Red Ed's Immature and Pathetic EU Policy.

How immature and pathetic of the Leader of the Labour Party, Red Ed Miliband, to "stick two fingers up to the public" over the E.U. (Sunday Express, 30th June 2013).

Here we have a man asking the people to put their trust in him when he clearly has no trust in them.

This was so typical of Labour when they were last in office with their media-spun we know best approach.

Unless I am mistaken, Mr Miliband, like me and million of others, is a man who has never himself ever had a personal say in the matter of this ever domineering project and even those who did were merely asked about what was then supposed to be an "Economic Common Market."

Since then we have seen area after area of government handed over needlessly to Brussels bureaucrats who have little or no idea of the British way of life and this in itself has led to examples of failure such as the near destruction of our once huge fishing industry and the bureaucracy that continues to blight our own economic recovery on a daily basis.

So my message loud and clear to readers today is if Red Ed Miliband has so little trust in you, the electorate, how on earth can you put your trust back in the Labour Party that failed this country so miserably for thirteen long years?

Y8 Summit Success in London Signed off With Posh Nosh at Deluxe Gala Dinner.

Left to Right: Ben Howett, Stephen Canning, Mahyar Tousi, Charlotte Kude

Last night the Youth Diplomatic Sevice, Y8, celebrated the succeses of the Y8 Summit in London with an extravagant Gala Dinner, which brought together the delegates of 2013, alumni from past summits and diplomatic partners amid the splendour of the Old Royal Naval College.

Famously described as 'the finest dining hall in Europe', the posh Painted Hall combines the masterpiece of Sir Christopher Wren with the mastery of Nicholas Hawksmoor and offers a glimpse into Britain's marvelous rich history, whilst perched at the edge of the Thames, opposite the bustle of the glorious modern City of London.

The high-class Gala Dinner offered delegates past and present the chance to network in an unparallelled venue, and to be a part of a truly unprecedented event. Distinguished guests included representatives from the UK Government, the embassies and high commissions of the G8 and G20 nations, academic and civil society leaders.

Free refreshments were on offer all night long and guests were given access to a classy three-course meal of the highest quality, as well as a splendid after diner disco in the sophisticated Queen Mary Undercroft. The menu included wondrous sweet chicken spring rolls and silky creamy mash with posh glazed oxtail, baby vegetables and Woodland mushrooms, with expensive coffee being served after nourishment.

Tory Youth Wing member (CF'er) Charlotte Kude organised and helped with hosting and worked very hard during the whole week of the Y8 conference.

Charlotte Kude told tbg - "As one of the volunteer coordinators for the Youth Diplomatic Service, I helped organise the Y8 summit in London, bringing together international delegations of young diplomats to discuss tax policies and the Syrian crisis. Panels successfully produced a final communiqué that was signed by all countries during the gala dinner."

Other CF'ers in attendance included Ben Howlett, Mahyar Tousi, Shaun Dias, Jasmine Rahman, Charlie Winch and Stephen Canning.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Council Could go NOC in Association No Confidence Vote Over Alleged 'Persistent Bullying'.

On Yer Bike? No Confidence motion tabled against Chairman (above) amid claims of bullying.

TBG sources have exclusively revealed that the Crawley Conservative Association are to convene a Special General Meeting in July, in order to hear a motion that the Crawley Association has no confidence in its Chairman Lee Gilroy and the Deputy Chairman political, Councillor Karl Williamson.

One source sensationally revealed to tbg - "Claims from party members have been made about Lee Gilroy and Karl Williamson, saying they have engaged in widespread and persistent bullying behaviour, and as yet, nothing appears to have been investigated by the Party."

It is rumoured that some councillors could form an independent group on Crawley council, if Gilroy and Williamson refuse to resign should they lose the No Confidence vote. The Conservatives have 21 Councillors to Labour's 16, meaning that that just 3 Tory councillors going Independent would change the Council to no overall control.

Councillor Williamson, who is an Airline Steward, made the front pages in Crawley last week, by lodging his own complaint to CCHQ of sexual harassment against Council leader Bob Lanzer. This complaint is being investigated, although Councillor Lanzer refutes the claims and is said to strongly have the overwhelming support of the Council's Conservative group.

tbg today approached Council Leader Bob Lanzer for comment on an impending vote of No Confidence to which he replied - "No comment".

The Conservatives took control of the Council in 2006 as a result of a straw poll due to an election tie and built up a majority up-until 2010 that has since frittered away.

Council Leader to Contest Claims of Sexually Harassing Male Colleague.

Council Leader Bob Lanzer

The Leader of Crawley Borough Council refutes allegations of sexual harassing a male colleague via text messages and says he will contest the claims.

Tory & Council Leader Bob Lanzer insists he will challenege the allegations that came from 26-year-old Tory Southgate councillor Karl Williamson.

Cllr Williamson said he made the complaint to the Crawley Conservative Association it has now been taken up nationally at Conservative Campaign HQ.

He added: "I can confirm that I have put in a complaint over sexual harassment by text message and verbal conversation.

"I have not spoken with Bob since I made the complaint. He knows I was not happy about it."

UPDATE: The complaint is now part of a police investigation.

[READ] - EXCLUSIVE: Tory Council Could go NOC in Association No Confidence Vote Over 'Persistent Bullying'

Campus Wars: UKIP are 'Un-libertarian and Intolerant' say KCL Tories.

TBG has received an official response to UKIP claims of mass defections being on the horizon at King's College London Conservative Society.

Robert Winterton is the media and external relations officer for KCL Conservatives:

"We've had no reason to believe that there's any discontent within the society. Members enjoy both the political and social aspects and though there is talk of libertarian ideas, it is all within the context of being part of the party. The only talk amongst more libertarian members of the society about UKIP is actually about how un-libertarian it is and how, if you are a libertarian, you are far more comfortable and accepted within the Conservative Party than within a party such as UKIP, which has chucked libertarians out before.

"I have sensed no demand within King's to set up a UKIP society, and I would be hugely surprised if any of our members, who have been perfectly content with the society, would even consider jumping ship, especially to a ship so un-libertarian and intolerant as UKIP."

