Campus Wars: UKIP are 'Un-libertarian and Intolerant' say KCL Tories.

TBG has received an official response to UKIP claims of mass defections being on the horizon at King's College London Conservative Society.

Robert Winterton is the media and external relations officer for KCL Conservatives:

"We've had no reason to believe that there's any discontent within the society. Members enjoy both the political and social aspects and though there is talk of libertarian ideas, it is all within the context of being part of the party. The only talk amongst more libertarian members of the society about UKIP is actually about how un-libertarian it is and how, if you are a libertarian, you are far more comfortable and accepted within the Conservative Party than within a party such as UKIP, which has chucked libertarians out before.

"I have sensed no demand within King's to set up a UKIP society, and I would be hugely surprised if any of our members, who have been perfectly content with the society, would even consider jumping ship, especially to a ship so un-libertarian and intolerant as UKIP."

NUS National Executive Committee member, Academic Rep at Brunel and Tory activist Peter Smallwood has chipped in this afternoon with a swipe at Young Independence, the UKIP youth wing: