EXCLUSIVE: Hancock Wants Clegg Deposed as Lib Dem Leader.

LIB DEM MP Mike Hancock has sensationally knifed Nick Clegg in an interview tbg can reveal.

Hancock says the talent pool is so depleted in the Lib Dems that the Party has no option but to keep Clegg as leader for the 2015 election.

In extracts seen by theblueguerilla Hancock says - "Well I'd like to think he (Clegg) wouldn't be (leader), I don't think there's an heir apparent and that means we're stuffed!"

Maybe this Hancock chap isn't so awful after all...

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP NEC to Discuss Facebook Racism Claims Next Week.

TBG can today confirm that UK Independence Party (UKIP) officials will discuss racist remarks allegedly made by three Lincolnshire councillors at a meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee in London on Monday next week.

Officers are probing claims of racist Facebook rants by Lincolnshire leader Chris Pain and two colleagues, Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright and Alan Jesson.

Party Leader Nigel Farage is expected to attend the meeting which is the first of its kind UKIP made sweeping gains in the local elections on May 2nd.

All three councillors deny making the comments and claim their accounts were hacked.

Mr Pain, the Lincolnshire UKIP chief and leader of the opposition at the county council told tbg - "I have contacted the police and I am co-operating with them and I am absolutely confident I will clear my name at my Party's NEC meeting."

The UKIP vote led to the Conservatives losing overall control of the council for the first time since 1993 and thus having to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats and a trio of Lincolnshire Independents in order to run the authority.

Renewed Calls for Hancock Suspension by Lib Dem.

[Guido PIC]

TBG can exclusively reveal this morning that calls are mounting for the opposition to join forces and demand an Extraordinary Meeting of Portsmouth City Council to suspend Liberal Democrat Mike Hancock until the outcome of a High Court civil case.

Hancock has been accused of subjecting a Portsmouth woman to ‘upsetting sexual treatment’ over the course of 10 months after she approached him for help with a neighbourhood dispute in 2009.

His latest excuse is that someone is trying to get money out of him.

Hancock tells today’s Portsmouth News:

"I could have made an offer and walked away, but I am not going to give in to people."

"I will sensitively tackle this issue to the best of my ability."

tbg understands that the case could take up to one year.

One former Lib Dem councillor sensationally told tbg this morning:

"I believe his time is up and he needs to accept that and get on with looking after his ill health rather than scurrying around defending his seat."

"Her case is so strong that she has achieved pro bono representation from a prominent human rights Lawyer and a High Court writ has now been issued against him; this has forced his Party, the Liberal Democrats to call this meeting."

"This competent Lawyer has also forced Portsmouth City Council to carry out an investigation, which also, to their disgrace, ignored the serious complaints against him, against their own rules concerning investigation against miscreant Councillors."

"This man is a disgrace. Let us hope the case does go before the High Court so that his disgrace can be made public and he be held to account."

As tbg reported yesterday, Hancock has been summoned to a meeting with the Chief Whip, Simon Hughes and Nick Clegg next Monday.

However, Hancock did tell BBC South Today earlier this week that he will be too busy to attend.

Mike Hancock MP has always denied the claims.

Hancock in the Dog House as Clegg Plays Catch-Up.

TBG can tonight reveal that Lib Dem rebel Mike Hancock has been summoned to a meeting of the party hierarchy in Westminster next Monday.

The meeting will discuss whether or not to immediately suspend the MP for Portsmouth South after High Court papers were issued yesterday. It's alleged that Hancock subjected a vulnerable constituent to abuse including what is known as sex texting.

Yet whilst the allegations have been floating around for nearly four years, its only now that Nick Clegg has taken any action.

Hancock says that the allegations are politically motivated but tbg has learned tonight that Clegg's failure to act sooner could result in the Deputy Prime Minister himself being forced to give evidence.

Suspension from the party would almost certainly mean Hancock would lose his portfolio at Portsmouth City Council.

One source told tbg tonight that Hancock's future hangs by a thread.

Nick Clegg told LBC Radio earlier that when allegations as serious as these arise he has to take action.

Tonight rumours are circulating in Portsmouth that Hancock may even boycott the meeting and resign the Lib Dem whip beforehand.

Mike Hancock says he will leave politics at a time of his choosing unless he is voted out. Hancock and his wife are both due up for re-election to Portsmouth City Council next year and speculation is mounting that both may now be de-selected.

EU to Cut Power of People's Vacuum Cleaners Under New Potty Regulations.

The news that the EU now wants to cut the power of people's vacuum cleaners under new potty regulations just shows what a minefield this organisation has become for businesses wanting to prosper in Britain.

I really would love to see how David Cameron could re-negotiate this kind of madness.

What this proves is that despite whatever new deal the Prime Minister could agree to, it would, just like when we originally joined the EEC, evolve itself over years.

As Ukip's Roger Helmer has already pointed out, far from reducing energy levels, the only thing this would reduce is power to pick up the dust.

Therefore, what we have is yet another typical example of Brussels interfering in British life and business at its worst.

Far from a re-negotiation, what we need as regards the EU is a straight in or out referendum to coincide with the European Elections next May so as the British people, just like the Swiss and Norwegians, can run their own government and make our own laws free from this kind of petty nonsense.

Mike Hancock MP on Brink.

A meeting later is set to decide the future of alleged sex-pest Mike Hancock in the Lib Dems after High Court papers were issued against the Portsmouth South MP.

This morning its understood Mr. Clegg will ask the Lib Dems Chief Whip to invoke disciplinary procedures against the Portsmouth South MP.

Lib Dems have released this statement [H/T Guido Fawkes]:

"Following Mike Hancock’s receipt of legal papers in a High Court civil action, Nick Clegg has asked the Chief Whip to convene an urgent meeting under the disciplinary procedures of the parliamentary party between Nick Clegg, Simon Hughes, the Chief Whip and Mike Hancock.

"Mike Hancock strenuously denies the accusations made in the civil action. We are not prejudging the outcome of the case, but given the seriousness of the allegations, Nick Clegg has instructed the Chief Whip to invoke the disciplinary procedures of the party."

Tracker: Miliband Under Pressure as Labour Lead Just 4 Points.

After a tumultuous period for the Tory Party over the EU, gay marriage and an apparent UKIP 'surge', Labour only find themselves 4 points clear of the Conservative Party in a ComRes poll today.

Labour 34%
Conservatives 30%
UKIP 17%
Lib Dems 10%

One pollster told tbg - "Being mid-term these figures would suggest an incumbent landslide victory at the next election."

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Canning Elected East of England Tory Youth Chairman.

