EXCLUSIVE: London's New Tory Social Action Diva Danielle Fleet.

Danielle Fleet is one of the few female active CF'ers and is the new Social Action and Community Engagement officer for London Conservative Future (CF). The main objectives of Danielle's role are to ensure that the Tory Party is playing an active part in the local community.

Miss Fleet is originally from Chichester and moved to Kingston Upon Thames 4 years ago to study fashion at Kingston University. During studying Danielle has played an active part in Kingston University Conservative society, she is currently finishing her final year and about to be released into the big wide world.

What did you consume for breakfast this morning?

"This morning I had toast with honey and a good strong cup of tea, you can’t start the day without a cup of tea!"

How are you finding your new role in London Conservative Future?

"We've had a really positive start, we already have projects planned for social action - I really feel we've hit the ground running. I'm enjoying getting to know the team, and I'm really excited for the programme of events we have coming up!"

What are your plans in order to get CF active within the community?

"I like to think a bit outside the box, when it comes to being active in the community we know in the back of minds we should do it but the reality is we’re not inspired enough to do it. I guess that may be the creative student in me talking but I stand by it. I have a few ideas in development, which should be taking place in the next few months and hopefully it will be the start of good things. Please follow our twitter/facebook/website for more info on how to get involved."

What’s your favourite fizzy pop beverage?

"I don’t really drink fizzy drinks a lot, but I do occasionally buy a can of Lilt from the corner shop when it’s coming up to deadlines."

Do you get on with the CF London Executive?

"So far so good! To be fair I’m still a newbie on the CF scene so I’m still getting to know everyone and understand how they work etc. What I will say is that they have been very welcoming and they’re a good group of people."

You’re in your last year at University, so what’s the plan for afterwards?

"For once I haven’t actually got a solid plan in place, which I think is what I’m finding most daunting about leaving uni. I think where my course has been so intense with work I haven’t had time to really evaluate my options, and I think for the moment I need to take a bit of time to do that."

Are you a future CF Chairman?

"Haha! Goodness! I’ll stick with Social action for now! No in all seriousness it’s not something I have thought about and I don’t think it’s a situation that will arise."