EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Official Gareth Shanks set to Defect to Tory Party.

Card is no more, YI's big beast is turning Blue

BATTERED & BRUISED from his UKIP experience after having been rejected to an elected role by UKIP bosses to then be forced out as UKIP Friends Of Palestine Chairman, tbg can reveal that Gareth Shanks is rumoured to be joining the Conservative Party.

It is thought Shanks wants to voice his UKIP disaster to help "expose" the anti-EU Party as an intolerant bunch incapable of intellectual thought.

Former UKIP Youth Chairman Olly Neville whom was sacked by UKIP bosses for his support of gay marriage exclusively told tbg - "Shanks is a hero. A more loyal or dedicated activist you could not ask for. If UKIP hadnt alienated its youth base he could have done great things for them.

"His elections planning is excellent and his trolling is superb. If he is going blue its for the right reasons not career ones."

"I wish him the best. He'll keep things interesting. What a beast"
- Neville added.