BRAINTREE Councillor Stephen Canning has been sensationally swept to power and elected as Conservative Future (CF) East Regional Chairman by the Tory Youth Regional College.

Canning exclusively released his first comments to tbg saying - "I'm delighted to have been elected as the next regional chairman of the East of England. We've got so many fantastic branches and dedicated members that across the region.

"I'm not coming into this with my own agenda I want to push or own plan I want to force upon people, I'm stepping into role with the hope that right across the region we can all work together to achieve what everyone in the region wants."

Tory Youth National Chairman Oliver Cooper said on social networking site Facebook - "Congratulations to Stephen Canning on being elected CF Regional Chairman for the Eastern region. We have a formidable regional college - I can't wait to work with Stephen to take CF forward from Watford to Waveney."

Challenger Andrew Thorpe-Apps exclusively told tbg - "I'm happy for Stephen Canning and wish him every success in the role."

EXCLUSIVE: Tories on By-Election Red Ed Balls Alert in Morley and Outwood.

[PIC] Tory Candidate Andrea Jenkyns

NEWS at the weekend that Ed Balls is on the verge of quitting politics for good has sent Tories into a frenzy.

Former Lincoln University student Antony Calvert came within a whisker of causing of causing the biggest upset of 2010 General Election Campaign.

Now it seems as though they're wasting little time in preparing for next time around with sources telling tbg that Ed Miliband has had enough of his third choice Ed Balls, the big money is on John Cruddas and a by-election very soon.

So much so that working class Tory Candidate for the constituency Andrea Jenkyns is to start campaigning in earnest on Thursday.

Bow Group War Vs Iain Dale.

WAR of words has broken out between the usually humdrum site ConservativeHome & its contributor Iain Dale and the Bow Group after its Chairman was lambasted in an article that concludes the Group - "Seems to have disappeared up its own backside" - after a series of emails "undermining" the government.

The Conservative Home article sensationally attacks Bow Group Chairman, Ben Harris-Quinney, stating his - "Main aim seems to take the government to task for its stance on gay marriage and his main weapon is to persuade 30 rather elderly Tory constituency chairmen to deliver regular letters to the doorstep of Number 10. Former Bow Groupers are said to be horrified at what has happened to a once august and respected organisation."

Mr Harris-Quinney has defended the organisation calling the article an "Unfounded attack against the organisation and those involved."

The Bow Group Chairman went on to say - "(The article) has a vulgar, aggressive tone provoking alarm and distress, which is not what we have come to expect from ConHome contributors. [sic]"

Harris-Quinney goes on to cite a "poverty of debate" saying - "The new Conservative tone was image, sound bites, public relations and personality".

"Somehow the fact that the Bow Group has dared to do its job, of holding the Conservative Party to the account and investigating policy with unwavering rigour, is seen as disloyalty in a time where genuine debate and freedom of conscience is a pseudo criminal act, within and without the Party", - the Bow Group Chairman added.

A spokesperson for a right-wing think tank told tbg today that "The Bow Group is in crisis."

Morrisons Suspend Worker for Refusing to Remove a Poppy.

A REVEALING letter dated 27th May 2013 shows that Morrisons supermarket in Portsmouth is about to discipline a member of staff for refusing to remove a Poppy from their uniform.

The letter has led to calls on social networking site Facebook from members of the public to boycott Morrisons.


Morrisons have released a statement on the issue. Read it HERE.

Morrisons now say they have reinstated the employee.

Help For Heroes Snub EDL Donations.

INTERESTING development this afternoon as the Forces Charity Help For Heroes has distanced itself from the English Defence League (EDL).

EDL's Leader was due to carry out a sponsored walk from Westminster to Woolwich for the charity.

However, following clashes between the EDL & Far Left-Wing protestors, and EDL marchers reportedly throwing Nazi salutes in Whitehall earlier, the soldier charity has said it will not accept any donations associated with the far right group whatsoever.

Farage on Brink of Deal With 20 Tory MP's.

NIGEL FARAGE has said that he is on the brink of doing deals with around twenty Conservatives at the next election.

The UKIP Leader was speaking on Sky News this bank holiday weekend

It's understood that the MPs involved include Martin Vickers, Edward Leigh, Nadine Dorries and Sir Peter Tapsell.

Peter Bone has today denied that he is in talks to do such a deal which would have to get the backing of individual Conservative

Nadine Dorries told tbg that she believes that by the time the election is called the number could easily be over 100.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Council Leader Hits Back at Racism Claims & Says Facebook Account Hacked.

LEADER of the Opposition & UKIP on Lincolnshire County Council has today sensationally hit back at 'racism' claims in the Sunday Mirror last week.

In an exclusive interview with tbg, Chris Pain denies he is racist, defends his Party's refusal to sign an anti-racist declaration, and says that his Facebook account has been hacked at least three times.

Mr Pain tells tbg:

"I cannot support the (anti-racism) document for one reason and one reason alone; it actually pushes forward the concept of multi-culturalism and I think this is one of the fundamental things that is wrong with our society."

"I am angry full stop at being classed as a racist which is unbelievable, diabolical and an insult to all my friends of different creeds who came to my wedding."

"Ukip's stance is not racist. It is not on the basis of race. Our stance is purely on space and space alone."

"One of my best friends is Indian. I have been the subject of hacking at least three times. I have also had my emails hacked. It is not unusual. I was probably naive in just deleting the posts and not reporting it."

It's EU Immigration, Stupid.

The news that "Immigration is down to lowest level in a decade" is welcome but more can be done to make our unacceptable figures better.

Thanks to the current open door policy inherited from Labour by "the heir to Blair" Cameron, anybody from a total of 26 E.U states can come, work, and go from Britain as and when they want.

Like Australia, what we need in Britain is a referendum to get us out of the E.U so as we can finally be put back in control of our own affairs.

This way, we could have a points system based on people's skills and talents from anywhere instead of people moving here from anywhere to do low skilled work on the cheap which continues to damage our current economy.

And more over, such a policy would reduce the burden on already stretched public services.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Nuisance' Former Sussex Chairman Banned From Tory Youth Organisation.

TBG can sensationally reveal splits and division in Sussex Area Conservative Future.

Former Conservative Future (CF) Sussex Chairman has seemingly been banned from his local CF organisation as the new Chairman barred him from their Facebook group after claims he was being a "nuisance" and publicly asking too many questions, something the new Sussex Area Chairman hasn't taken kindly too.

Leaked emails seen by tbg reveal the new Sussex Chairman said - "I would like to take this opportunity to ask you as to why a number of things have occurred, which led me to temporarily suspend your membership to the SACF (Sussex Area Conservative Future) group on Facebook."

