Farage Celebrates as UKIP on the March in Lincolnshire.

AS PREDICTED on tbg this week, UKIP are on the march in Lincolnshire.

Father and son and Dean and Robin Hunter Clarke led the way in Skegness North and Skegness South with two landslide results just months after Robin also jumped ship from the Conservatives.

As predicted, Chris Pain also won in Wainfleet and Burgh.

In Boston three members of the same family were elected on to the County Council. And in Lincoln there was drama as UKIP won Hartsholme Division by just one vote. The result of UKIP's surge was that the Conservatives lost control of the County Council.

With seven out of twenty seven councils in, as things stand at 7.00am the Conservatives control five out of the seven councils declared which is a net loss to No Overall Control of two.

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps said - "We get it. We hear you. We get the message loud and clear."

Nigel Farage has just told tbg that the - "Establishment have said much about UKIP this week and the people have now responded."