NUS National Executive Committee member, Academic Rep at Brunel and Tory activist Peter Smallwood has chipped in this afternoon with a swipe at Young Independence, the UKIP youth wing:

EXCLUSIVE: Mass Defection Claims as War Breaks Out Between UKIP and Tories.

UKIP Youth Leader Rob Comley (right)

TROUBLE is said to be brewing at King's College London (KCL) Conservative Society with mass defections on the cards according to UKIP, tbg can exclusively disclose.

Talk of "dissatisfaction" with Conservative Future (CF) "trouble makers" which may lead to defections to UKIP is rife at the influential London wing of the Conservative Party, tbg can sensationally reveal.

UKIP member & soon to be KCL student Reece Warren told tbg that YI (the youth wing of UKIP) will now be "intensely analysing plausibility for beginning a branch" at KCL for such Tory members who feel their Party is heading in the wrong direction - "There seems to be a suggestion that if a YI society was created at KCL many CFers would then defect" - he commented.

According to UKIP sources some KCL Tories see YI and UKIP as a "growing facility of libertarian ideals".

Reece Warren exclusively revealed to tbg - "I've been told its because of the growing issues with the 'trouble makers' in CF with regards to the Olly-camp. It seems to me that if a UKIP society was created it'd lead to several defections."

"There also seems to be something regarding the treasurer, he is apparently a 'much bigger lover of the EU than even Blair' - which is putting CF'rs off because they see the Party going in a way opposite to their core ideology - British before European. I'll be attending KCL from September and YI will be
intensely analysing plausibility for beginning a branch" .

"I was also sent this by a KCL member, it said: 'The president didn't even go to Eastleigh is anti-campaigning & anti working for the Tories'.

"So it seems that dissatisfaction is taking over rather extra-ordinarily."

tbg approached UKIP Youth Leader Rob Comley for comment these remarkable claims, he said -

"It just shows that when the dam breaks, the floods start. This week what we have seen has been outrageous; talk of two possible defectors and CF falls apart. We've seen the bullying that Sarah Jane Sewell mentioned and a witch hunt to find these 'devils', as I have seen them described.

"No wonder more defectors are looking to UKIP and YI and this time not just on their own, but in the form of societies and groups!"

These sensational claims from UKIP have been batted back by influential KCL Tory & former KCL Tory President candidate, Cameron Brown, who says YI are just "winding us (CF) up" and refutes any suggestion of mass defections as a falsity.

Cameron Brown told tbg - "YI are winding us up and we're letting them get to us. The hysteria surrounding defections is completely absurd. YI are nowhere to be seen on campus and I'm pleased that's the case. It's just good old-fashioned trolling."

[READ] - Campus Wars: UKIP are 'Un-libertarian and Intolerant' say KCL Tories

UKIP Youth Wing Announce Conference & Summer Ball.

UKIP YOUTH WING have announced their 2013 Conference and Summer Ball are to be held on the 19th of September.

Guests such as the controversial Godfrey Bloom and tbg's favourite commentator Tory Bear, Harry Cole.

tbg can also sensationally reveal something else is set to occur around the same time as YI Conference & Summer Ball - Take a peek.

You can buy tickets for the YI UKIP Youth Wing Conference and Summer Ball here.

Only One in Five say Boris Would do Better as 40% Back Cameron on Right Decisions.


A bit of bad news for tbg's plotting sensation Boris Johnson this morning.

Only one in five Tory voters polled say that he would do a better job.

71 per cent of all those polled described him as 'likeable', compared to 37 per cent for the Prime Minsiter, David Cameron.

While 40 per cent of the public back David Cameron to make the right decisions even when he's unpopular, compared to 28 per cent for Mr Johnson.

Even though Boris seems to be the most popular politician in Britain at present and even good enough for Nadine Dorries it seems as though he may have a long way to go to high office yet. [READ]

EXCLUSIVE: Universal Credit Shambles Ahead for DWP.

DWP Minister Admits he Doesn't Understand Benefits System and hasn't responded to tbg investigation

TBG has carried out an investigation into the Universal Credit after being tipped off about an impending shambles.

Return visit today - Ashton Job Centre
Last week tbg went along to the very Job Centre where it is being trialled in Ashton, Greater Manchester and enquired into how Universal Credit works.

The trial was supposed to have been run by two other Manchester Councils (Oldham and Wigan) but due to teething problems with I.T. it was decided that Tameside (Ashton) would go it alone.

A civil servant sensationally revealed to tbg:

  • They have no idea what the weekly or monthly rate of Universal Credit is.
  • Nobody doing any part time work is allowed to apply for it until at least October (the very people it is aimed at helping).
  • Anyone doing any form of part-time work should continue to claim JSA and remain subject to the current £1 for £1 rule - whereby the Govt take your earnings after just the first £5 is kept by the claimant.
  • Anyone (even the most illiterate people) wanting to try and claim Universal Credit needs to apply online.

Ministers and Civil Servants both insist that the pilot project will be rolled out nationwide from October. Universal Credit will be an all rolled into one benefit, replacing disability benefits, out of work benefits and housing benefit.

The Universal Credit is supposed to be the initiative that will help make work pay but it is already doing the complete opposite. It was Iain Duncan Smith's big idea and the very reason why he begged Cameron not to be moved in the re-shuffle

Given that Iain Duncan Smith continues to claim that the new system will make people who want to work and get on in life, tbg asked DWP Minister Mark Hoban to explain the inconsistencies and respond to tbg's early findings.

This was over a week ago and tbg has not heard any word back from him or his office. He is also not answering any calls.

Unsurprising though, as apparently Department for Work and Pensions Minister Mark Hoban doesn't even know how the benefits system works, he has been quoted as admitting:

"I can’t navigate my way round the benefits system. We have a complex benefits systems [sic]."

[READ] - New Universal Credit Twist as it Emerges 900,000 Workers will be Worse Off.