The spat occurred after the new Chairman Toby Illingworth sent former Chairman James Butcher an email with a well detailed list of complaints about text messages and social network interaction. Butcher responded by only addressing the "substantive" issue of a missing, empty bank account, followed by some regret that he had been dismissed by the new Chairman.

Former Sussex Area Chairman James Butcher emailed - "I note your concerns and my presence in your group is considered a nuisance, I will not burden you with my involvement in Sussex Area CF.

"I will continue to be both publicly and privately very disappointed that I have now been banned from your organisation."

"Nobody should be thought of as disposable"
- Butcher added.

London Student Paper Embroiled in Legal Action After 'Racist Tories' Story.

TWO STUDENTS & members of the Conservatives Society at University of London Union (ULU) have sensationally been accused of sexism and racism by the London Student newspaper.

The Left-Wing paper claims to have under-hand voice recordings of UCL Tories making racist and sexist remarks. tbg can exclusively reveal that legal proceedings may well follow the papers publication.

One student commented to tbg after seeing the article - "As a University of London student this seems to go right to the core image problem that is with Conservative Future [sic]."

Conservative Future recently elected a proud Arab descent (and decent) Leader in Oliver Cooper.

The newspaper has revealed that this issue had already been facing calls from ULU President Michael Chessum not to be printed, after an "unfavourable article about NCAFC (National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts)" & claims they had a photo of a member dressed as a Nazi for a fancy dress event.

Green Party Leader Blames Terror Attack on UK 'Acting Like World's Policeman'.

NATALIE BENNETT has told reporters today that she believes the brutal murder of a serving British soldier on the streets of Woolwich, London is due to UK foreign policy.

The Leader of the Green Party sensationally told London Loves Business that attacks may continue so long as the UK keeps acting like "the world’s policeman".

Bennett said - "It’s absolutely tragic what happened in Woolwich and you’ve got to feel not just for the family of the serviceman but also for the people and bystanders that saw it happen and the emergency services that had to deal with it afterwards. But if we’re going to stop that happening again in the future, one of the biggest things we have to do is stop regarding ourselves as the world’s policeman."

EXCLUSIVE: Ellis Takes Total Control After Merseyside Tory Youth Chairman Quits in Anger.

NORTH-WEST Conservative Future (CF) yesterday elected Liverpool Tory Youth Leader Aaron Ellis as the new Merseyside Area Chairman. The election comes after Arron Poole quit his post in anger at how "the Liverpool AGM was handled", tbg sources have revealed.

Since Poole sensationally dumped his role the new North-West CF Chairman Johnathan Levy assumed the role of Acting Merseyside Area Chairman and set a date for another AGM, or EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting).

One CF'er told tbg that the EGM was - "Right in the middle of the exam period" and "Despite attempts by members to persuade Levy to reschedule, in the end turnout was predictably anaemic".

"Aaron Ellis' opponent didn't turn up so it was a pretty foregone conclusion" - added the source.

tbg contacted Aaron Ellis for comment. Ellis refused to be drawn on the logistics of it all but told tbg - "The Merseyside chairmanship is a tough job, but the role can be a really effective one if it's combined with the Liverpool chairmanship. I plan on using the strengths of City of Liverpool CF to build up other branches in the area."

EXCLUSIVE: London's New Tory Social Action Diva Danielle Fleet.

Danielle Fleet is one of the few female active CF'ers and is the new Social Action and Community Engagement officer for London Conservative Future (CF). The main objectives of Danielle's role are to ensure that the Tory Party is playing an active part in the local community.

Miss Fleet is originally from Chichester and moved to Kingston Upon Thames 4 years ago to study fashion at Kingston University. During studying Danielle has played an active part in Kingston University Conservative society, she is currently finishing her final year and about to be released into the big wide world.

What did you consume for breakfast this morning?

"This morning I had toast with honey and a good strong cup of tea, you can’t start the day without a cup of tea!"

How are you finding your new role in London Conservative Future?

"We've had a really positive start, we already have projects planned for social action - I really feel we've hit the ground running. I'm enjoying getting to know the team, and I'm really excited for the programme of events we have coming up!"

What are your plans in order to get CF active within the community?

"I like to think a bit outside the box, when it comes to being active in the community we know in the back of minds we should do it but the reality is we’re not inspired enough to do it. I guess that may be the creative student in me talking but I stand by it. I have a few ideas in development, which should be taking place in the next few months and hopefully it will be the start of good things. Please follow our twitter/facebook/website for more info on how to get involved."

What’s your favourite fizzy pop beverage?

"I don’t really drink fizzy drinks a lot, but I do occasionally buy a can of Lilt from the corner shop when it’s coming up to deadlines."

Do you get on with the CF London Executive?

"So far so good! To be fair I’m still a newbie on the CF scene so I’m still getting to know everyone and understand how they work etc. What I will say is that they have been very welcoming and they’re a good group of people."

You’re in your last year at University, so what’s the plan for afterwards?

"For once I haven’t actually got a solid plan in place, which I think is what I’m finding most daunting about leaving uni. I think where my course has been so intense with work I haven’t had time to really evaluate my options, and I think for the moment I need to take a bit of time to do that."

Are you a future CF Chairman?

"Haha! Goodness! I’ll stick with Social action for now! No in all seriousness it’s not something I have thought about and I don’t think it’s a situation that will arise."

[VIDEO] Woolwich Terrorist Defends Actions Immediately After Attack.

Police shoot and arrest suspects [Source]

Reports suggest one assailant was captured on film saying - "We swear by almighty Allah that we will never stop fighting you".

UKIP Trash National Anthem and Declare They Will 'Save Us All'.

Some might call this is an act of treason.

EXCLUSIVE: Former Tory Youth Leader Ben Howlett Backs Lord Feldman and Slams Lost Loyalties.

MODERNISATION of the Tory Party is taking real effect as of late and is upsetting some in the press & Party as they ache for a UKIP type lurch and try to trash Prime Minister David Cameron & his allies in No.10.

Whilst the real out-dated "swivel-eyed loons" get away with shouting barely comprehensible social ideas from the rooftops over gay marriage, immigration and the EU, tbg caught up with Former Tory Youth Leader Ben Howlett for his opinions on recent headlines and his activities since retiring as Tory Youth Leader. Howlett also has some advice for his successor.

What was for breakfast?

"Special K, Oats and Honey."

Are you a swivel-eyed loon or do you know of any in Tory ranks?

"Let’s be absolutely clear, Conservative Party activists and Conservative Future activists are the lifeblood of our party. If it was not for hardworking CF and party volunteers the leaflets would not get delivered, no money would be raised and we would quickly lose Councillors, Mayors and Members of Parliament.

