EXCLUSIVE: DASHTory Hyatt Defects to Lib Dems.


FOLLOWING yesterdays blockbuster resignation in the London Tory Party by founding member of Ealing Conservative Future and local council candidate for the 2014 Election in Ealing, tbg can exclusively reveal that Dean Hyatt will now sensationally join the Liberal Democrats.

LY = Liberal Youth
The now former London Conservative Future Campaign Secretary has updated his Twitter profile to say he is now an aspiring Lib Dem and his blog states - "Current Fight, introducing Classical Liberalism back into the Liberal Democrats".

Hyatt spoke out exclusively to tbg today saying - "First off I would like to say thanks to everyone who welcomed me into the party especially Ben Howlett’s and I’m sorry about my bitter letter.

"I did not mean nearly what context shown through, mostly written in aggravation, the other before a send off. Note also I act as an individual not ‘as’ a ‘classical liberal’ - like all ideologies, opinion and actions vary.

"The biggest problem I have at this time is management of my activity of such timings. I would most prefer being a normal member of a party then taking lead. So in this in mind I may turn another corner later (Justification is a problem) [sic].

"For now I’m just going to do some proper blogging!"

One Tory Youth member commented - "Who does he think he is! Paul Seery?! Nobody will be the leafleting machine that was Paul Seery, I miss that guy. #OnlyOnePaulSeery"