Benefit Cheat Tory Councillor Re-admitted to Party.


COUNCILLOR Tony Brice was binned by the Kirklees Conservative group in Huddersfield after admitting benefit fraud but has now been sensationally re-admitted, tbg can reveal.

The Tory Cllr was dumped by the Conservative group in December 2011 after pleading guilty to falsely obtaining £2,977 in housing benefit.

The Tory group apparently said at the time that the expulsion was on a permanent basis.

Just a year and six months later he has been re-admitted to the Kirklees Conservative group after making the request.

A spokesperson for the Conservatve group said - "Clr Tony Brice has been re-admitted into the Conservative Group.

"Clr Brice served his sentence and has publicly apologised for the mistakes he made."

Nadine Dorries Gives up Personal Expenses and Claims to now Work for Free.

CONTROVERSIAL Tory MP Nadine Dorries has claimed she will effectively be working for free as she has decided to give up her personal expenses and that will gobble up all of her salary, tbg can reveal.

The MP for Mid-Bedfordshire will give up the right to claim back the cost of council tax and utilities on running a second home in Westminster. She has also claimed to no longer reclaim the cost of travelling between her constituency and London to attend Parliament.

"In effect this will take most of my salary, which means I will be representing Mid Bedfordshire for free" - a dubious claim to say the least.

She could always bunk with Peter Bone or actually commute between Mid Bedfordshire and London like everyone else, not that far a journey. From Biggleswade it takes just 43 minutes by train to London Kings Cross.

A 12 month season ticket from Biggleswade, just 4.4 miles (under 10 minute drive in that part of the world) from Tory HQ in Shefford Mid Bedforshire, to London will cost Dorries £4,016 out of her £66,396 annual salary. If she'd like to use her ticket on the underground too for Zones 1-6 for 12 months then her annual ticket cost would increase to £5,208.

So, this is what everyday commuters actually do. tbg will save his pat on the back for when Dorries actually does something extraordinary.

Dorries expenses are currently under investigation.

EXCLUSIVE: Two Young Female Tories Reject UKIP Defection Rumours.

TBG can exclusively reveal that much speculated female members have rejected any suggestion that they're about to jump ship to Rob Comleys "Rising" YI, the youth wing of UKIP.

When asked if she was about to skip to UKIP London Tory Social Action Secretary Danielle Fleet told tbg - "The answer is no, I'm a Conservative to the core."

Popular Jennifer Salisbury Jones said - "Don't be ridiculous, of course I'm not defecting", and sensationally added - "Get jobs, the lot of you."

A Tory source close to UKIP earlier spoke to theblueguerilla about the young Tories that are in talks with YI Chairman Rob Comley and disclosed to tbg that - "It's someone earth shattering".

UKIP Confirm They're in Talks With Two Tory Defectors as London CF Chairman Denies Rumours.

CONFIRMATION that UKIP Youth Chairman Rob Comley is indeed in official talks with two members of the Tory Youth Wing over defecting to UKIP came this evening after much speculation on probable contenders for the skip to UKIP, tbg can reveal.

Comley seemed to backtrack slightly telling tbg - "I've never confirmed its happening, only suggested I was meeting with two possibilities" but then added some weight by confirming he in talks with at least two Tories.

"Just would like to make it clear that I've not confirmed a defection, but in the process of talking to two CF (Conservative Future) members".

The Tory Youth Wing has been buzzing almost with delicious excitement today discussing the identity of the now confirmed two probable defectors. Earlier in the day it was suggested there might be three Tory activists on their way to UKIP and almost every name in any kind of position in CF has been floated.

Someone must have guessed right along the way.

tbg asked the much speculated London Tory Youth Chairman Nabil Najjar if he was off to UKIP to which he responded - "Afraid not, keep guessing" - tbg is sure CF members will do just that.

Deafening Silence From Rahman on UKIP Defection.

TBG can sensationally reveal radar silence from the Rahman camp as to whether it is indeed the former Tory Youth Deputy Chairman candidate who is about to skip to UKIP.

Once described as the "Tory Darling" and "Not that political", it'd be the perfect storm for Rahman to raise her profile once more among Right-wing political circles.

Jasmine Rahman is thought to be close to Conservative Future (CF) Chairman Oliver Cooper, who was speculated at the time by tbg sources to be behind Rahman's candidacy in recent national elections to counter the Robinson slate.

Cooper incidentally faced a controversial and unsubstantiated campaign against his election to office earlier in the year citing his close ties with UKIP, and his defection was speculated by influential UKIP members during the CF campaign.

Another close member of this CF faction and possibility is Wales Chairman Christopher Harries who's already faced calls to resign and views on gay marriage & the Tory Front Bench are said to be deemed controversial amongst Tories.

All this speculation is yet to be proven accurate, but CF may be fearing for its future if eventually deemed to be correct. And indeed, someone could just be having UKIP Youth Chairman Rob Comley on a runaround.

It's also unknown if any of the mentioned would be happy to serve under a Comley Chairmanship whilst Cooper is actually at the helm of Conservative Future.

An unlikely defector, young Tory Ned Donovan, has today been forced to reject claims he is joining UKIP over on Milton's Spies.

George Osborne Announces £11.6bn Savings Whilst NHS and Education Budgets Increase.

Chancellor says his economic plan has gone from rescue to recovery

Boris and Dave not Amused at Stories of a Possible Plot here on TBG.


Boris and Dave relations have started to improve as we can sensationally reveal rumour has it from our No.10 sources that both Boris Johnson and David Cameron are not amused at stories of a possible plot here on tbg.

So much so that at last weekend's Conservative Summer Ball tbg hears that our Boris was the first man to his feet to lead Dave's standing ovation.

Then we noticed the reasoning behind it all. Both Dave and Boris now share the same services of the one and only Lynton Crosby.

Maybe Lynton's first task was to at least keep them on the same page as each other?

Little surprise then that the issue of Syria was strictly not on the agenda this time.

Spending Review: 'Its Time to put Britain First'.

