.

The bold move by LY Leaders Kaushik and Fisk to halt such prevalent fornication has been put in place to safeguard new members from horny LY members with loose hands & belt buckles, as the issue has allegedly been ignored by previous Lib Dem Youth Leaders.

Co-Chair Kavya Kaushik, who will step down with Sam Fisk after the conference, is expected to tell Lib Dem Youth members - "In order to ensure a safe environment we ask people not to pull but, if someone takes your interest you can exchange numbers and meet outside of the event."