DASHTory Hyatt Quits 'Evil' Conservatives.

LONDON CONSERVATIVES' new 'Campaign Secretary' and Ealing and Acton Conservative Association Prospective Council Candidate has sensationally quit the Tory Party in a dashing letter on his blog.

The editor of DASHTory blog states in his resignation letter - "I never felt this was my natural home, having met people within the party who understand little of the economy and would take it upon themselves to-do what socialists do and intervene in everyone’s life. The conservative are far from limited state, pro-market principles [sic]."

"As a classical liberal, such interventions are an inherently evil. I look forward to see David Cameron’s Resignation [sic]." Hyatt added.

It is thought this dash away from Tory politics will not affect the Conservative London brigade too harshly.

UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE: DASHTory Hyatt Defects to Lib Dems