Tory MEP Exposes Farage 'Racism' (again).


Further on from gaining EDL support UKIP's Leader Nigel Farage has come under-fire again after a Tory MEP Sajjad Karim claimed Farage once said - "We will never win the nigger vote, the nig-nogs will never vote for us".

A UKIP spokesperson told London Loves Business that Karim was "dragging up patent rubbish".

When challenged as to why the Tory MEP posted the remarks on social a networking site, allegedly made by UKIP Leader Nigel Farage in 2005, a spokesperson for Karim said that it was -

"Part of a cross-party agenda to expose UKIP for what they actually are. They are committing a fraud on the British people in that they have representatives democratically elected into the European Parliament but they’re not there to do the job they’re elected to, because they want to see an end to the EU."

A cross-party agenda?