"Over 3 years at the helm of Conservative Future the National Executives and I ensured the Party recognised the hard work of activists. Lord Feldman has been a massive supporter and friend of Conservative Future over the last 3 years. If it was not for him CF members would not have had an increase in the budget made available to us, a reception at No.10, continuing free Fresher’s Kits, a platform at National Conference and a return of CF National Conference.

"Loyalty is sometimes lost in politics and the recent innuendo in the press should be condemned."

How do you view the attitude in the Conservative Party towards gay marriage?

"I am a firm believer in the changes coming before the House this week. I believe the vast majority of young people in the party are firm supporters of the legislation and I very much hope the new CF National Executive will continue supporting the proposals as they enter this critical stage.

"While I recognise this is a matter of conscience for Members of Parliament, I hope the silent majority of members will contact their MPs and help them make an informed decision on the matter. Any proposal to delay this matter will result in it becoming an issue in 2015.

"This issue can have a line drawn under it in time for us to concentrate on our excellent record on cutting the deficit, increasing private sector jobs, controlling immigration and creating a world class education system. Let’s not start playing politics when the issue received overwhelming support in the House."

What have you been up to since handing over the reigns of power to the new Tory Youth Chairman?

"I have been getting back to the gym largely. Josh and I are moving in with each other in South West London and we intend to help with the local campaigns there.

"I continue to work with the NHS at my company ensuring hospitals can make savings in the back office to divert to the frontline.

"I have also been supporting Syed Kamall MEP as one of our soundest MEPs as he goes through re-selection. I want to see more Eurosceptic champions get selected as MEPs across the UK. Our relationship needs changing and people like Syed do so much to champion Londoners and Britain."

Do you sometimes get embarrassed by certain Tory MP’s, or do you blame their Associations as they tend to do?

"I wouldn’t say embarrassed, some MPs and members must remember that there is a larger picture out there and we need to concentrate on forming an overall majority. The more we attack ourselves, the more we undermine that effort.

"Red Ed is not connecting with the public, the Prime Minister is still well ahead of Labour and the Lib Dems on the economy and by historical standards, if they are to win, Labour should be much further ahead mid-term than they are now. If we are to win in 2015 we must take the fight to Labour and ensure we have a positive long-term narrative to win an overall majority.

"I believe that core Conservative value of aspiration must underpin our long-term efforts in the future. Like most of your readers my parents never went to university and my dad worked for his dad in the bike shop. As a result of Thatcher’s policies in the 1980s they worked hard to get my brother and I where we are now.

"This message of 'Conservatives want the best for your family and children in the future' is something that must underpin our messaging in the future. I believe that message will inspire millions more young and old to vote Conservative in 2015."

EU – In or Out?

"Shake it all about! I want to ensure the Prime Minister now sets out an agenda of what powers he wants to renegotiate from the European Union by 2017.

"As it stands we know that we are the only party offering a referendum in 2017, but we don’t know what powers the PM will have transferred back into UK control.

"I doubt the public would be too supportive if we only get control of our Fisheries Policy again. We want to see Britain’s relationship being one of largely trade, not politics.

"I think Britain has a strong hand on the negotiation table to get powers back while allowing France and Germany what they want. I just hope the PM will use the same clout as he did when he became the first Prime Minister in history to use the veto."

Do you have any advice to your Successor as Tory Youth Leader?

"My main advice would be to never forget that Conservative Future is a broad-church of opinion, all members must have their voices heard. The new National Executive have a great platform to take the organisation forwards.

"Membership was up under my two terms, I hope they get even more in associations and on campuses this year. I hope there are some more fantastic events with great speakers and that campaigns are getting underway in our target seats in 2014 and 2015.

"The most important thing that I hope they continue to say is 'thank you' to members across the country for their hard work and dedication. It is a truly winning formula and I wish them the best of luck."

Tories Sign Open Letter to PM in Support of Gay Marriage.

Tory Conference Chairman 2012 Paul Swaddle has sent a letter to Prime Minster David Cameron signed by hundreds Conservative activists up and down the UK in support of the governments gay marriage legislation.

The letter states that this week the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill reaches the Report Stage and Third Reading in the House of Commons.

Swaddle's says - "The majority of people in this country support same sex marriage, and many of them really do not understand the fuss. Faith groups are protected from the legislation should they so wish, therefore those of faith should not be worried by the Bill. This is an issue of particular importance to younger voters and MPs risk appearing out of touch if they pander to a vocal minority.

"We need to deal with the Bill then move on together as a Party to outright Conservative victory in 2015. I call on all MPs to back the Bill and thank the Prime Minister for making equality possible."

tbg urges all Conservatives to sign the letter here.

EXCLUSIVE: Former UKIP'er Blasts Membership as Homophobes, Sexists and Racists.

By new CF'er Gareth Shanks

"So I’m a Conservative now.

"Let’s see how this works out."

"Don’t get me wrong, there are some bloody lovely people in UKIP, some really hard workers that really pound the pavement in their local areas to try to bring about a change they believe in.

"But there are also loads of homophobes, sexists, racists and worse of all, Hamiltons.

Tory Youth Chairman Cooper stood with Shanks
"To make matters worse, UKIP have an NEC with an iron grip on its youth wing who are very eager to slap down young members for being as disgusting enough to support crazy stuff like same-sex marriage while at the same time ignoring comments about gays being a 'Crime against humanity' from senior UKIP officials.

"So I took the plunge, decided to match my collar colour and join the blues. (Just got to tell me dad now – could be worse, could be a Leeds fan). 

"As I write this, I have less than happy Conservatives tweeting me about how much of a lady’s part I am. If you think I’m possibly not the best character for CF, I’ll be trying my hardest to be at the conference later this year – if you have any worries come find me and we’ll sit down over a pint and discuss why I’m right and you’re wrong. 

"I leave you all with my second favourite quote: Cry havoc & let slip the dogs of war."

Tracker: Record Poll High for UKIP and Lows for Lib Dems.

Com Res for Sunday Mirror:

Labour 35% [Lowest since Oct 2010]
Conservatives 29%
UKIP 19% [Record High]
Lib Dem 8% [Record Low]

Opinium Mail on Sunday:

Labour 37%
Conservatives 27%
UKIP 20% [Record High]
Lib Dems 7% [Record Low]

EXCLUSIVE: London Tory Youth Chairman Under Fire After 'Kitchen Cabinet' Coup.

