Robinson Announces Tory Youth Eastern Election.

FORMER Conservative Future (CF) National Executive Regional College Chairman has announced he has "Liaised" with the new Tory Youth National Executive to set-up, the well debated about, Eastern Regional Chairman position in CF, tbg can reveal.

Tory Youth members can apply to lead the region here.

On Monday Oliver Cooper 'officially' took the mantle as Tory Youth Leader after what must be the most needlessly pretentious handover period for any organisation in the UK.

Chairman Cooper tweeted - "Delighted to finally take over today as Conservative Future national chairman - and, as you'd expect, I'm out campaigning! [sic] Join me and other CFers at Leicester Square KFC tonight at 6:15pm for my inaugural #ChairmansChickenChat #ThisMayBecomeAThing [sic]."