EU to Cut Power of People's Vacuum Cleaners Under New Potty Regulations.

The news that the EU now wants to cut the power of people's vacuum cleaners under new potty regulations just shows what a minefield this organisation has become for businesses wanting to prosper in Britain.

I really would love to see how David Cameron could re-negotiate this kind of madness.

What this proves is that despite whatever new deal the Prime Minister could agree to, it would, just like when we originally joined the EEC, evolve itself over years.

As Ukip's Roger Helmer has already pointed out, far from reducing energy levels, the only thing this would reduce is power to pick up the dust.

Therefore, what we have is yet another typical example of Brussels interfering in British life and business at its worst.

Far from a re-negotiation, what we need as regards the EU is a straight in or out referendum to coincide with the European Elections next May so as the British people, just like the Swiss and Norwegians, can run their own government and make our own laws free from this kind of petty nonsense.