BACKBITING and skullduggery are in order today for London Conservative Future (CF) it would seem. tbg can reveal that Leader Nabil Najjar has split his comprehensive executive leaving some members spitting feathers and others sensationally threatening to quit entirely.

tbg has acquired leaked emails which state the CF London Chairman asked most of the new executive to leave the room at the first meeting, calling what followed a "kitchen cabinet meeting".

The initial Kitchen Cabinet apparently only included some of the Chairman's closest confidants including Treasurer Richard Allen, but tbg can exclusively reveal that the London CF Kitchen Cabinet will now include 9 out of the 15 appointed officers:

London CF Leader Nabil Najjar exclusively responded to concerned Tory Youth members and told tbg - "London CF has, this year, brought on a new dynamic team of activists to form the Exec for the coming year. As with any organisation, as the size of the team grows, so to must the management structure.

"Under the new system, there will be a core team of the most senior members of the team, all of whom are very experienced both in CF and life in general. They will work with teams comprised of other exec members, working together on different projects - campaigning, membership etc.

"I will, of course, always be available to sit down with anyone on the team, and will continue to be involved in every aspect of the organisation, however I am confident that this will lead to greater support for individual officers and a more efficient network. It means each member of the team, especially the newer members, receives direct support and advice, and will ensure the whole system works effectively."

Farage Accepts Dorries' Tory/UKIP Joint Ticket.

Statement from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage on Nadine's joint ticket banter.

"If Nadine Dorries’ association come to me and say they’ve passed a resolution, and they want her to run as a joint candidate in 2015, I will go and ask my local association how they feel but my inclination would be, why not? What on earth is wrong with doing this?

"I would also say this could apply to other Tories too. It may even apply to one or two of the old Labour types as well’

"This... about Nadine, possibly talking about a joint ticket, is something that several more MPs may choose. Then of course, that will present quite a big challenge to Downing Street and David Cameron. Will be he prepared to accept this or not?"

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Eastern Region Chair Candidate Thorpe-Apps sets out Stall and Slams Behind Doors Appointments.

TBG can today reveal the Andrew Thorpe-Apps is the second candidate who was rumoured to be in the running for Conservative Future (CF) Eastern Chairman. Today tbg confirms Thorpe-Apps' candidacy in an exclusive Q&A where Andrew sets out his vision for CF East.

What was for breakfast?

"I start the day with a bowl of Scott’s Porage Oats. I’m not one of these trendy low-fat yoghurt types."

TBG heard last week that you are the second candidate interested in the Eastern Region Leadership role, is there any truth to this?

"Yes, I’ve submitted an application for the role. I would have preferred a proper election as I believe it should be for Eastern CFers to decide, rather than a behind-doors appointment. But I’m happy that the vacancy is finally going to be filled. I put my name forward because, as the local elections showed, UKIP are particularly strong in the East. CF will need decisive leadership to enable the youth wing to make a difference in 2014 and 2015."

What would you like to achieve as Eastern CF Chairman?

"If elected, my immediate priority would be liaising with Regional Branch members to make sure the focus is on strategy, campaigning and increasing our membership. I will dedicate a certain number of hours each month to meeting members across the region. Some of my major plans are as follows:"

  • "Regular strategy/action meetings – Meetings (either face-to-face or using social media) to discuss election and campaign strategy with Branch Chairmen across the region. This will allow for ideas and knowledge to be shared. 
  • Election target map – Drawing on my previous work at CCHQ, I shall create an interactive online map – specifically tailored for the Eastern Region – showing marginal seats, using data from previous election results. This will be accessible by all Branch Chairmen in the region and shall allow for targeted campaigning in both 2014 and 2015. 
  • Leading on charitable projects – I want to see Conservative Future leading the way when it comes to fundraising for worthy causes in the community. This plays into the Big Society. I will use my experience volunteering at the CAB and FRU (an organisation providing free legal advice) to encourage CF members to take part in similar activities. This will benefit the image of the Party in general.
  •  Greater financial independence - More focus on organising fundraising events so that CF Branches have their own funds for future activities, without being wholly reliant on Constituency Associations. 
  • Regular update bulletins – I shall send out regular email updates to members in the region, informing them of upcoming events and policy issues. 
  • Joint ventures – I shall get in contact with other youth organisations in the region, an example being Young Farmers, and put forward the possibility of holding joint events. This would consequently mean that more high-profile guest speakers could be invited to branch meetings, and in turn this would encourage more people to join. 
  • Universities as a key to recruitment – University Branches are crucial in the Party’s bid to attract more young members. Supporting ‘fresher fare’ events across the region will therefore be a priority. 
  • Setting up new branches – I shall look out for opportunities to open new CF Branches. I have already set to work on establishing a branch in Chelmsford, Essex."

Do you think you have a good chance against your probable opponent Braintree Councillor Stephen Canning?

"I hope Stephen Canning does decide to stand. As a fellow Essex man, I supported Stephen in his recent bid for Deputy Chairman.

"In many ways, I am an outsider. I am relatively new to CF. I’m not up with the ins and outs of the London CF hierarchy. I also have no ambitions for an eventual role on the National Executive. For me, the role of Eastern Regional Chairman is not a stepping stone to ‘bigger things’ – it is my sole focus. My aim is to speak for the vast majority of young Conservatives – students and professionals alike – and create a strong team of activists across the East.

"Despite being a relative newcomer, I’ve had experience working in the Chairman’s Office at Conservative Campaign Headquarters, working alongside Grant Shapps MP. An interactive online campaign map I created at CCHQ was subsequently presented to Cabinet. I telecanvassed at CCHQ for the Eastleigh by-election, and gave up weekends and evenings to canvas and deliver leaflets during the local elections.

"My view is that the Eastern Region will need strong leadership over the next two years given that we have the European elections coming up in 2014 and the general election in 2015. The Regional Chairman will need to focus on strategy and be able to send out a clear message on matters such as Europe, immigration and equal marriage – issues on which UKIP seek to attract votes. I believe that I can deliver this."

Fav fizzy pop beverage?

"Don’t drink much pop these days. I do love a cool pint of English cider though."

How do you feel the new Tory Youth National Executive is getting on?

"It’s too early to comment, but I have a lot of confidence in the new National Executive. I know that Sarah-Jane Sewell and Rob Manning are both incredibly committed activists. I also believe that Oliver Cooper will give us strong leadership, which will be vital over the next couple of years.

"As long as the National Executive focuses on the main task at hand – supporting the main Party and campaigning for a Conservative majority in 2015 – they will have my support."

Do you think UKIP might seriously affect Tory chances in the East, especially after UKIP activists told TBG they are now basically targeting parts of the country with weak political leadership?

