EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Canning Elected East of England Tory Youth Chairman.

BRAINTREE Councillor Stephen Canning has been sensationally swept to power and elected as Conservative Future (CF) East Regional Chairman by the Tory Youth Regional College.

Canning exclusively released his first comments to tbg saying - "I'm delighted to have been elected as the next regional chairman of the East of England. We've got so many fantastic branches and dedicated members that across the region.

"I'm not coming into this with my own agenda I want to push or own plan I want to force upon people, I'm stepping into role with the hope that right across the region we can all work together to achieve what everyone in the region wants."

Tory Youth National Chairman Oliver Cooper said on social networking site Facebook - "Congratulations to Stephen Canning on being elected CF Regional Chairman for the Eastern region. We have a formidable regional college - I can't wait to work with Stephen to take CF forward from Watford to Waveney."

Challenger Andrew Thorpe-Apps exclusively told tbg - "I'm happy for Stephen Canning and wish him every success in the role."