EXCLUSIVE: Former UKIP'er Blasts Membership as Homophobes, Sexists and Racists.

By new CF'er Gareth Shanks

"So I’m a Conservative now.

"Let’s see how this works out."

"Don’t get me wrong, there are some bloody lovely people in UKIP, some really hard workers that really pound the pavement in their local areas to try to bring about a change they believe in.

"But there are also loads of homophobes, sexists, racists and worse of all, Hamiltons.

Tory Youth Chairman Cooper stood with Shanks
"To make matters worse, UKIP have an NEC with an iron grip on its youth wing who are very eager to slap down young members for being as disgusting enough to support crazy stuff like same-sex marriage while at the same time ignoring comments about gays being a 'Crime against humanity' from senior UKIP officials.

"So I took the plunge, decided to match my collar colour and join the blues. (Just got to tell me dad now – could be worse, could be a Leeds fan). 

"As I write this, I have less than happy Conservatives tweeting me about how much of a lady’s part I am. If you think I’m possibly not the best character for CF, I’ll be trying my hardest to be at the conference later this year – if you have any worries come find me and we’ll sit down over a pint and discuss why I’m right and you’re wrong. 

"I leave you all with my second favourite quote: Cry havoc & let slip the dogs of war."