Whilst I welcome much of the measures that George Osborne has introduced as Chancellor since 2010 the fact of the matter is that the British people can only take so much.

The Defence Budget has been a somewhat convenient budget for governments to cut under both Labour and the Conservatives since Lady Thatcher won us back the Falklands in 1982.

Indeed, I still believe that the armed forces are one of if not the most important area of government that I can be so truly be proud of yet the proposed further curtailing of the defence budget not only puts more jobs at risk but also shows a lack of commitment from to what I believe should be a proper defence of the realm.

If Britain wants to claw some more money back from the mess the last Labour Government left behind then I suggest they start with Foreign Aid and the E.U.

The Foreign Aid Budget has soared out of control under the coalition and if they concentrated more on helping countries in need rather than those that are wealthy then that would be good.

More can also be done such as deporting all foreign criminals and not letting them back in, preventing money being wasted on picking up the tab for training foreign nationals on how to access our welfare system, and, above all, by taking important steps to getting Britain out of the E.U.

Commissioners in Brussels dictate 75% of our laws, none of which can be repealed by our own Parliament, and the E.U. controls Immigration, Business and Employment, Financial Services, Fishing, Farming, Law and Order, Energy and Trade.

This in itself costs our country and British businesses over £1 Billion every day.

So my message to George Osborne is simply this:

Let Britain control its own Foreign and Tax affairs and stand up to the Eurofiles and their crypto communist regime who continue to depend upon us for their own vested interests.

By leaving the EU we would save over £45 Million a day plus £60 Billion a year lost due to the left wing bureaucracy caused by EU trade barriers, business regulation, waste, fraud, administration costs and the destruction of our fishing industry.

In other words, its time to put Britain First.

Top Young Tory set to Defect to UKIP.

RUMOURS are rife today as to the identity of a "well-known" young Tory that the UKIP Youth Chairman has revealed will be joining his ranks & skipping to UKIP very soon, in what would be a disaster for the new Tory Youth Wing Chairman Oliver Cooper.

Chairman Rob Comley has been on the offensive recently with an exclusive on theblueguerilla on Monday and talking up YI, the youth wing of UKIP, in Tuesday's Sun newspaper.

Comley has since announced he has a huge Conservative Future (CF) scalp to unveil as a result of his "open invitation" to members of other parties.

Since then the rumour mill has been in overdrive with names like Michael Rock, Paul Seery and even Paul Bristow floating about - Even though all are no longer a part of the CF clan for one reason or another, such is the desperation for contenders to commit such an audacious move.

At the moment, the big money seems to be on the defector being a female who was in a failed bid to become National CF Deputy Chairman just a few months ago, tbg can reveal.

"Maybe UKIP can look forward to posh vodka luges in future" - said one young Tory.

[READ] - Rahman Silence is Deafening on UKIP Defection

Labour's 'No Money' Letter to Incoming Treasury Chief.

Here is a first peek at the famous 2010 government handover note with the words "I'm afraid there is no money".

It was left for the new Treasury Chief Secretary MP David Laws at the start of the new Coalition Government by the former Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne. It will be shown for the first time on ITV News West Country tonight.

H/T ITV News

EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dem Youth Leaders Impose Shagging Ban.

Lib Dem Youth Leaders Kavya Kaushik and Sam Fisk set to implement safeguard

OUTGOING Co-Chair's of Liberal Youth (LY) Kavya Kaushik and Sam Fisk have sensationally slapped a ban on shagging at next weekends Liberal Youth Conference after years of rampant copulation, tbg can reveal.

Sources have disclosed that Chair' Kav Kaushik will speak at the conference intro' saying there will be no bonking allowed in the members' shared rooms.

One source sensationally revealed - "No one wants to wake up in their dorm to hear two people shagging, as has supposedly happened. Someone apparently once even found a used condom thrown next to their suitcase."

Another source revealed to tbg that in the past - "The atmosphere peer pressured people into pulling and (we) lost our credibility as a campaigning force."

"Some randy Liberal Youth lads use the LY event as the one and only pulling event in their annual calender and that puts people off from going" - they added.

The bold move by LY Leaders Kaushik and Fisk to halt such prevalent fornication has been put in place to safeguard new members from horny LY members with loose hands & belt buckles, as the issue has allegedly been ignored by previous Lib Dem Youth Leaders.

Co-Chair Kavya Kaushik, who will step down with Sam Fisk after the conference, is expected to tell Lib Dem Youth members - "In order to ensure a safe environment we ask people not to pull but, if someone takes your interest you can exchange numbers and meet outside of the event."

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Boss in no 'Free Chicken' CF Swipe as he Holds Talks With Fresh Tory Defectors.

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI, the youth wing of UKIP) Leader Rob Comley has revealed to tbg he is offering an open invitation to meet potential defectors and is inviting anyone wishing to defect to the UKIP Youth Conference and Summer Ball.

"I am officially offering an open invitation to meet up or chat to any possible defectors, from whatever party they may be in currently. We are holding events across the country, arranging a huge YI conference and summer ball, which any defectors will of course be welcome to attend."

Comley sensationally claims to be in talks with Tories and Labour Party members on a daily basis and slams polls designed to keep "Ego's" in tact.

"In the last month or so I have had a huge amount of emails on a daily basis from members of both the Labour Party and the Conservatives, showing that no matter what 'polls' the parties use to keep their ego intact, that YI is in fact on the rise."

UKIP Youth Leader Rob Comley went on to take a spectacular swipe at the current Tory Youth Chairman renowned for his KFC nights commenting - "I can't promise you all free chicken, if I offered every current defector free chicken I would need more than a part time job."

Comley exclusively told tbg - "We (YI) have had an incredible expansion in the last few months. Although we will not have any official membership numbers until a few weeks time, I believe that it could well be as high as 1500; a great increase of at least 200% since myself and the rest of the current superb council took over."

"If anyone is interested in meeting up for a chat then feel free to email me on".

"A sleeping giant has awoken."
- he added.

Now Nadine Backs Boris.

Is Nadine Dorries saying in public what most Tory activists are thinking in private?