"If we are complacent about UKIP, it will come back to bite us at future elections. I don’t agree that they can be brushed aside as simply a ‘protest vote’. When I was at the local election count in Chelmsford, I saw the UKIP surge at first hand. They now have Councillors across the Eastern Region, and even form the official opposition in Norfolk.

"I don’t want the Conservative Party to respond by lurching to the right, but I do want us to listen to the concerns of people on the doorstep. If we say we’re in favour of ‘localism’, let’s prove it.

"UKIP can be defeated more easily than most people realise. UKIP’s main concern is the EU. But when I speak to people, the EU is rarely mentioned. Instead, people are concerned about immigration, unemployment and the cost of living. The Conservative Party has strong policies in these areas, and it is our duty to explain this. Positive and constructive arguments will beat UKIP’s negative scaremongering every time.

"UKIP will certainly be targeting the Eastern Region. That is why we can’t afford to sit back and be complacent. Everything we do should be geared toward the upcoming elections. Signing up new members, taking part in charitable fundraising, holding a range of debates – these are the things we should be focusing on, even in the smallest Branches.

"Despite what I’ve read over recent months, I don’t agree that the previous Eastern Chairman was a ‘weak’ leader. But the political landscape has changed dramatically, presenting new challenges for Conservatives. What worked last year will not be suitable in 2013 or 2014. In the East we need activism, not managerialism."

E.U. – In or Out?

"I believe that European nations are stronger when they work together. It’s difficult to see how Britain, France or Germany can compete with the rising BRIC countries on their own. It is also crucial that Britain retains access to the Single Market. The reality is that the Single Market cannot function properly without some degree of political integration.

"UKIP often cite Norway in arguing that we can leave the EU and remain part of the Single Market. Whilst this is true, we would continue to have to make contributions to the EU budget, we would be bound by the majority of Common Market Regulations, and we would have no voice at the table. So, for pragmatic reasons, I support British membership of the EU.

"That said, I also support having a referendum on EU membership. In my opinion, the EU is falling short of its potential and needs reform. It has become too bureaucratic and intrudes on too many aspect of daily life. So we should see this as an opportunity to change the EU and get it serving our interests better."

'David Cameron can no Longer be Trusted'.

Well done to all of the MPs who voted for the amendment expressing concern at the lack of an EU Referendum in the Queen's Speech.

At least some people stand by their promises and stand up for their constituents.

However, as a former Conservative Member who has recently jumped ship to UKIP I am of the opinion that David Cameron can no longer be trusted.

If the Government can bring forward legislation on Gay Marriage then they can do the same with an EU Referendum.

Labour Lead Tumbles to Just Three Points.

LABOUR'S lead over the Conservatives has today shrunk to its lowest level since the 2010 election. It stands at just three points according to Ipsos Mori.

Interestingly, the rise in Tory support to 31% coincides with a similar rise in economic optimism to 30%.

Labour 34%
Conservatives 31%
UKIP 13%
Lib Dems 10%

In a separate poll it seems as though euro scepticism is growing on the continent as well as in Britain. The percentage of Europeans with a favourable view of the E.U has fallen from 60% to 45%.

Amazingly, France which entered a triple dip recession yesterday, is now more sceptical than Britain.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Official Gareth Shanks set to Defect to Tory Party.

Card is no more, YI's big beast is turning Blue

BATTERED & BRUISED from his UKIP experience after having been rejected to an elected role by UKIP bosses to then be forced out as UKIP Friends Of Palestine Chairman, tbg can reveal that Gareth Shanks is rumoured to be joining the Conservative Party.

It is thought Shanks wants to voice his UKIP disaster to help "expose" the anti-EU Party as an intolerant bunch incapable of intellectual thought.

Former UKIP Youth Chairman Olly Neville whom was sacked by UKIP bosses for his support of gay marriage exclusively told tbg - "Shanks is a hero. A more loyal or dedicated activist you could not ask for. If UKIP hadnt alienated its youth base he could have done great things for them.

"His elections planning is excellent and his trolling is superb. If he is going blue its for the right reasons not career ones."

"I wish him the best. He'll keep things interesting. What a beast"
- Neville added.

Nadine Dorries Wants to Stand on Tory/UKIP Ticket.

CONTROVERSIAL Rebel Tory MP Nadine Dorries has tonight sensationally openly flirted with the idea of standing on a joint Tory-UKIP ticket.

Just days after being given back the Conservative whip in what was seen as a panic measure by Tory Central Office and with MPs tonight debating the EU Referendum amendment its the last thing David Cameron needs.

In an article for ConservativeHome, the man exclusively tipped by tbg to be one of the rebels has said that the electorate "are one step ahead" on the issue of an EU Referendum and that they are not prepared to wait another four years.

Martin Vickers says he is proud to be a euro-sceptic and has called for the Referendum to be held sooner rather than later.

A Tory spokesperson told tbg this was - "Not party policy and it's not going to happen".

UPDATE - Tory backbench rebels amendment expressing concern and regret at EU referendum not being mentioned in the Queens Speech has been defeated in the House of Commons.

277 MP's voted against the amendment to 130 after the chamber debate. 114 Tories backed the bill against the wishes of David Cameron.

The Prime Minister has announced a draft EU referendum bill to legislate for a vote in 2017 after renegotiation talks.

UPDATE - Farage Accepts Dorries' Tory/UKIP Joint Ticket

EXCLUSIVE: DASHTory Hyatt Defects to Lib Dems.


FOLLOWING yesterdays blockbuster resignation in the London Tory Party by founding member of Ealing Conservative Future and local council candidate for the 2014 Election in Ealing, tbg can exclusively reveal that Dean Hyatt will now sensationally join the Liberal Democrats.

LY = Liberal Youth
The now former London Conservative Future Campaign Secretary has updated his Twitter profile to say he is now an aspiring Lib Dem and his blog states - "Current Fight, introducing Classical Liberalism back into the Liberal Democrats".

Hyatt spoke out exclusively to tbg today saying - "First off I would like to say thanks to everyone who welcomed me into the party especially Ben Howlett’s and I’m sorry about my bitter letter.

"I did not mean nearly what context shown through, mostly written in aggravation, the other before a send off. Note also I act as an individual not ‘as’ a ‘classical liberal’ - like all ideologies, opinion and actions vary.

"The biggest problem I have at this time is management of my activity of such timings. I would most prefer being a normal member of a party then taking lead. So in this in mind I may turn another corner later (Justification is a problem) [sic].

"For now I’m just going to do some proper blogging!"

