Cameron Orders Cabinet not to Rebel on EU.

SOURCES say The Prime Minister has been cosying up to President Obama in the past 24 hours.

tbg understands that DC told Obama that despite whatever is being said, Britain will not be leaving the EU.

This morning a source close to Downing Street has told tbg that whatever the private views of Ministers Gove, May, Duncan Smith and Paterson, they will all be ordered to vote against the motion later in the week.

One member of UKIP told tbg - "I can only come to the conclusion that Dave has still got his head buried in some rather deep and smelly Etonian sand and its about time he cleaned them out!"

The news comes on the day that UKIP MEP Roger Helmer claimed that sources have told him that Ed Miliband is starting to soften his EU Referendum stance.

This must now officially be a bandwagon issue.