That's the question on my lips today.

In an interview with Iain Dale's Total Politics the maverick Tory and Ukip sympathiser says that anyone who thinks David Cameron will win the next election is an "idiot" and that her own fellow MPs would "have to be idiots" not to parachute Boris Johnson in as Party leader.

TBG recently exposed a possible plot to parachute Mr Johnson into the fairly safe Parliamentary seat of Louth and Horncastle currently held by the Father of The House Sir Peter Tapsell.

By the way, Nadine says of Boris:

"He's won two major elections and nobody else in the party matches that."

"He'd take the party back to the highlands again pretty easy!"

Tory Youth Executive Rocked by Foreign Meeting Scandal.

TORY YOUTH National Chairman Oliver Cooper applauded his work today on Twitter as to how he was "Proud" to be putting Conservative Future (CF) at the heart of the "Global Centre-Right Network", after meeting foreign dignitaries in London this past week.

However, tbg can sensationally reveal that CF National Deputy Chair' Sarah-Jane Sewell was not invited along, in fact, she was totally unaware of the visit.

Sewell said it was a "Shame" Cooper didn't let the "rest of us" know they were in town, or a meeting had been arranged to meet Tory Youth Wing leaders.

Earlier today Sewell told tbg she thought she had a "wonderful working (and non-working) relationship with the National Executive".

Such tweets are very revealing as to the actual extent of the working relationship the CF National Executive has in that it seems business is being conducted individually and not as a unit.

EXCLUSIVE: Sewell Slams 'Cowardly' Attacks and Pushes for a Better CF 'Free From Intimidation'.

Sarah-Jane Sewell with Chairman Oliver Cooper (Center) and Deputy Political Rob Manning (right)

NATIONAL Deputy Chairman for Membership at Conservative Future (CF) Sarah-Jane Sewell has exclusively sat down for a Q&A with tbg just hours after the announcement of the new Strategy Team by National CF Chairman Oliver Cooper.


The National Executive has had some unfavourable headlines as of late but Sewell has come out fighting and reveals the top team in CF have a "healthy" relationship "debating different things" and sensationally share pizza post meetings.


Sewell also responds to recent "cowardly" attacks & "whining" criticisms and wants to drive grassroots members toward 2015 and a General Election victory.


What dish did you start your day off with today?

"A nice bowl of American style cinnamon chips (Aldi’s knock off of Curiously cinnamon), I do love cinnamon, it’s a very comforting spice."

What do you make of recent ‘criticisms’ toward yourself as CF National Deputy Chairman?

"No-one has approached me personally with a criticism or concern, so if someone really has a criticism or suggestions, they can email me - Otherwise it’s just whining from an anonymous blogger who has far too much time on their hands. 

"I’ve only received very positive responses towards myself as CF National Deputy Chairman, including a lovely message from a former National CF Chairman from a number of years ago."

Do you have a good working relationship with the National Executive?

"I have a wonderful working (and non-working) relationship with the National Executive, infact I enjoyed a lovely three course meal at Pizza express with Oliver and Robert following our last national exec meeting. 

"We have a healthy, mature, working relationship, debating different things, as nothing would develop and go forward without proper discussion. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the positions on the national exec and strategy team being announced because we’ve got a fantastic team lined up to take the organisation forward over the next year."

What kind of organisation do you want CF to be?

"I want Conservative Future to maintain its status as the UK’s largest and most successful youth wing of a political party. I want it to be a place where members are free from bullying and intimidation by cowardly online anonymity.

"I want Conservative Future to be a place for open and frank debate about current issues of a wide range, beyond simply just Europe, but also looking at social issues and economic issues.

"I want CF to ignore the mid-term slump, it’s a chink in the chain but we never give up, we will not bow down to the supposed pressures of UKIP and other parties, I do take great heed on what William Hague said; 'Politics can be an endless roller-coaster of ups and downs but it is vital to remember this: the ultimate goal is not to score in the headlines or grasp for another point or two in the polls, but to serve your country the best you can and act in Britain’s long-term interest. This has always been the Conservative Party way - and we are sticking to it'.

"Conservative Future is the Conservative Party, and it will stay that way."

Any social action coming up?

"Yes there will be, just watch this space, it will be a working progress with the new Social Action officer on the Strategy Team."

"We have a new Facebook page"

What’s the next big thing CF will achieve?

"I don’t think anything is bigger than maintaining the union of the United Kingdom, returning more Conservative MEP’s and winning the 2015 general election."

EXCLUSIVE: Tories in Posh Party on a Boat in Thames.

Birthday Boy Yazdan Chowdhury

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE have sensationally partied on a boat tonight on the Thames outside Parliament in what has been described as the most spectacular "Party of the year thus far".

Ellie Vesey-Thompson
The event was a birthday party for CF London legend and party guy Yazdan Chowdhury. One CF'er commented to tbg there was - "100 boys & 100 girls on a boat, and the birthday boy appears to be in demand".

Good lad.

The exclusive hot night spot also included guests from the UK's leading think tank Parliament Street.

EXCLUSIVE: Robinson is Back in Sparkling Tory Youth Role.

IN A SENSATIONAL TWIST of events, former contender for Tory Youth National Chairman & big hitter, Matt Robinson, has returned to frontline politics as the newly created Conservative Future (CF) International Officer.

Having stepped aside during what must have been the most hotly contested race in recent years, Robinson is back, back for good.

Readers will recall that Matt Robinson, Rob Manning, Sarah-Jane Sewell and Ben Corbridge ran a four-person slate. The latter three won their heats, but this now completes the set, albeit under different circumstances.

Other known Robinson supporters, who have been elected to the junior CF Strategy Team, include right-hand man Luke Springthorpe (Conferences Officer) and Jamie Williams (Social Action Officer).

Richard Holloway, who originally came out for Robinson but switched his support to Holmes, is now training and skills officer.

Jack Matthews remains as NUS officer while there’s promotions for Andrew Scott-Taggart (policy forum), Joe Markham (postgraduates – replacing the controversial Dan Valentine) and Miranda Jupp (universities).

