EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Leader Slams Tory Youth Leader as 'Career Politician' and Targets Eastern Region.

Young Independence (YI) Leader Rob Comley

UKIP YOUTH Leader has lambasted the new Tory Youth Chairman, Oliver Cooper, for snubbing a crucial meeting with the Tory National Executive which is being held today, tbg can reveal.

On the day UKIP gain ground on British political map YI Leader Rob Comley sensationally told tbg - "How dare Olly Cooper refuse to meet the Conservative NEC. Olly is there to represent the views of Conservative Future (CF) and should be honoured to do so. It offers a great opportunity for Olly to gain a better relationship and understanding of his Party."

Rob Comley and his UKIP brigade have noticed Conservative Future's seeming collapse in the East since recent CF national elections failed to deliver a chairman for the region. Comley has seized the opportunity building upon exiting UKIP popularity in places such as Lincolnshire.

Comley explosively revealed to tbg - "This is not the first time he's (Cooper) let down CF since he has been elected chairman. The eastern CF region has been totally forgotten about, which YI has taken advantage of and we now have a fully established regional branch run by Daniel Thistlethwaite."

"I have heard many criticisms of Olly but I like to gain my own opinion on people. However, after his NEC snub and his carelessness of forgetting a whole region of membership it may seem that he is in fact, like the rumours say, a career politician [sic]", Comely added.

The UKIP Youth Chairman then seemed to extend a branch to Tories saying - "I hope we see many CF'ers coming over to YI'ers in the next few months!"