Renewed Calls for Hancock Suspension by Lib Dem.

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TBG can exclusively reveal this morning that calls are mounting for the opposition to join forces and demand an Extraordinary Meeting of Portsmouth City Council to suspend Liberal Democrat Mike Hancock until the outcome of a High Court civil case.

Hancock has been accused of subjecting a Portsmouth woman to ‘upsetting sexual treatment’ over the course of 10 months after she approached him for help with a neighbourhood dispute in 2009.

His latest excuse is that someone is trying to get money out of him.

Hancock tells today’s Portsmouth News:

"I could have made an offer and walked away, but I am not going to give in to people."

"I will sensitively tackle this issue to the best of my ability."

tbg understands that the case could take up to one year.

One former Lib Dem councillor sensationally told tbg this morning:

"I believe his time is up and he needs to accept that and get on with looking after his ill health rather than scurrying around defending his seat."

"Her case is so strong that she has achieved pro bono representation from a prominent human rights Lawyer and a High Court writ has now been issued against him; this has forced his Party, the Liberal Democrats to call this meeting."

"This competent Lawyer has also forced Portsmouth City Council to carry out an investigation, which also, to their disgrace, ignored the serious complaints against him, against their own rules concerning investigation against miscreant Councillors."

"This man is a disgrace. Let us hope the case does go before the High Court so that his disgrace can be made public and he be held to account."

As tbg reported yesterday, Hancock has been summoned to a meeting with the Chief Whip, Simon Hughes and Nick Clegg next Monday.

However, Hancock did tell BBC South Today earlier this week that he will be too busy to attend.

Mike Hancock MP has always denied the claims.