Michael Bull will do a sterling job with his young professionals brief.

However, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for Cooper, as ally Jonny Cope takes up the all-important communications role.

It’s difficult to assess how ‘delighted’ Mr Cooper really is with the news as we haven’t heard from him directly since the election. However tbg has been contacted by deeply concerned CF'ers with news that a representative of CF Women has yet to be decided on.

Cooper had come under intense pressure not to scrap the role but today’s statement will not appease the strong female base.

In a statement Cooper said - "I’m convinced [this group is] capable of putting into effect the programmes that Conservative Future needs to make our organisation bigger and better than ever."

Earlier this week Cooper was apparently widely criticised at a Conservative Policy Forum meeting, held at CCHQ, for his absenteeism.

tbg has heard ponders from CF'ers as to how Holmes’ first one hundred days would have compared with Cooper’s relatively slow start. One young Tory member pointed out today - "He doesn’t even have a profile on the main website! What is he hiding?"

A source familiar with the situation claims Holmes, who polled a very healthy second place, was not approached about a position as this would have undermined Cooper even further.

Farage Faces Hypocrite Claims Over His Tax Haven Account.

UKIP Leader and MEP Nigel Farage has admitted making a mistake when he set up a trust fund in the Isle of Man to avoid tax.

Channel 4 News told tbg - "He claims he has not gained from it and it has been wound up, but it was clearly set up with tax avoidance in mind."

Mr Farage sensationally commented that "times have changed" as to what is acceptable now.

Farage has been on the attack over rich people avoiding tax and is now facing claims of hypocrisy.

Yes, Miliband’s Failure to Back EU Referendum is Shocking.

I fully agree with the assertion that "Ed Miliband's failure to back a referendum" on the EU is "shocking".

As a tax paying and law abiding citizen in his forties their are people like me up and down the land who have never had a say on this particular issue in their lives.

Indeed, the only good thing any Prime Minister in my lifetime has done on the issue was when Lady Thatcher won us the rebate.

Since then, John Major rejected us and both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown sold us down the river.

So yes I agree that it is a step in the right direction that moves are in place to make this referendum happen but I still have my doubts.

For if, by abstaining on the Private Members Bill in the House of Commons, Red Ed is saying I have no objection if you want to get on with it then why won't David Cameron request a change in the wording of the motion once more so as we can have the referendum on the same day as the European Parliamen Elections in May 2014?

It couldn't have something to do with the same Nick Clegg, who promised a Referendum himself in 2008, this time threatening to throw his toys out of the pram and walk out of the coalition in protest if such a move were to transpire?

If it is, then I and most of the country would urge David Cameron to call his bluff and bring it on!

EXCLUSIVE: DASHTory Turncoat Hyatt Says he Wants to Enlighten Lib Dems.

DASHTORY turned DASHPolitiek Dean Hyatt quit the "Evil" Conservative Party in a blaze of publicity recently and joined the Liberal Democrats and their youth brigade.

On departure Hyatt said - "As a classical liberal, such (Govt) interventions are an inherently evil. I look forward to see David Cameron’s Resignation [sic]."

Today Hyatt exclusively told tbg "It’s been very different" in the Lib Dems and - "Although where I would possible agree with a Tory on the economy, I seem to now have to have longer debates on the economy with my new found colleagues."

"LY (Liberal Youth) members are probable the kindest I have met but possible at a cost, so far I have encountered few I would call an old liberal" - he added.

Hyatt told theblueguerilla he is feeling at home with the Lib Dems but is yet to "fully understand this federacy."

The former Tory boy is going to Conference next week where he wants to get stuck into the general debates on offer and begin the "process of possible change" in the Party.

Hyatt sensationally told tbg - "The party prides itself on democracy and I hope it may give me the chance to enlighten them."

DASHPolitiek Hyatt revealed that some former Tory colleagues are now ignoring him but - "I still talk with many within the Party and would engage anyone who would like debate. I'm counting on a debate to push on in the Party."

You can visit Hyatt's revamped website here - DASHPolitiek.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Donor in EDL Support & 'Paki' Tweet.

UKIP member and self-confessed donor is also an outspoken supporter of the fascist organisation the English Defence League (EDL), tbg can sensationally reveal.

In a series of tweets the bookies manager discloses that he "happily" breaches UKIP's rule that any (ex)members of a fascist organisation is banned from joining its ranks. Twitter alias Nationalist UK seems unashamedly linked with the failed British Freedom Party, BNP and the EDL.

This will come as an embarrassment for UKIP bosses who continually refute allegations of racism almost on a daily basis.

The Nationalist UK account also seems to have complete disregard for Britain's police force and is fearless in spreading racist untruths about unresolved incidents which police investigations have later concluded to be self-inflicted accidents.

It would appear UKIP bosses need to take action against such damaging claims and publications by its 'members', either that or 'He Be Trolling, And Hating'...

Former PM Tony Blair Calls for Action on Syria.

Despite opposition inside the House of Commons led by Sir Peter Tapsell and outside the House of Commons led by Boris Johnson, David Cameron has today been put under pressure by Tony Blair to go to war in Syria.

In a statement issued this morning former P.M. Blair says

"The predominant emotion in the West today is to stay out of Syria and to stay out of the region's politics."

"But, as every day that passes shows, the cost of staying out may be paid in a higher price later."

"The best short-term politics will often pull in the opposite direction from the best long-term policy."

LEAKED VIDEO: NHS Chief Exec as Superman Coach.

It was meant as a Workout At Work Day funny and just for NHS staff eyes only, but some staff were not happy with their recent freebie DVD in Hull and were reportedly insulted.

A Hull & East Yorkshire NHS Trust spokesperson told tbg - "We believe Mr Morley was well intentioned in using humour to convey an important message – encouraging staff in his hospital to take care of themselves and to try to find time for physical activity during their pressured working day."

SNP's Trotskyite Nonsense is an Extreme Danger.