One Tory Youth member commented - "Who does he think he is! Paul Seery?! Nobody will be the leafleting machine that was Paul Seery, I miss that guy. #OnlyOnePaulSeery"

Cameron Bows to EU Referendum Pressure.

David Cameron has tonight sensationally thrown in the towel to his euro-sceptic rebels.

Downing Street has just confirmed that a Draft Bill for an E.U Referendum after the next election will be published tomorrow.

Basildon MP John Baron has just exclusively told tbg that "it's a step in the right direction."

Cheryl Gillan told the BBC - "We need to restore faith and trust in the Conservative Party via an in or out referendum."

Nadine Dorries said - "It shows the PM is listening but what is worrying is that we are still stuck in a 2017 Timeframe."

"If we can bring forward measures for things like Gay Marriage then why can't we legislate on this before the General Election."

A Tory Party spokesperson told tbg the draft bill - "Is apart of the Prime Ministers Conservative Party policy to renegotiate membership terms with the UK & EU and put that deal to a public in-or-out referendum in 2017. That is Conservative Party policy."

70 MPs Signed up to Queen's Speech EU Amendment.

'Cornerstone' Tory rebel Edward Leigh

70 MP's have so far signed the amendment expressing concern that an E.U Referendum is not part of the Queen's Speech, tbg can reveal.

With President Obama now trying to poke his nose in tbg can confirm that Lincolnshire MP's Edward Leigh and Martin Vickers have already signed up.

However, whilst the BBC's Norman Smith predicting that the figure will easily hit 100 within hours there are a number of notable names missing.

Mark Simmonds who would have lost his Boston and Skegness seat if the result was replicated in a General Election is having none of it.

And Karl McCartney from Lincoln who was expected to support the amendment is also missing. The Lincoln MP has a euro-sceptic history.

As revealed earlier on tbg, all Cabinet Members have been ordered to oppose the amendment but that hasn't stopped ministerial aide Gavin Barwell putting his name to it.

Meanwhile the number of Labour MP's campaigning for a referendum rose to thirteen earlier when Keith Vaz told tbg that it was the "democratic right of the people" to decide whether or not Britain stays in the E.U.

Tracker: UKIP Support Doubles in New Poll.

Today's Guardian ICM Opinion Poll see's a doubling of support for UKIP.

Labour 34%
Conservatives 28%
UKIP 18%
Lib Dems 11%

DASHTory Hyatt Quits 'Evil' Conservatives.

LONDON CONSERVATIVES' new 'Campaign Secretary' and Ealing and Acton Conservative Association Prospective Council Candidate has sensationally quit the Tory Party in a dashing letter on his blog.

The editor of DASHTory blog states in his resignation letter - "I never felt this was my natural home, having met people within the party who understand little of the economy and would take it upon themselves to-do what socialists do and intervene in everyone’s life. The conservative are far from limited state, pro-market principles [sic]."

"As a classical liberal, such interventions are an inherently evil. I look forward to see David Cameron’s Resignation [sic]." Hyatt added.

It is thought this dash away from Tory politics will not affect the Conservative London brigade too harshly.

UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE: DASHTory Hyatt Defects to Lib Dems

Cameron Orders Cabinet not to Rebel on EU.

SOURCES say The Prime Minister has been cosying up to President Obama in the past 24 hours.

tbg understands that DC told Obama that despite whatever is being said, Britain will not be leaving the EU.

This morning a source close to Downing Street has told tbg that whatever the private views of Ministers Gove, May, Duncan Smith and Paterson, they will all be ordered to vote against the motion later in the week.

One member of UKIP told tbg - "I can only come to the conclusion that Dave has still got his head buried in some rather deep and smelly Etonian sand and its about time he cleaned them out!"

The news comes on the day that UKIP MEP Roger Helmer claimed that sources have told him that Ed Miliband is starting to soften his EU Referendum stance.

This must now officially be a bandwagon issue.

Gove: I'd Vote to Leave E.U.

Michael Gove has really caused a stir this morning. He told the BBC's Andrew Marr show that if there was a vote today he would decide to leave.

Gove said: "Life outside the EU would be perfectly tolerable."

But with up to 100 MPs including Cabinet Minister Owen Paterson likely to oppose or abstain next week on a House of Commons motion to call for Britain to leave the EU, it's sure to cause a stir.

His comments come on the same day that Nadine Dorries tells today's Sun that David Cameron should ditch Nick Clegg and instead forge an alliance with UKIP and that a Survation Survey shows that at least eight Tory seats including the one held by Brandon Lewis and Mark Simmonds are at risk to UKIP at the next General Election.

UKIP in Defection Talks with 'Ten' Tory MPs.

TBG can reveal that UKIP are today sensationally bragging about being in talks with up-to ten Tory MP's about defecting to the anti-EU Party.

The negotiations have remarkably been revealed on social networking sites. UKIP treasurer Stuart Wheeler apparently claimed that nine Tory MPs had accepted an invitation to join him for lunch, claiming there was a "better than 50%" chance of securing defections before 2015.

UKIP chief executive Will Gilpin is reported to have told The Times that a tenth Tory backbencher had contacted UKIP this past week and "serious discussions" were underway.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory MPs set to Defy Cameron on E.U. Referendum.

TBG can today confirm that its all going to kick off for the Government again next week as regards the E.U. after leading Tory eurosceptics tabled an amendment to the Queen's Speech, expressing regret that the Government had not announced an EU referendum bill.

Basildon MP John Baron, Wellingborough's Peter Bone, Crawley's Henry Smith, and, as reported on tbg last night, Nadine Dorries, are so far amongst the members who have put their name to it.

Mr. Baron told tbg this morning that the move is aimed at "sending a clear message that we are not going away and that there is a large body of opinion inside and outside Westminster that believes that legislation is right for a EU referendum."

And in an exclusive interview with tbg Henry Smith says that his actions are patriotic, and not rebellious:

"I had just turned six years old when the last referendum on Europe was held and that was, we were told at the time, to join a free trading area (although anyone who read the Treaty of Rome at the time would have seen that was deceptive)."

"Since 1975 the EEC evolved into to EC and now the centralising, fundamentally undemocratic, political construct of the EU. I sit on the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee and see with my own eyes and in often dismay the significant level of directives and legislative demands emanating from the EU."

"It is often said that people care more about health, employment, the economy, education, taxation and so on more than our relationship with the EU. Yet what the EU does effects almost every aspect of our lives, therefore, on this fundamental constitutional question we need the British people to decide."

"With a clear message from the Crawley electorate at the last election, I have repeatedly lobbied the Government in support of a referendum on our membership and indeed have voted against the Coalition Government, in spite of pressure from the political establishment, because I believe putting the country and constituents before party or personal career is the right thing to do."

