EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Council Leader Hits Back at Racism Claims & Says Facebook Account Hacked.

LEADER of the Opposition & UKIP on Lincolnshire County Council has today sensationally hit back at 'racism' claims in the Sunday Mirror last week.

In an exclusive interview with tbg, Chris Pain denies he is racist, defends his Party's refusal to sign an anti-racist declaration, and says that his Facebook account has been hacked at least three times.

Mr Pain tells tbg:

"I cannot support the (anti-racism) document for one reason and one reason alone; it actually pushes forward the concept of multi-culturalism and I think this is one of the fundamental things that is wrong with our society."

"I am angry full stop at being classed as a racist which is unbelievable, diabolical and an insult to all my friends of different creeds who came to my wedding."

"Ukip's stance is not racist. It is not on the basis of race. Our stance is purely on space and space alone."

"One of my best friends is Indian. I have been the subject of hacking at least three times. I have also had my emails hacked. It is not unusual. I was probably naive in just deleting the posts and not reporting it."