The disgusting behaviour that Ukip Leader Nigel Farage has had to put up with on his two visits to Scotland are nothing short of disgusting.

If any elected politician or minister had to put up with such a disgrace they would have been arrested under the public order act almost immediately.

Yet somehow, because its Farage's Ukip they get different treatment.

And the attitude of the S.N.P. yet again saying that Ukip should not be allowed a voice in Scotland's affairs is absolutely breathtaking.

This is the sort of Trotskyite nonsense you would expect from Russian Communists and simply highlights what an extreme danger to civil liberties and humankind the S.N.P. are and what a disaster an Independent Scotland would be.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth National Executive Split as Dark Forces Come Into Play.

TBG can reveal that dark forces are allegedly at play & plotting within Conservative Future (CF), intent on isolating the National Chairman Oliver Cooper and its National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell.

Sources reveal some members are unhappy with the National Executive and the lack of harmony within CF since Ben Howlett stood aside before the last youth-wing election.

It has been reported that members are threatening to quit the organisation entirely, but this is probably hot air as tbg can sensationally reveal some members are already positioning themselves and/or their allies to take the chairmanship crown from National Chairman Oliver Cooper, but are also threatened by the presence of Deputy Sarah-Jane Sewell.

A series of sensational cloak and dagger attacks on the second-term CF National Deputy Chairman from within CF and its National Executive have taken place to damage any electoral chances she may have in any future ballot for National Chairman, labelling Sewell Left-Wing - a cardinal sin in CF.

Sewell responded to these claims on Facebook saying - "If there is anyone who believes that women do not deserve equality to men, I would be more than happy to speak to them. And left wing liberal views? HA PLEASE."

tbg understands National Executive & some Regional College members believe National Chairman Cooper to be isolated at the top but are struggling to organise an effective & coherent opposition.

Farage on Tour With Claims Scotland has a 'Problem With Democracy'.

Farage red faced in Edinburgh

NIGEL FARAGE has had another shambolic visit to Scotland, met with protest and an outspoken public in the one place UKIP seemingly do not like to be criticised, in public.

Farage claimed "there is something unpleasant" going on in Scotland with regards to the opposition he has encountered, tbg can disclose.

Farage was set to have tea with Aberdeen Council deputy leader Marie Boulton at the Town House Hotel but it was cancelled at the last minute. UKIP said they had to dump the meeting due to threats of "violent protests", a claim the hotel and police refute.

UKIP president in Scotland Lord Christopher Monckton really put the boot in to the Scots sensationally claiming there "is a problem with democracy in Scotland."

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage is also being reported as saying - "I think frankly the police are a little bit nervous, because some of the things that happened in Edinburgh were really quite nasty."

It might be safe to say UKIP and Farage may now be finished north of the border, before they've even begun.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory UNISON Delegate Gagged by Union Bosses at Conference.

TRADE UNION leaders have held an emergency meeting to SILENCE a Full Union Delegate from speaking at its conference about questionable motions that have little to do with trade union issues such as NATO membership and Palestine, tbg can reveal.

The Cheshire and Wirral Community Health Branch held the emergency meeting last Friday (14 June) in order to sensationally impose limits on the delegates' speaking and voting at this weeks National Delegate Conference, which began today.

Following a series of Tweets from the Branch Chair', Tara Hewitt, in which it was shared that she was intending to speak against some of the motions put forward by the UNISON leadership, just two days later the emergency meeting request was received by the Branch Secretary via email. The email failed to include Branch Chair' Hewitt on the recipient list.

Sources have revealed to tbg that a long-term sick Labour Councillor Candidate was encouraged to attend so the quoracy was met, a rule that ensures the minimal number of officers and members of a committee are present to validate any outcome of an 'official' meeting. On this occasion, the usual quoracy number of 7 was reduced to 5, this was the exact number of attendees out of a membership of around 1500 - this is within the union's rules.

One source told tbg that - "UNISON Trade Union Leaders went to so much effort to organise something that doesn't take place at most branches across the UK."

Cheshire and Wirral Community Health Branch Chair' Tara Hewitt is an outspoken Conservative Party Member & Activist, whom recently spoke at UNISON National Health Conference in April announcing her membership to delegates during a speech on conference floor. This shockingly lead to trade union leaders behind her on camera pulling horrendous faces, shocked & embarrassed at her revelation.

The stitch up to gag the Tory UNISON Branch Chair' by union leaders also comes at a time when discourse about potential corrupt lobbying is popular and the role trade unions play in this. A branch member told tbg - "It seems clear that UNISON Leaders are willing to stop at nothing to silence members they disagree with."

Latest figures suggest 20-30% of UNISON members are Conservative Party supporters and a Populus poll had similar numbers for UNITE's membership in 2009 with 33% Conservative supporters within its membership.

A UNISON member spoke out today telling tbg that - "It appears the Unions are out to stifle debate when it does not fit their own agenda."

Boris Plot Deepens as he Aligns With Louth MP Against Arming Syrian Rebels.

TBG ran a story few weeks ago speculating that Boris Johnson is being linked with the Lincolnshire seat of Louth and Horncastle where the MP is said to be ready to stand aside to allow Boris to run in a safe Tory seat.

Earlier today Boris became the first leading public figure to voice opposition to arming Syrian rebels.

Yet only recently in a confrontation with David Cameron the honourable member for Louth and Horncastle Sir Peter Tapsell became the first Conservative MP to oppose the move.


TBG can report another new twist in the Boris Plot.

Despite ruling himself out of the job of Prime Minister recently tbg can confirm that at a Charity Fund Raiser for Jewish Care at the Grosvenor Hotel in London recently Boris told his audience of 1,200 that he would "like to be like" Francois Hollande who used to be Mayor of Tulle and is now French President.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries tells tbg "We would be idiots not to have Boris."

Calls to Investigate Labour Council After 'Secret' Account Found Stuffed With Taxpayer Money.