This morning Downing Street said that David Cameron was relaxed about the move and also said that the government may even tolerate ministerial support for it too.

Last year 79 Tory MPs signed a letter calling for legislation to pave the way for a referendum.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries Admits She Nearly Joined UKIP.

Nadine has just told Chris Ship of ITV News that she almost joined UKIP.

She said that if her whip had not been restored "her options would have been open."

Although Nadine refused to be drawn on the "posh" row again she has tonight confirmed that less than 24 hours after having the whip restored she will be at the heart of the campaign to vote for an EU Referendum in Parliament next week after Speaker Bercow gave the green light this afternoon.

Quote of the day.

"One of those children should throw a sippy cup at him."

Henry Smith's ten year old daughter whilst watching Nick Clegg on television in a nursery.

EXCLUSIVE: Second Candidate Throws Hat into the Ring in Tory Youth Eastern Leadership Race.

TBG can exclusively reveal a second candidate has sent application papers to CCHQ in the race to become the next Leader of the Conservative Future (CF) Eastern Regional Chairman, an area of the country that is now being targeted by a strong UKIP surge.

Both National Tory Youth Chairman Oliver Cooper and recent electoral rival & former Tory Youth Regional College Chairman Matt Robinson announced the election yesterday on social media.

Essex CF Chairman, Braintree councillor and former CF National Executive contender Stephen Canning is also hotly tipped to be in the running as revealed yesterday on tbg.

The second candidate is thought to be awaiting a conformation email from HQ before publicly announcing the candidacy.

Nadine Dorries Reinstated as Panic sets in.

With UKIP said to be offering the red carpet treatment Tory officials last night sensationally re-instated the Tory whip to Nadine Dorries.

In what was seen by many as a panic measure to avoid a P.R disaster Nadine re-joined the party just as another Tory heavyweight called for Britain to leave the E.U.

There had been speculation is last week's Spectator that Nadine was about to join UKIP.

Hot on the heels of Lord Lawson's call for an E.U withdrawal on Monday, today its Michael Portillo.

Its also emerged today that Lady Thatcher wanted Britain to leave the E.U as early as 1993.

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Canning Rumoured to run for Tory Youth East Chairman.

Will Canning be on time, this time?

TBG can reveal that Stephen Canning, latecomer to the race for Deputy Chairman Political of Conservative Future whom received widespread support including an endorsement from this news-site, is rumoured to be launching a bid for the hotly debated position of Eastern Regional Chairman.

Canning is a district councillor in Braintree and is currently Chairman of Essex Conservative Future.

Former National Chairman Ben Howlett praised Essex CF as being "a lot better now than it was 3 years ago" under the Canning chairmanship in a messages posted on Twitter. Howlett also thanked the Essex Area Chairman "for all you (Canning) have done over the last 3 years".

tbg was unable to get a comment from Stephen Canning but a senior London CF’er said that were the former National Executive candidate to stand he would be a - "Formidable opponent".

Robinson Announces Tory Youth Eastern Election.

FORMER Conservative Future (CF) National Executive Regional College Chairman has announced he has "Liaised" with the new Tory Youth National Executive to set-up, the well debated about, Eastern Regional Chairman position in CF, tbg can reveal.

Tory Youth members can apply to lead the region here.

On Monday Oliver Cooper 'officially' took the mantle as Tory Youth Leader after what must be the most needlessly pretentious handover period for any organisation in the UK.

Chairman Cooper tweeted - "Delighted to finally take over today as Conservative Future national chairman - and, as you'd expect, I'm out campaigning! [sic] Join me and other CFers at Leicester Square KFC tonight at 6:15pm for my inaugural #ChairmansChickenChat #ThisMayBecomeAThing [sic]."

EXCLUSIVE: New UKIP Councillor and Boston & Skegness PPC Gives First Interview to TBG.

Chris Pain UKIP County Councillor

"In the Boston / Skegness constituency, the results from the matching county council seats were UKIP 9506 votes/ Conservative 6814 votes/ Labour 3484 votes / Liberal no show, in fact we beat the Tories in ten out the the eleven coinciding county council seats and only lost that one by a small margin.

"At the last election the Tory party increased their majority, but with this voting percentage at the next GE, it would mean that UKIP would now have it's first MP for Boston / Skegness.

"It has blown the Tory claim out of the water that a vote for UKIP is a vote for Labour, as this clearly shows that a vote for UKIP means that you will get a UKIP representative ( this means that the Tories will have to change their plans to use this as their main point of attack for their next campaign).

"The vote for UKIP came from all three of the parties, plus non voters too. In fact there were vast amounts of people not on the voting register stating that they will be in the near future and they will be voting for UKIP.

"People are fed up with the Lib / lab / Cons promising anything to get elected and then forgetting these promises until the next election.

"UKIP's policies are in tune with the views of the public, rather than ignoring key concerns that the public hold. What it says on the can is what you get and if you do not agree with our policies, I will not lie to you just to gain your vote, I will suggest that you vote for either of the Lib / Lab / Con parties as their policies are virtually the same.

"The benefit of UKIP councillors is that they are not whipped to follow the party line, they are free to represent the concerns and issues of the local residents rather than follow the party instructions and I feel that this is how local councillors should act.

"I find it quite amusing how the Tories are commenting on the effect of new councillors on the county council, after weeks on the streets the residents have been stating that they feel that we need new blood on the council to turn it around. After all in the past councillors have been elected because they wore the right colour rosette, where as UKIP have broken through years of poor media coverage to put local business people into situ who will use their business acumen and common sense to help our county develop and prosper.

"In the Wainfleet and Burgh ward, I secured 1265 votes, with the Tories on 819 and Labour on 306, that is 52.9% of the vote for UKIP on a 35% turn out and this was classed as a safe Tory seat, but it has proved that there are no such things in the future.

"I have got a long list of issues that want my attention in the council, but please contact me on chris.ukip@btinternet.com if you have any queries relating to my ward or the Lincolnshire County council."

Tory Rebels Threaten to Force Cameron's Hand.

These are tense times for Tory MPs on the back of UKIP's May Day uprising.

And it seems as though at least two of them are starting to act.

David Davis and Bernard Jenkin are both calling for David Cameron to hold the EU in or out referendum before the General Election and tbg understands that at least 30 others thought to include new boys Karl McCartney, Martin Vickers and Henry Smith are ready to back a Bill to force a vote.

Bernard Jenkin tells tbg that a referendum now would give the PM more muscle to claw back powers from Brussels and David Davis thinks it will put the PM more in touch with the people rather than just fellow Etonians.