Labour Cllr Angie Wilcox

SOURCES have revealed to tbg that the Labour Party in the North East has gone into damage limitation mode as a series of sensational scandals have rocked the constituency Party in Hartlepool.

tbg can reveal that a taxpayer funded charity ran by a Labour Councillor in Hartlepool has been found guilty of failing to pay a cleaner the national minimum wage. Since then the charity has been closely scrutinised and has come under fire over the questionable fashion in which it allegedly receives money from Hartlepool Borough Council.

An audit carried out by Hartlepool Council has led to deep concerns about the charity which receives large sums of public money. An investigation has also raised questions as to how and why elected members of the Labour controlled council apparently gave the organisation a contract worth an estimated £1m without allowing any other bidders to apply.

The charity Manor Residents Association is managed by Labour Cllr Angie Wilcox and has a number of other senior Labour councillors on the board of Trustees. Cllr Wilcox has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and allegations of theft.

Sources reveal the Charity Commission is now investigating the Manor Residents Association over concerns about the "wider running" of the charity.

tbg can reveal that links between Labour Councillors on Hartlepool Borough Council and the voluntary sector are already subject to an ongoing independent public inquiry spear-headed by a leading anti-fraud lawyer. The findings are said to be "opening up deep cracks" within Labour which, until recently, stood solidly together to refute any claims of wrong doing.

Two more Manor Residents' employees are now apparently taking the crafty charity to court.

A supposedly "secret" bank account with £40,000 of taxpayers money in it has been uncovered, there are now calls for Eric Pickles and the Department of Communities & Local Government to step in and launch a full investigation into the seemingly dodgy & admittedly at risk Labour controlled Borough.

An e-petition has been launched which calls for an investigation into financial practices within Hartlepool Borough Council, and is quickly gathering support.

Speaking about the council shambles and the new petition, former North East Conservative Future (CF) Regional Chairman Shane Moore exclusively told tbg - "The people of Hartlepool are absolutely fed up of incompetent Labour Councillors setting up dodgy charities or CiCs and awarding each other huge sums of our money to frit away on pie in the sky projects whilst vital services and reputable charities are having their funding cut.

"I fully support the new petition and I hope that with the help of TBG, CF and the Party as a whole, whether you live in Hartlepool or not, we can get enough names to really make someone in government take notice and expose Labour for the money grabbing hypocrites they really are."

Sign & share the petition.

Labour Axes Domestic Violence Campaigner Karen Jewitt.

LEADING London Labour Figure Karen Jewitt has been DESELECTED despite decades of service to the Labour Party, tbg can reveal. The announcement has left local Labour supporters and members of the Conservative group in shock, as Ms Jewitt was highly regarded on both sides of the Croydon Council Chamber.

A vocal campaigner on domestic violence, Ms Jewitt once said - "The threat or reality of sexual and domestic violence impacts on the lives of many women. A third of all women experience domestic violence at some point in their lives, and around 25 London women are killed by their current or former partner each year.

"Violence against women - especially domestic violence - has been identified as a key issue in all London boroughs in the crime audits and community safety plans drawn up under the Crime and Disorder Act."

The sensational revelations come as life-long Tory, turned independent, and currently Labour Party supporter Andrew Pelling was awarded a winnable seat in Croydon by the local Labour leader Tony Newman. Mr Pelling was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his pregnant wife, but was not charged.

tbg sources have revealed that locals say there is now a 'Pelling Revolution' happening inside the Labour Group in the London Borough of Croydon.

Lefties Take on Miliband Over Welfare.

Remember Ed Miliband's promise of a tough approach to welfare spending last week?

Well, tbg can confirm that as well as it going down like a lead balloon with voters (as proved by today's opinion polls) its also not gone down too well with his Party either.

Despite leaving a mess including millions owed in social fund loans, benefit fraud, and thousands passed off as sick under Labour but later found fit for work under the Conservatives Miliband last week said that the 2015-16 budget would just be the starting point for a three year cap on social security spending.

However, a Pamphlet by the Centre for Labour and Social Studies which boasts no less than two shadow cabinet members and three other shadow ministers attacks Miliband's change of tactics by claiming that welfare spending "was not out of control."

The pamphlet says "before the recession spending on benefits was in the longest period of stability."

Henry Smith seized on the comments by telling tbg - "It is remarkable that Ed Miliband's closest allies do not believe that welfare spending needs to be controlled."

Its not just Henry Smith and the think tank attacking Ed either.

tbg's very own Geoff Brooking has accused the Labour Leader of being "Milibonkers" on the Letters Page of today's Sunday Express.

Have the Centre for Labour and Social Studies got any Credibility?

Less than a week after Red Ed Miliband announced his tough new approach to benefits spending, a left wing think tank that includes five shadow ministers attacks it.

This in itself simply exposes how completely unprofessional Red Ed really is and how completely unfit his party are in terms of a possible return to government.

Have the Centre for Labour and Social Studies got any credibility?

The whole electorate are not daft!

They know full well the mess Labour left behind in the Social Fund with loans handed out on a daily basis to people who simply couldn't control their finances.

They know full well the mess Labour left behind when they see thousands upon thousands of scroungers being declared fit for work now even though they were signed off so easily under Labour.

And they know full well the mess Labour left when they see the mess of millions of young people who, as a result of Labour, saw their talents wasted whilst Cabinet Ministers like Mandelson supported an open door migration policy that flooded Britain.

So for Ed Miliband to harp on about tackling long term social security spending is not just laughable but very reminding of the words pot and kettle.

Tory MP Mark Simmonds 'Bricking' it in Boston.

HOT ON THE HEELS of news that he might be up against UKIP Leader Nigel Farage in 2015 comes the news that Mark Simmonds is now opposing plans by a 'non-political' group of people to hold a protest against immigration in the Lincolnshire market town of Boston, a town that has seen a huge influx of EU migrant workers.

tbg hears that some UKIP'ers reckon that Simmonds is already "bricking himself" just at the thought of standing against Nigel Farage.

Tory MP Mark Simmonds warned that the march could be hijacked by extreme groups and said today - "I very much hope that the march won't take place. Inevitably it would suck in people who I don't want to see in Boston".